On Tour In Memphis

The ‘unboxing’ of the upcoming Elvis On Tour release by Sony Legacy will be presented by Ernst Jorgensen at the Guest House Theater in Memphis on August 14, 2022. 
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More Guests Elvis Week 2022

New Guests added to the Elvis Week 2022 Line-upPAT BOONE, singer, composer, actor and writer, was a friend of Elvis Presley. Pat will appear at Elvis Week for the first time in more than 15 years at... | Updated: July 26, 2022 | Other

Graceland 265

The 265th issue of the German fanclub magazine Graceland arrived. The Elvis Presley Gesellschaft did another fine job. Highlights of this one are part 3 of the series on the Florida tour in 1956, the...
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Non-Stop Summer

Sunday, August 25th, 1974 Midnight Show, Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV.Straight Arrow Special Products SA/SP 2022-65-02Since the launch of the Straight Arrow Label in the year 2005 many interesting...
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Video That's All Right Mama

EPE put a new official video for That's All Right, Mama online.
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240+ Best Elvis Quotes

Harry West published his 39-page paperback '240+ Best Elvis Presley Quotes That Will Leave You All Shook Up' featuring inspirational words of wisdom from one of the most significant cultural icons of...
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'ELVIS' Tops $100 million

Last week Baz Luhrmann’s 'ELVIS'  topped $100 million at the US domestic box office on Friday becoming one of the rare films without superheroes or dinosaurs to reach that mark. Globally, the...
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Chansons Originales

RDM Edition will release the 3-CD set 'Elvis - Chansons Originales de Ses Films 1956 - 1962'.  This box-set contains 84 songs from Elvis' first films. The versions on this CD were taken from... | Updated: July 17, 2022 | Music

Rockhurst Auction

Inaugural Rockhurst  Auction on Elvis Presley Blvd – Sunday August 14, 2022.Do you have “significant” Elvis items you want to sell? If so, this Elvis Week 2022 auction may help you find a new...
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Jerry Scheff In Holland

It's been a while, but Jerry Scheff will hit the stage in The Netherlands again. On October 30, 2022 he will join the Dutch band The Mark at 'De Bosuil' in Weert. The Mark hit the indie (from...
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The Elvis Collector 2

Chris Giles announced the August 2022 release of the 366-page hardback book 'The Elvis Collector / UK Memorabilia 1956-1977' by Harry Carrigan.Description: This is the first detailed guide to the...
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L.Q. Jones Died At 94

Born Justice Ellis McQueen, L.Q. Jones took his stage name from his first film role in the 1955 Raoul Walsh film, 'Battle Cry'. He made three movies with Elvis. The first was when he was just getting...
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Virtual Elvis Week 2022

For fans who are unable to visit Memphis during Elvis Week 2022, Graceland is excited to once again offer the chance to enjoy all the great shows virtually so you don’t have to miss the fun!Virtual... | Updated: July 10, 2022 | Other

Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

The Jon Daly of the E.P. Boulevard Pawn Shop will issue a hardback book "Elvis: Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind" (152 pages).Daly stumbled onto a stack of unpublished Elvis negatives about a year ago....
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From Trailer Park To Graceland

"From Trailer Park To Graceland" is the subtitle of "Elvis Presley - The King And Colonel Parker", to be released in a 1111 copy limited release by "Magic Of Vinyl" on August 12, 2022.Side A:That‘s...
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Il Mito

The Italian label “Mondadori Perte” released the 3CD Il Mito last week.TracklistingCD 1:Jailhouse Rock - All Shock Up - That’s All Right - Tutti Frutti - I Got A Woman - Blue Suede...
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Two Magazines

Two new magazines arrived this weekend, here's an overview.Elvis My Happiness Elvis My Happiness (120) from France has all regulars like news, reviews and 'today in France'. Their ongoing series...
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Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits

Music On Vinyl announced the release for a boxset "Elvis Presley: Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits - Volume 1" with a 20-page foto album on Gold / black marble vinyl on August 12, 2022.TracklistingLP...
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The 1971 Soundboard Collection & More Volume 2

This comprehensive deluxe set contains three fantastic sounding soundboard  recordings. Two were recorded during his first Vegas season in 1971 & one was recorded during his one and only live...
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The Movie Files Volume 1

Petticoat records is back! This time with a vinyl album full of movie classics. This high quality album (including bonus CD) featuring 18 rare and hard to find alternate versions is now...
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Mid-South Coliseum Memphis 5th July, 1976

The "Rox Vox"-Label announced the 2CD "Elvis Presley Live: Mid-South Coliseum Memphis 5th July, 1976" for release on July 8, 2022.TracklistingCD 12001: A Space Odyssey (Also Sprach Zarathustra) - C....
Source:Elvis Club Berlin | Updated: June 22, 2022 | Music

Elvis At The Astrodome Boxset

A new 6 CD and 1 DVD boxset has been announced. We don't have more details than the info we got. But we can assume that they are audience recordings plus the 74 show in a soundboard that was...
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Rare Sell

Interesting news for Elvis rare vinyl collectors. Bidding was strong for this listing over the weekend. After stagnating at around £122 and 19 bids, two late bids pushed the final sale price to £205...
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Unpleasant Surprise

Just home from a - long waited for - fantastic holiday we found an unpleasant email in our box.This unpleasant surprise came from a company that collects money for copyright holders of pictures,...
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The Man And His Music 136

Somewhere during the 4 weeks EMM/TMAHM 136 arrived. Here is an overview.Back in Style! gives a great report of different releases from all over the world concerning the Elvis Is Back album (and...
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