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Lisa Marie Died

January 12, 2023 | People

Lisa Marie Presley has been rushed to a hospital after EMTs responded to her home for a possible cardiac arrest ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to Lisa Marie tell TMZ ... paramedics performed CPR Thursday at her house in Calabasas before rushing to a hospital. We're also told they were able to regain a pulse before she was transported.

It's unclear what her condition is at this point, but we know she's getting treatment in a hospital.

Update January 13:

It became clear that in the meantime Lisa Marie passed away, just a couple of weeks before her 55th birthday. Rest in peace.

Milky White Way wrote on January 12, 2023
This is a shock. Prayers and support for all the Presleys at this time. Get well soon Lisa xxx
Torments my heart wrote on January 13, 2023
She looked unwell at the Golden Globes compared to just a couple of days earlier at the birthday celebrations. I thought perhaps her makeup was a bit over the top but maybe she was really crook. I pray that she returns to full health as soon as possible.
Torments my heart wrote on January 13, 2023
I have just heard she has passed away - that is too sad. So many of the Presleys are not long for this world. RIP Lisa Marie x
KRLA Top Eliminator wrote on January 13, 2023
Oh, mama liked the roses. May Lisa Marie Presley rest in peace! ❤️💚
elvisfreak wrote on January 13, 2023
What an absolute tragedy. This family has faced so many challenges - from Elvis’ twin brothers death, Gladys sudden death, Elvis’ passing at just 42, Lisa’s son Ben committing suicide two years ago…and now this. This feels like a member of the family has died for me. She truly is the last “Presley” despite being survived by her three daughters. I am so sad for her, especially after being in Memphis to celebrate Elvis’ birthday and the GoldenGlobe Award win for Austin Butler portraying her father in such a wonderful and unique way. And here we are on the cusp of the 50th anniversary of the Aloha special. I think Austin Butler will win the Oscar for his portrayal of Elvis and it unfortunately will not be a happy moment as it should be; it will be a sorrow moment of remembrance for Lisa. She has fought for Elvis’ legacy; just listen to “nobody noticed it” on her first album. She has to fought to protect him. She has, especially with this great film being recognized now. But she won’t be able to see it through and that is just deeply saddening. Love to the family and to all Elvis Fans around the world!
Milky White Way wrote on January 13, 2023
I went to bed with news she was rushed into hospital but with a pulse and I wake up to this. She’s had such a turbulent life and even escaped to live in the English countryside for a while. But then lost her son to suicide. Rest with you daddy, grandma, grandad and son now Lisa.
Slim1927 wrote on January 13, 2023
So very sad and completely unexpected. I hope her mum gets plenty of support as she has been her rock and always a constant source of comfort through all of Lisa Marie's many trials and tribulations. My thoughts and prayers are with Priscilla and the family at their tragic and untimely loss.
benny scott wrote on January 13, 2023
I'm in shock. That's terrible news. Rest in peace Lisa Marie. She's reunited with her father now. May that be a consolation for all the family members and fans. RIP
benny scott wrote on January 13, 2023
I meant "she's reunited with her father and son now. May that be..."
Martin DJ wrote on January 13, 2023
Why is being reunited with her father and son a good thing when she's seperated from her mother and other children?
jaques marcello wrote on January 13, 2023
Rest in peace Lisa, it's always a shame when a young person leaves. My condolences to the family
benny scott wrote on January 13, 2023
Martin DJ : are you serious ??? Lisa Marie didn't ask to be seperated from her mother and 2 other childeren ! I believe in a (soul)reunion after this life on earth, that's my good right. One day Lisa Marie's mother and 2 other childeren will die too and I believe they will all be reunited. Nevertheless : if I'm wrong and there should be no reunion at all, then Lisa Marie would still be seperated from her Mom and 2 other childeren. So from the 2 possibilities what's the most favorable ? Being reunited with her dad and son now, or nothing at all ?
Coronel Parker wrote on January 13, 2023
What an absolute tragedy. Rest in peace
PageBoy wrote on January 14, 2023
Martin DJ - this isn't an appropriate thread for intellectual point-scoring - people are in shock and are expressing their sentiments.
Gorse2 wrote on January 14, 2023
To say this came as a shook was an understatement as far as I am concerned. A family with seemingly more than its fair share of tragedies but perhaps that is something indirectly to do with the price of fame. It would appear with Elvis , and his mother dying with heart attacks or at least related to and Vernon suffering a heart attack at 58, and just living 4 years more, that unfortunately something is getting passed down in the gene. Forces one to reflect so many things.