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Sold Out 18

November 16, 2022 | Video

The Pyramid import label announced the release of volume 18 in their fan shot 8mm 'Sold Out!' DVD series. 
Publicity stated: Wintertime is nearing, and the temperature is dropping. But fortunately, there’s always “Sold Out” to keep us all warm. And the new volume # 18 is once again chock-full of footage that will get your temperature risin’!

The joy of seeing Elvis live in concert is something that most of us never got to experience, but this remarkable series takes you back to the concert years with rare & unreleased 8mm films that put you right in the audience. With the highly collectable “Sold Out” series, fans are getting the definitive collection of Elvis on 8mm in a comprehensive and entertaining way, presented in gorgeous digipacks with relevant photos and liner-notes by Elvis’ musicians and fans who filmed the shows. To own, and to enjoy always.  

Pyramid has already released 50 hours of footage, and this new volume contains three more hours, this time focusing on the period 1973 – 1976. There are so many cool and delightful moments, that it’s hard to pick them all out. ‘Steamroller Blues’ is one of the hottest versions ever, with Elvis striking a kick-ass karate pose right from the get-go, and a fan getting so excited that she virtually assaults him! Or another clip where Elvis looks with amazement as he asks the houselights to be turned up, and then commenting: “It’s a long way from Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, J.D.”, no doubt referring to the gospel shows that he attended as a youngster. There’s also various memorable moments in the ’75 footage, including a powerful version of ‘You Gave Me A Mountain’ with different phrasing.

The clips on this volume are long, and really give you the feel of being there at an Elvis show. There’s close-up footage from 1976 with Elvis in solid form. At one point he curls those famous lips, and he jokingly says that it’s like, “I have a fish hook in my mouth!”. This volume also documents the brief revival in late ’76, with Elvis looking slimmer and sounding really good. ‘Hurt’ is one of the highlights and cuts through the air like a razorblade!

Pyramid takes pride in presenting these 8mm films as they were originally filmed, with the restoration focusing on respecting the history of these remarkable films, and not altering it. No edits, no cuts, no manipulations…. Just the real deal: the be-all, end-all record of the 8mm footage filmed during the concert years. From the great highs to the sad lows… it’s all there, and it’s all Elvis. This series shows without any doubt why he will always be the greatest performer ever; the man was born to sing.

Bring some sunshine to your home with the new “Sold Out”!

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Source:Elvis Day By Day
Gladyslove wrote on November 16, 2022
For me ? Yes, indeed. I know some of you are moaning cause they paid a lot of money before this matrial has been released on dvd. Just to get the material exclusive. One of my friends paid the money. I warned him but he bought the stuff. Now he moans and moans and moans with every dvd coming along. What a frog !
Yoshi wrote on November 18, 2022
They brought us a lot of stuff which I appreciate. But let's be honest. A lot it is far away from what the cover says ("From The Original Reels"). Vol. 17 had a lot of VHS material. Some of it I have better on my 90's VHS cassettes. I had the impression that the hype was about HD scans of unknown footage. The real insider stuff. But looking on the last 17 volumes a lot of it isn't. Still great series thought.
Zarathustra72 wrote on November 23, 2022
The problem I have with this entire series is this..... They are giving some very rare and some very good material but, it is a sham and an injustice to bring such fine material to the fans and in every clip, to black out the screen and constantly skipping through songs. They are not fooling anyone. The material we see from this Label, is not as choppy and as interrupted as they give to us. Yes, we have to be grateful to be able to see the material that we get to see, but it is really a slap in the face of fans to purposefully edit the material to make it look interrupted when it is truly not. Never allowing a song to play all the way through is also an injustice to Elvis himself. This is not what the fans deserve and it proves nothing to be able to say "I have the perfect copy but I am going to give the people less than perfect. I like what the Star Label is doing by releasing DVD's with Complete Songs, uninterrupted. No black screen every 5 seconds, etc......
Yoshi wrote on November 30, 2022
@Zarathustra72 I think you don't know how 8mm footage was made in the 70s. It was common that people filmed only fragments. The film rolls were only (maximum) 3 minutes each. And development of the film was very expensive. When you filmed you tried to catch some highlights as a memory. You filmed a few moments when something happend and then you stopped. That was it. There were no 4 hours video cassettes or 10 hours SD cards. The black scenes you mentionend are NOT on the film or made by the producers. It's just .. there are often no complete songs filmed. It was the 70's. STAR makes DVDs in a differnt way. They take the complete audience.- or soundboard recording of a show of which they have a lot of footage. They then sync the complete sound source with the footage of that show. Then they add footage from other concerts to fill the gaps. While you hear an uninterrupted sound and see the uninterrupted footage you have a great visual experience. But it's edited/faked in places to give you an enjoyable way of watching this kind of stuff. But Sold Out brings the footage chopped as the fans has taken it with their 70's standard stoneage cameras.