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A Star Release From Hawaii

January 05, 2023 | Video

From the press release:

This new dvd will be THE only dvd you need regarding the Aloha concert.
Audio from last years FTD has been used for the editing and the sound will blow you away!

Also the video quality is outstanding! Multiple angles are used to give you the best 
experience possible and makes you think it is a new show with rare behind the scenes footage included.

One of the highlights (although short) is when the camera gets behind the stage, it is just like
you are looking through Elvis' eyes when he climbs the stairs just before we see him entering the stage.

This short moment will leave every Elvis fan with goosebumbs without a doubt!

Before the show starts we get portions of the press conferences including rare pictures.
After that we will see the landing on Hawaii through different sources, combined it gives a whole new "feel"
focussing on Elvis only instead of the island, we even see the Helicopter leave while Elvis drives off in the jeep.

Of course the "after show" songs are also included and they are where the should be, at the end and they do not spoil the show.
Here you will see the original clips, combined with the new outtakes and again it gives you the idea as if it is totally new.

As a special bonus the studio version of "I'll Remember You" has been included which has lots of rare footage from Elvis on Hawaii including live footage
of 1957 and rare private home movies.

Presented in WIDESCREEN on FACTORY NTSC pressed disc, limited to 500 copies!!
Total running time is over 90 minutes!

This dvd is OUT NOW and is ready to ship.
As soon as it is ordered it will be "Coming your way..."

So you will be sure to watch it on January 14, 2023... 

FM wrote on January 06, 2023
Where is the link to order this
Larry_G wrote on January 06, 2023
Only available through your normal supplier
woody1 wrote on January 11, 2023
Received my copy today, gave it a viewing on a big TV with a decent sound system and I think it's fantastic, mind you I'm a of many Star products.
woody1 wrote on January 11, 2023
Sorry, I meant to say "I'm a fan of many Star products"