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FTD 'On Tour' Deluxe Release Confirmed: As many fans have suspected, FTD have now confirmed that they will be releasing a special 'On Tour' deluxe release to celebrate the film's 50th Anniversary.For...
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Elvis On Tour In Red And Blue

Golden Globe Records presents their second deluxe 2LP set containing the fantastic April 10 1972 show recorded in Richmond, Virginia. In total 4 shows were recorded for the Golden Globe winning motion...
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Houston Astrodome Out Now

We have received the info that the Houston Astrodome Sunday March 03, 1974 is finally out. There are some minor changes in the the sets.From the pressrelease: 150 grams vinyl LP  housed in a...
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Review He’s Looking At You Kid

Audionics dedicated their latest outing to the Return To The ‘Queen City Of The South’ with three shows in Charlotte, NC on March 20, 1976 ES and February 20 (ES) and 21, 1977.DesignThe 3 panel fold...
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Elvis UK

The original Elvis UK, by John Townson, Gordon Minto and George Richardson is available as a Flipbook from now on.The press releaseFollowing the successful release of Elvis UK3 The Ultimate Guide To...
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My Happiness 116

This issue brings all regulars like news, reviews and ‘Today in France’. In the authors series it is time for Winfield Scott and Otis Blackwell to show up. History in Images gives March 8, 1961 when...
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You Know, My Bass Man Is Bound To Die

Ampex is proud to present You Know, My Bass Man Is Bound To DieAfter taking a break, we invested in getting you a brand-new concert, recorded on March 24th, 1975, during the dinner show.  This...
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Sold Out 6

SOLD OUT volume 6, now featuring Dave Hebler!! There’s always a reason for celebration when a new volume of ‘Sold Out!’ is released, because you know that you are going to get almost three hours of...
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Jailhouse Rock And His South African Hits

The DOL Record label will release the LP 'Jailhouse Rock & His South African Hits' on July 30, 2021. This re-issue comes on blu colored vinyl.From the press release:This quintessential release...
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Stage Power Volume 2

The Tupelo Productions import label announced volume 2 of 'Stage Power'. Like the first volume, this set comes housed in a 12-inch LP-sized package. This volume contains six discs covering the...
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The Man And His Music 132

The latest issue of EMM/TMAHM arrived last week. This one is mainly giving the spotlight to the 40th anniverary of 'This Is Elvis'. Luthor Moore has a nice item with ‘Stripping The King’, on a comic...
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If I Can Abuse

France has had this commercial for about ten days, in advance to the European soccer championship starting next week. The announcer, "Winamax," is an online betting operator, whose image they're...
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Sun EPs

Three new EPs containing SUN recordings were announced by the WHBQ Memphis label: 'I' Don't Sound Like Nobody', 'The Hillbilly Cat' and 'Phone Booth Bully'. All titles are limited to 250 copies.EP 1:...
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King Of Karate

To celebrate the 39th anniversary of the opening of Graceland to tours on June 7th , 1982, Graceland is opening a new POP-UP exhibit inside the Graceland Archives Experience in Elvis Presley’s... | Updated: June 03, 2021 | Other

Elvis Stolen

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) - The Elvis Presley Birthplace is offering a $1,000 reward for any information about the vandalism of a sign.The brick sign is located off Main Street leading up to the museum's...
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Flaming Star 106

Last week the newest issue of this beautiful norwegian magazine arrived. It starts off with an article (with tons of pictures) on the meetings of Elvis with Brenda Lee. Then Sandy Ferra (Martindale),...
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BJ Thomas Dead

Following a battle with stage-four lung cancer, B.J. 'Just Had A New Record' Thomas, whose musical career endured for over 50 years, died May 29 at his home in Arlington, Texas. He was 78. Thomas...
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Elvis On Tour 1972-2022

Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) announced a 3 book set of 1200+ pages, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elvis On Tour. In collaboration with Jerry Luckenbach a.o. Erik presents hundreds of...
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Suspicous Minds And Other Great Songs

Paradise Road Records presents Elvis live in 1969. 'Elvis sings Suspicious Minds' brings you back to the International Hotel in August 1969. Many shows were officially released (August 3, August 21 to...
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Twice In Person

Paradise Road Records presents 'Elvis In Person - Sept. 1970' and 'Elvis In Person - Nov. 1970'.Elvis live on tour in September 1970. This was Elvis’ first real tour in the seventies. After a day off...
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Wastebin Information

This will be wastebin information for most, but some will think 'hey, it has Elvis' name on it', so here it is. Elvis One produces two more totally unnecessary CDs: The Complete '56 Radiorecorders...
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Elvis Is Back Again

The Glamourama Record label announced the release of 'Elvis Is Back' on LP. 2 bonus tracks 'Stuck On You' and 'I Gotta Know' will be included on a orange colored 7-inch single. The release-date is set...
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An Evening In Blue

Joseph Tunzi announced the release of the book 'Elvis Encore Performance VII: An Evening In Blue (June 17, 1972)'. More information when available. 
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His Hand In Mine

"Friday Music" announced a 180g white and platinum coloured vinyl version of "His Hand In Mine By Elvis" as gatefold with poster for August 13, 2021.Side A:His Hand In Mine - I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden...
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Elvis November 1956

The latest volume in Paul Belard’s bourgeoning series of Elvis photo-journals has been published: Elvis November 1956. That month was an interesting one for Elvis. Not only was his first film, Love Me...
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