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Blue River

3.6 / 5

Words & Music: Paul Evans Fred Tobias

Blue river, it can't be found on any map that I know
But it's the place where lonely lovers all go
To cry their tears, blue river
It winds along a path of heartache and pain
Of broken dreams from lovin' someone in vain
Like I loved you, and baby I still do

I held you so tight
You were out of my sight
I'm feelin' so low
But I gotta go
Blue river because you never really cared about me
From now on baby that's where I'm gonna be
Cryin' over you, by the river of blue

Recordingdate: 1963/05/27, first released on: single (album)


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old shep wrote on May 02, 2008
A fairly pleasant sound, but I can't understand why it was ever released as a single A side in the mid 60s when there were many more stronger contenders in the can.
Cher wrote on October 02, 2008
This song needs time to grow on you I think. I didn't really care for it at first but then after a few more times of listening to it, I have to now include it as one of my favorites.
JLpResLey wrote on August 12, 2009
It´s okay, but really nothing special. It´s the kind of song that seems to be buried below all the great stuff he did during his career. Not memorable and not great.
dgirl wrote on August 12, 2009
Very ordinary and extremely bad choice for a single in 1965. But thats what going Hollywood did to good quality studio material. There wasnt any being recorded at the time.
derekd wrote on August 12, 2009
Could have been better, here was recording that the fans must have been waiting for, a studio recording after all the movie singles, but was it really any better. At the time it was regarded as a fresh, up to date recording, with rca having previously released Tell me Why, Crying in the Chapel, Blue Christmas, Ain't that lovin You & Such a Night as his only non movie singles. But even BR wasn't new havin been recorded in 1963 three years earlier. It was now 1966, and rca could have released Tomorrow is a long Time or Down in the Alley or I'll remember You.
Marty_TCE wrote on August 12, 2009
I like this song, it's not offensive in any way - you probably wouldn't deliberately but it on but would be pleasantly surprised when it appeared on your random play.
Monster wrote on November 27, 2009
It's got a pleasant enough melody but whether it's the hurried pacing of the song or the uncomfortable arrangement, for me the song just doesn't quite work. And judging by the fact that Elvis left this song to the end of the last day of the recording session and spliced the master from the two takes that he did I suspect he felt the same way.
Steve V wrote on November 27, 2009
Really not a good song. Probably the weakest of all from the 1963 sessions and it was a single in 1965! Go figure.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 27, 2009
I always liked this song. Although, it sounds so dated now. This is one I'd love to see remastered and overdubbed.
Deano1 wrote on November 27, 2009
Recorded in 1963 and first released as the flip side of "Tell Me Why" in December of 1965. A short, brisk rocker, kind of in the vain of "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" and "I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell", but lacking the energy of those earlier recordings. One of the lesser cuts from a very good recording session that produced "Devil In Disguise", "Witchcraft", "Echoes of Love", "Long Lonely Highway" and several other strong songs.
NONE000000 wrote on November 28, 2009
Not exactly a bad song, but not a classic either. Nice enough--wouldn't skip over it, but probably would not seek it out either. But better than many many movie soundtrack songs
RobIreland wrote on May 17, 2011
Well I must say that in no way do i think this tune sonds dated at all or do i consider it to be "one of the lesser tracks" from this sesson. Blue River is a short burst of frantic guitar picking manic drumming piece of typical sixties rocking quality ! A bit short yes but Elvis is well into this song, his voice is delicious as he delivers the true spirtit of what the lyrics are all about. You really believe he has lost his true love who hasent returned the love he feels for her ( been there, done that ! lol ). The backing vocals on this rare occasion in the 60's are just totaly spot on and very different. i personaly love the guitar licks here . The sliding down the strings as the musician works hard to keep up with the speed of this little gem. Elvis" voice is brilliant, Music is brilliant ! Just a little short with mauybe too little lyrics but this tune by Elvis I love alng with "Long Lonely highway" .....
dgirl wrote on August 09, 2012
The guitar break is the best part. A very unintrested sounding Elvis on a song without much structure or melody. The weakest of the 1963 sessions by far.
Cruiser621 wrote on August 09, 2012
Crap in, crap out. Without a doubt a complete throw-away. Why he wasted his time recording this swill is beyond comprehension. This is right at the bottom with "Do The Clam".
Biffx wrote on August 09, 2012
Not a terribile song easy listen 3 stars just flows along nicely.
sugartummy wrote on February 27, 2013
Not an easy song to sing I reckon with the fast lyrics. Not bad, but not great.
ElvisSacramento wrote on July 02, 2013
I've always liked this Elvis song immensely and Elvis' rendition of it was magnificent. I've never skipped it.
Gorse wrote on July 02, 2013
This song IMO is marginally better than Finders Keepers from these sessions and is rescued from oblivion by the instrumental break and the Elvis voice. It is a very ordinary number but our boy does his best with the material on offer - 3 stars only
GEORGE (GK) wrote on July 02, 2013
A fun Light Rocker, and I Like it ! Only complaint, the song is too short in Length.
cookingfat wrote on July 02, 2013
Incredible this was issued as a single in the late 1960s.Then again that was RCA for you. It made hardly a splash in the UK charts and received very little play. The song itself is Ok for a bonus track on one of those dire soundtracks from around this time, no way a single.
kink56 wrote on July 02, 2013
I like it. In fact I enjoy the entire side two of Double Trouble.
Bill (BW) wrote on July 02, 2013
I like this song, especially the "long version" found on the "Double Trouble" FTD release.
RobIreland wrote on July 02, 2013
Elvis in different voice than usual ! Very sixties rock ! I love it !!
JerryNodak wrote on March 22, 2014
It's an okay song. 3 stars. Hey, RCA had to put something on the flip of "Tell Me Why."
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 05, 2015
Hitting the record shops in the UK in February of 1966 and coupled with Do not Disturb for it's UK release.Nancy Sinatra's Boots was hogging the number one slot in the charts and the Spencer Davies Group were bashing out great blues singles around this time too. It always worried me how the guy responsible for the Elvis account ever got the job was he a relative of Freddy Beinstock? If so it would explain the substandard songs presented to Elvis by the shovel full. Hardly single material a left over dated effort unworthy of Elvis' talent
Cruiser621 wrote on February 18, 2018
This has got to be, the most uninspired piece of drivel Elvis ever recorded. Absolute crap and boring to the point of no return. He would have been better served by not wasting his time on this garbage.
ntass1 wrote on February 18, 2018
SONG SUCKS.ELVIS sings his best,but this song has no hope.
atomic powered poste wrote on April 02, 2018
Mediocre, bland song. One of the weakest uptempo songs that elvis recorded in Nashville. 2 stars.
GBK42 wrote on September 20, 2022
RobIreland summed it totally for me. My favourite tune from the May 1963 "Lost Album" sessions in Nashville. Turn the volume up and it'll have up and dancing in no time. Five stars all the way.
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