Millie Kirkham

This singer contributed to the first recording of the following Elvis Presley songs:

A House that Has Everything (vocals) A Thing Called Love (vocals) Amazing Grace (vocals) An Evening Prayer (vocals) And I Love You So (vocals) Angel (vocals) Anything that's Part of You (vocals) Ask Me (vocals) Beyond the Reef (vocals) Big Boss Man (vocals) Blue Christmas (vocals) Blue River (vocals) Bosom of Abraham (vocals) Bridge over Troubled Water (vocals) Bringin' It Back (vocals) By and By (vocals) Cindy, Cindy (vocals) Clambake (vocals) Come What May (You Are Mine) (vocals) Confidence (vocals) Crying in the Chapel (vocals) Devil in Disguise (vocals) Don't (vocals) Don't Think Twice It's All Right (vocals) Early Morning Rain (vocals)