Harold Bradley

This musician contributed to the first recording of the following Elvis Presley songs:

Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) (guitar) Ask Me (guitar) Barefoot Ballad (guitar) Barefoot Ballad (banjo) Big Boss Man (guitar) Blue River (guitar) Catchin' on Fast (guitar) Devil in Disguise (guitar) Easy Question (guitar) Echoes of Love (guitar) Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (guitar) Fountain of Love (guitar) Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (guitar) Guitar Man (guitar) Hi Heel Sneakers (guitar) I Feel that I've Known You Forever (guitar) It Hurts Me (guitar) Just Call Me Lonesome (guitar) Just for Old Time Sake (guitar) Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (guitar) Kissin' Cousins (guitar) Kissin' Cousins (number 2) (guitar) Long Lonely Highway (guitar) Love Me Tonight (guitar) Memphis Tennessee (guitar)