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Kissin' Cousins (number 2)

3.2 / 5

Words & Music: Bill Giant Bernie Baum Florence Kaye

Cousins, kissin' cousins
Kissin's allowed 'cos we're proud to be cousins
What's a little teasin', huggin' and a-squeezin'
Between us cousins.
Oh it's so great to be one big family
And we show it, yes we show it
You see, we never feud, we're a happy brood
Folks all know it, yes they know it

Cousins, kissin' cousins
Honey we dress and we mess
We're just cousins,
Cousins, kissin' cousins
Cousins, kissin' cousins

Recordingdate: 1963/09/29, first released on: Kissin' Cousins (album)


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Steve V wrote on January 19, 2010
There was no need for a number 2 , now was there.
Deano1 wrote on February 25, 2010
Very weak title tune (sung over the credits) to Elvis' 14th movie (in release order). This recording sounds like it took place in a shed and the song itself is poorly written. Until this soundtrack, all of Elvis' recordings were quality productions, sure some of the songs were silly or below average, but Elvis sang them well and the finished product sounded professional. Unfortunately, "Kissin' Cousins" showed that you could make the same money with 1/3 of the effort. The album peaked at #6 and the movie made the top 30 for the year 1964. 1 1/2 stars at that is being kind.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on April 04, 2011
Personally, I like "Version 2" much better ! Not his best movie or album soundtrack. However the bonus songs, on the album were a nice treat, such as "Echos of Love".
old shep wrote on April 04, 2011
A below par song and soundtrack album and indeed film.
dgirl wrote on April 04, 2011
This song led off the album. Unbelievable. Bad, very bad.
tornado wrote on April 04, 2011
Gotta say, I always loved that tune It makes me sing along, whle driving on a country road. Kissin's Cousins is an album I listened to a hundred times over the years. Always loved that Nashville 60's sound. Just a zest of joy for me. And there is a beautiful ballad on this album: Tender Feeling wich is an adaptation of a portion of the Musical Shenandoah.
Cruiser621 wrote on June 19, 2011
I like this song, however, I agree with the #2 not being necessary. This was one of my favorite soundtrack albums; can't say the same for the movie.
Monster wrote on June 19, 2011
A bland mediocre song of Tepper/Bennettesque proportions. Elvis had a really bad cold during the Kissin Cousin sessions and had to overdub all of his vocals. I think this was the first time this had happened on this kind of scale. The fact that someone like Elvis, who had always provided so much creative input into his music, was prepared to let an entire session happen without him even being present to discuss tempo, arrangements and so on, just shows how much interest he had already lost in soundtrack recordings by 1963. At best it shows how much creativity he was prepared to concede to budgetary concerns. In either case it was bad news for quality control. Elvis had always done his utmost on clunkers like "Ito Eats" and "How would you like to be" but by the time Kissin Cousins came around the proverbial turds began to receive substantially less polish in the studio from a disheartened Elvis.
TCB1974 wrote on June 19, 2011
This is a nice song, 3 stars. It was however a song from the first soundtrack album that is no longer enjoyable with horrible songs like Barefoot ballad. While all movies from Love me tender to Viva Las Vegas had something to offer both on screen and on LP, Kissin' cousins was a significant step back... and it would become worse with movies like Harem holiday and Double trouble.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 20, 2011
I guess I'm the only one who enjoys "Kissin' Cousins-2" more so, than "Kissin' Cousins 1. However, both are very enjoyable. Elvis could have sang the phone book and I would have enjoyed it, and bought it !
ElvisSacramento wrote on May 21, 2013
I've always liked this Elvis movie song and I've never skipped it. I like the songs "Kissin' Cousins" and "Kissin' Cousins (Number 2)" equally.
Gorse wrote on May 21, 2013
A pleasant enough movie song, nicely sung in a breezy jaunty manner but hardly earth shattering - 3 stars. In retrospect whether us fans understand his mindset, it all contributed to Elvis making another million dollars and having a ball outside of film and recording studios.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on May 21, 2013
Sung beautifully ! I love this song ! I wish it was longer in length, though. I prefer this version.
cookingfat wrote on May 21, 2013
Elvis tried his best but was pissing in the wind with material like this.King of Rock n Roll? Not while singing this pap.
yankee1104 wrote on May 21, 2013
A light, breezy short little tune. I actually preferred this one to the 1st version.
LonElvis wrote on May 22, 2013
An enjoyable movie song and an enjoyable soundtrack overall.
Pietro S wrote on July 24, 2013
Enjoyable tune from a movie that is very special to me; when I discovered Elvis as a kid, had no idea he was starring in the movies. And what could have been better experience to see two Elvises? :) I didn't care about the plot then, didn't undesrstand English... Anyway, I have some corrections to the lirycs and a second verse for the song from an old sheetmusic: Cousins, kissin' cousins Oh, there's no harm, no alarm, cause we're cousins. And there's danger, when you love a stranger, So kiss me, cousin! Cousins, kissin' cousins What if we wrestle and we nestle, we're just cousins Now it ain't a sin, folks, when you love your kinfolks, We're kissin' cousins 'Oh, it's so great to be one big family...
sugartummy wrote on September 01, 2013
I think sometimes the two versions of Kissin' Cousins are mixed up. I mean, I never heard this song until today(okay, I saw the movie once), but I've known Kissin' Cousins a long time but under the title Kissin' Cousins number 2. Now I know that is actually the first version. That first version is good, but the second not really.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 16, 2017
The "unedited master" of this song is now available on the "Kissin' Cousins" soundtrack on the FTD label.
JerryNodak wrote on December 25, 2018
Of course it led off the album. The songs were in order of their appearance in the film. I wish all '60's soundtracks had taken that approach. Song: 2 stars. Soundtrack (Not including bonus tracks) 3 stars.
bajo wrote on February 22, 2019
I've always liked it! And now in all it's glory released in full lenght on the KC FTD! Even better!
Milky White Way wrote on March 12, 2022
Enjoyable song from an enjoyable album. It’s a fun soundtrack that I whistle along and stomp my feet to. Never meant to be a Grammy winner. 3 stars
Bill (BW) wrote on March 13, 2022
A great title tune. Well sung by Elvis. I used to prefer this to the other version which was a splice of Elvis singing in his "regular" voice alternating with him singing in his "hillbilly" voice. Now, of course, thanks to FTD we have the unspliced version and the full version of the title tune.
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