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In A Private Moment


In A Private Moment
2.7 / 5
Released: 2000 by FTD
Of course the CD is not fit for a general public, but we had it in our player for a couple of times now and it is really a pleasure to listen to.

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The third release on BMG’s collectors’ label, Follow That Dream Records, gives us more homerecordings. Over the years we got some of the better (regarding sound quality) on several albums, like A Legendary Performer, A Golden Celebration and Platinum – A Life in Music. Earlier this year BMG released a CD, Homerecordings, completely filled with these private recordings from the late fifties and the sixties. With A Private Moment we have a nice addition on that CD.As we all know the recordings are in poor quality. Sometimes the words are hardly audible. On this CD there are a couple of tracks that break this rule. Especially a beautiful slow rendition of Fools Rush In is one of the highlights on the album; with only minus that it is about 10 minutes too short. On this song, and a couple of others, Elvis sings to an album or a backing-track, and he really tries to deliver something. Although most of the tracks are in the known poor quality, this kind of music is enjoyable, because you hear Elvis having fun with the songs he liked, doing what he was good at: improvising and tackling all kinds of music.
Strangest thing about this CD is the order in which the songs are placed: going from 1959, through 1960 to 1966 and finishing again with some tracks from 1959. Most of the songs were unreleased before, with different versions of Blowing in the Wind and What Now My Love. Of course the CD is not fit for a general public, but we had it in our player for a couple of times now and it is really a pleasure to listen to. Unfortunately the package of the CD lacks, like the previous FtD-releases, decent information on the tracks but probably that’s something we’ll have to live with. The waiting is now for "The Complete Homerecordings"-boxset, with all available material uncut and in the right order.


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Greg Nolan wrote on January 06, 2006
A sorely-neglected release as many fail to be able to get past the poor audio. Imagine yourself listening through the proverbial knothole and bearing witness to our legend doing songs we never heard elsewhere and you'll be rewarded. This is not a disc to play in the car, but can be enjoyed with gusto at home. Most revelatory are the terrific (also better sounding) "Fools Rush In " and "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" both showing off E's suddenly-more mature and robust deep voice. Also of interest is the more middle-of-the-road Sinatra-style strings that are backing him. Of course, he's singing to a backing track, but the effect is very welcome. Buy without hesitation.
Rating: 5 / 5
Mystery Rider wrote on April 01, 2007
the bottom of the barrel
Rating: 1 / 5