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Elvis Christmas


Elvis Christmas
3.0 / 5
Released: 2006/10/03 by BMG
Elvis Christmas is the 2006 Christmas release combining Elvis' two original Christmas albums for the first time on one CD.

ElvisNews review

How to review this year’s Christmas escape … one can only review the same material so often...


Guess the most “new” on this release is the cover. You can’t go wrong with a good late fifties picture in my book. Take close look at the original image and this version, the designer photoshopped our man. BMG seems to run out of original input too, the liner notes are short and even mention the words “definitive collection” … this gives me hope I bought my latest Christmas reissue.


This reissue contains Elvis’ two Christmas albums from 1957 and 1971, 23 tracks in total in the original order and remastered quality (DSD). Should I review the content once more? Don’t think so, this material is known by many fans by heart, and probably so by Joe Public as from his entire musical catalogue this is Elvis’ best selling material. Too bad that I only play it in the last two weeks of December, with “Merry Christmas Baby” as the exception, that song even sounds good on a hot sunny day.


A compilation of two original classics, in a 2006 jacket … let’s see what BMG comes up with for 2007. Until then I'll give this one a spin while sitting by the Christmas three.


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Mystery Rider wrote on June 08, 2007
why oh why
Rating: 1 / 5
Greg Nolan wrote on October 11, 2007
I've already seen this reissue / repackage in stores for '07... Truth be known, the rap is that retail today is driven by allegedly "new" albums. I don't totally buy that, but I've resigned myself to the "new cover" / new song order gambit. This set features his classic two Yule albums and can never earn one star, so I say five stars for content and cover, and an "A" for endless exploitation of his legacy.
Rating: 5 / 5
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on December 04, 2007
Once the the Whiskey Peddlers (BMG) cant get it right, a March 1960 Photo of Elvis in a December setting. and another repeat performance what is this the 7th or the 8th year of this. BMB is like the Kennedy family Rum Runners selling rot gut music
Rating: 1 / 5
JerryNodak wrote on April 13, 2008
Elvis' Christmas music rot gut music? Surely you jest. Great cover photo even if it's from the '60s. General public doesn't know or care about such things. Why oh why? Because it sells.
Rating: 5 / 5