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Finally On Tour Date

December 28, 2022 | Music

RCA/Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release the Elvis On Tour box set, a newly-compiled 50th anniversary celebration of Elvis Presley's monumental 1972 concert trek (premiering unreleased live and studio material), on January 27.
RCA/Legacy Recordings Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's monumental 1972 concert trek with Release of Comprehensive Elvis On Tour Box Set January 2023.

Seven-Disc Set Includes Unreleased Recordings from Three Elvis Concerts plus San Antonio Concert Remixed, Pre-Tour Rehearsals and Complete Golden Globe Winning MGM Film on Blu-ray

Source:Elvis Australia

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EJF wrote on December 28, 2022
Well, is there going to be any new footage on the Blu-ray? Is at least "Johnny B. Goode" going to be inserted in its rightful place? The lame excuse when this was first released was that Chuck Berry could not be reached for copyright clearance. He certainly cannot be reached now. So, unless none of the above is included, you can shove it up where it belongs Sony/RCA!
elvisfreak wrote on December 28, 2022
EJF - you crack me up lol "He certainly cannot be reached now". If you pre-order this (as I have) on Amazon you will get access to the music and can download and start listening right away. Johnny B Goode is on the album, perhaps they were able to get the rights after all? I agree I hope they have restored the original opening and have added some additional footage (that we all know exists). However, the fact that they could not even get this released in the actual year in which it was the anniversary allows me to cast doubts on my expectations already. The music is good sound though from what I have listened to already. Incomplete review though until I get the full package.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 29, 2022
I'd frankly be amazed if we get any additional footage on the BluRay. But.. if they have not taken the opportunity, during the long delay in releasing this, to re-instate "Johnny B. Goode' back into it's rightful place at the front then I personally shall stop collecting Elvis... No longer putting money into the pockets of greedy companies.
mikael69 wrote on December 29, 2022
hello let's wait til 2023 and see what MRS has to offe once the 50 years IP windows is over have a nice holidays
Martin DJ wrote on December 30, 2022
It doesn't seem to bother anybody that the 2001 Theme was replaced when the movie was released. As Joseph A. Tunzi writes: "In the film Elvis on Tour, the 2001 theme used as Elvis entered onto the stage was replaced with music resembling "Also Sprach Zarathustra." The audio was re-recorded in the recording studio and inserted in the film because, it is believed, the original MGM movie 2001, A Space Odyssey had an exclusive clause prohibiting the use of this theme in any other film. Thus, the substitution avoided both the copyright problem and MGM competing with their own films." This theme was recorded in a overdub sessions for the film on October 20th, 1972, at Annex Sound Studio, Hollywood, CA, under the name "2001 alternate". The engineer was Dick Perissi and MGM producer was Robert Abel.
Zarathustra72 wrote on January 02, 2023
My guess is the Box Set will have the exact same Blu-ray Disk as was released in the previously released EOT Blu-ray. Same Disk with even the same Artwork I bet. Likely no new material. That would require effort that they are apparently not interested in putting forth for the Fans.
Walter wrote on January 03, 2023
I've heard the complete box set in Spotify. The sound is impeccable. As for the Blu-ray, it's a well kept secret as to the content and as far as Johnny B. Goode is concerned. I don't think it will be different from the Blu-ray already released. Remember the box set of TTWII?
woody1 wrote on January 04, 2023
Thanks Martin, you've cleared up something that's been real puzzle to me for 50 years and had no idea of where to start to fathom it out, fantastic thank you!
schemies wrote on January 05, 2023
Hi, I listened to the concerts on Apple Music, and I think there you hear a fine mix which prefers headphones, because on the classic stereo system the mix is not that balanced, because there Elvis‘ voice seems to be upfront too much. But this could be the specific side effect of the „Apple Digital Master“ and maybe the CD itself will sound different.
Jerome wrote on January 12, 2023
Hello, Nowadays the active/responding group of people is small on this site. But I hope you can share your view. On Tour is already available from spotify and when I played the takes of Seperate Ways I noticed the speed is different (higher) than the original. I also noticed that on Put your hand in the hand from the Elvis in Nashville box. Please can someone check as well? For me it does damage the song actually