From Memphis To Tokyo

Elvis authors Dick Dekker (‘Bootleg Elvis’, ‘From Memphis To Taipeh’) and David Ward (‘From Elvis in Japan: Elvis Presley Japanese LPs 1956 - 2018’) announced the May 2023 release of their new book...
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Bigger Than Life

Rockfolk announced the December 9, 2022 release of the 184-page French hardcover book 'Elvis - Bigger Than Life' by French author Marc Dufaud.
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1954-56 The Real Face Of Elvis Presley

New Book from Japan – '1954-56 The Real Face of Elvis Presley': Written by super-Elvis collector, Funabashi Shunsuke, this 272 page hardcover is being published by Tankoben on October 21.The book...
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The Comprehensive USA Artwork Guide

The Comprehensive USA  Artwork Guide to Elvis Presley Tapes (RCA Reel-To-Reel, 8-Track & Cassette) features a collection images of Elvis Presley albums released on tape from 1960-1977. This...
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The Genesis Of Elvis

The Genesis of Elvis by Bart van Eikema Hommes, originally issued in Dutch in 2016, is now translated into English and available at Amazon.This is what Amazon says about it:This biography aims to...
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All The King's Records 2

Released below the radar in April 2022 is volume 2 in the Polish 'All The King's Records' discography series. This A-5 sized 500-page second volume by Mariusz Ogiegło covered the years 1966 - 1977....
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King Of The Rings 2

Paul Belard published volume 2 of 'The King of the Rings' through Linden Press. This volume is a further catalogue - and showcase - of Elvis Presley's jewelry. Synopsis: Elvis had an innate...
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240+ Best Elvis Quotes

Harry West published his 39-page paperback '240+ Best Elvis Presley Quotes That Will Leave You All Shook Up' featuring inspirational words of wisdom from one of the most significant cultural icons of...
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The Elvis Collector 2

Chris Giles announced the August 2022 release of the 366-page hardback book 'The Elvis Collector / UK Memorabilia 1956-1977' by Harry Carrigan.Description: This is the first detailed guide to the...
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Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

The Jon Daly of the E.P. Boulevard Pawn Shop will issue a hardback book "Elvis: Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind" (152 pages).Daly stumbled onto a stack of unpublished Elvis negatives about a year ago....
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Destined To Fly

From author Sally A. Hoedel (who also published the book 'Elvis: Destined to Die Young') a brand new book for later this year.'Destined to Fly – The Story of Pilot Ron Strauss' retraces the...
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New Elvis Sci-Fi Novel

New Elvis Sci-Fi novel - '3 Days to Save A Legend' (Paul Farmer). While the Elvis fiction catalog is a rich one, Elvis sci-fi novels are rare. The premise of Paul Farmer's debut novel is its main...
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Destined To Fly

Sally Hoedel, author of the book 'Destined To Die Young' announced the release of her second book, titled 'Destined to Fly'.She posted on Facebook: I have some exciting news to share today. My second...
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Elvis' America

The Danish Memphis mansion announced the book 'Elvis’ America - From Sea to Shining Sea'. The book is expected to be issued later this year.It was written by the three Elvis travelers Henrik Knudsen,...
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Loving You

Not Now Music released Loving You on 180g blue vinyl.Side A:Mean Woman Blues - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Loving You - Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! - Lonesome Cowboy - Hot Dog - PartySide B:Blueberry...
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Pop Icons: Elvis

Decitre will issue the 200 page book 'Elvis Presley: Pop Icons' by author Daniel Ichbiah with illustrations by twenty comic strip authors. The book with ISBN 979-10-96794-05-8 will be issued in...
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The Biography

Plexus Publishing re-issued Jerry Hopkins' 'Elvis: A Biography' as a 416-page paperback. Synopsis: Jerry Hopkins's 'Elvis: A Biography' was the first book on popular music to top the U.S....
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Comeback Steve Binder

Steve Binder re-issued his 192-page book 'Elvis '68 Comeback: The Story Behind the Special' with a new foreword by film director Baz Luhrmann.
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Elvis Presley, Gospel Singer: An Inspirational Life

New publication 'Elvis Presley, Gospel Singer: An Inspirational Life' - from Shalom Publishing - out April 15, 2022. (Madeleine Wilson)The publicity notes...  Elvis was known as the “King of Rock...
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The Faith of Elvis

Elvis' eldest stepbrother, Billy Stanley, has a new 256-page book coming in October this year. Titled 'The Faith of Elvis - A Story Only A Brother Can Tell', it examines Elvis' Christian faith and its...
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Brasilian Books

The Brazilian Elvis Presley fan club released the 328-page book 'Elvis '77’: O Ultimo Ano' (‘Elvis 77: The Last Year’) by Waldenir Ceson. The first print of this book is limited to 50 copies.Synopsis:...
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German EPs Record Guide

The 'Elvis German EPs Record Guide', originally announced for 2021, is now scheduled for release in April / May 2022. The book was written by Horst and Heinz Zimmerman (unrelated). Horst Zimmermann...
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Prodigy Of Sun Records

Due for release this summer from Erik Lorentzen and Robert van Beek is the 800-page book set 'Elvis Presley - Prodigy of SUN Records'. Synopsis: An 800-page two book formatted as an illustrated...
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Elvis August 56, Hollywood Bound

Elvis biographer Paul Belard announced the upcoming release of his latest escape 'Elvis August 56, Hollywood Bound'.The description: On August 16, Elvis flew to Los Angeles to star in his first movie....
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Celluloid Sell-out!

FTD Books presents ‘Celluloid Sell-Out!’ 448 pages of Worldwide Elvis Presley movie memorabilia from 1956-1958. It’s packed with movie posters, lobby cards, press-books, publicity stills,...
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