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Follow That Dream

4.6 / 5

Words & Music: Ben Weisman Fred Wise

Follow that dream, I gotta follow that dream
Keep a-movin, move along, keep a moving
I've got to follow that dream wherever that dream may lead
I've got to follow that dream to find the love I need

When your heart gets restless, time to move along
When your heart gets weary, time to sing a song
But when a dream is calling you,
There's just one thing that you can do

Well, you gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead
You gotta follow that dream to find the love you need

Keep a-movin, move along, keep a moving

Got to find me someone whose heart is free
Someone to look for my dream with me
And when I find her I may find out
Just what my dreams are all about

I've got to follow that dream wherever that dream may lead
I've got to follow that dream to find the love I need

I've got to follow that dream wherever that dream may lead
I've got to follow that dream to find the love I need

Keep a-movin, move along
Keep a-movin, move along
Keep a-movin, move along

Recordingdate: 1961/07/02, first released on: Follow That Dream (EP)


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derekd wrote on February 15, 2009
Must be one of the best movie songs after leaving the army. 5 stars from me. Big big hit in the uk singles charts even if it was an EP.
ttwiise wrote on March 24, 2009
A great movie song, good melody and lyrics and sung with gusto. Shame it's so short.
bluesboy wrote on May 26, 2009
Elvis shows once again what a great sense of rhythm he had. The powerful vocals always make me turn the volume way up high. In my personal Elvis Top Ten.
JerryNodak wrote on June 27, 2009
Love the master take. Don't care for the alts. I've heard.
JLpResLey wrote on June 27, 2009
Great song, especially the first verse, which is brilliant. But I also think that the song isn´t long enough, it´s a very short one, and that doesn´t benefit the song at all.
My boy, my boy wrote on June 27, 2009
Enjoyable song from an enjoyable movie !
Steve Morse wrote on June 27, 2009
The master outshines the 'alternate' takes, even though it's only in mono. The Jordanaires' timing is out on at least one other take, but that is understandable while they worked on the arrangement. Elvis's voice just soars on the master and is perfection for the message in the song. It lifts the spirits and is one of my favourites despite being so short.
old shep wrote on June 27, 2009
A good movie song well recorded and one I still like to play
Swen wrote on June 27, 2009
One of the best offerings by Wise/Weisman, and one of the best movie songs, and Elvis sings it so well. A favourite!
Little_Darlin wrote on June 27, 2009
A great upbeat song that lifts my spirit and always sticks with me for the rest of the day after I hear it.
sitdown68 wrote on June 27, 2009
one who stood the test of time... never seen the movie... but for the kwimpers sake I'll do that once...;-)
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on June 27, 2009
Good song,and a funny film,underrated. Nice piano on this.Could it be Floyd Cramer,probably, without looking at the ref books.
dgirl wrote on June 28, 2009
Wish all the movie songs were of this caliber!
Marty_TCE wrote on October 10, 2009
This is a very likeable little ditty, very uplifting at high volume!
pasa-ryu wrote on October 10, 2009
a very positive,uplifting and enjoyable Elvis song!-and a very funny,enjoyable and good acting movie from elvis too!!(i believe that this movie really showed elvis had excellant comedy timing and could actualy 'ACT' and it was a real pity elvis' comedy and acting wasn't allowed to be expressed alot more than it was in the 1960's,still,a very enjoyable "elvis movie")
Steve V wrote on October 10, 2009
Very good song and it could have been a hit single if released as an A side in 1962 if it wasn't so short, a trait that happened all too often to good Elvis songs.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on December 08, 2009
Very enjoyable song, like it very much, good piano, but too short. Funny film. Prefer the original to outtakes. ref the piano, must be Floyd Cramer, love his "On The Rebound"
Deano1 wrote on December 08, 2009
The fine title tune from his 9th movie. Elvis does a great job of singing this short, rollicking song and the Jordanaires are perfect as usual. This song reached #15 on the charts in 1962 (USA) as the lead song on the soundtrack extended play.
Jim Hoff wrote on December 08, 2009
A 1000 times better than prozac!
bajo wrote on December 08, 2009
Oh what a fresh breeze! I've always loved this song. Wishing it could have lasted at least another 30 seconds. A reminder that Elvis' soundtracks of the first half of the 60's weren't all that bad. A timeless favourite among all the other Elvis favourites of mine! Love it!
lsp2231 wrote on December 09, 2009
What a great voice and what a groovy song! This and What A Wonderful Life show the vocal power that Elvis had. By the way, there is an online petition going on in America right now to make Elvis' birthday a national holiday. Just google it and vote for Elvis!
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 16, 2010
A Feel good sort of song, that zips along at a pleasant pace.
Marty_TCE wrote on January 16, 2010
A fun song, sung with gusto and conviction. I listen to this a lot.
NONE000000 wrote on January 16, 2010
Probably my favorite title track to any Elvis movie! Definitely my fav from the 1960's (if I include the 50's it really has a rough time competing with Jailhouse Rock and King Creole). There are a lot of songs Elvis did in the 1960s for movies with a very similar message to this--Roustabout, Brand New Day On The Horizon, What a Wonderful Life, Happy Ending, Riding a Rainbow, Beyond The Bend, King of the Whole Wide World..... And as much as this stuff is "fluff" in many ways, when I am depressed or down, a song like Follow That Dream (easily the best of this type of track) can always get a smile out of me. (If anyone is inclined, it is worth it to try and track down a bootleg recording of Bruce Springsteen's version of this song. He drastically changed the lyrics and altered the tune--though the chorus is intact--but it is still pretty great. Elvis' version, of course, is the best though!)
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on March 26, 2010
Great song, never dates, love the piano. I prefer the original single release though. Good film as well. I must request this on gold radio station, all they know is "Devil In Disguise" "Return To Sender",nothing wrong with these of course, but when they get played all the time (as do Hound Dog / Don't be cruel etc ) it would make a refreshing change to hear "Follow That Dream"
emjel wrote on March 26, 2010
Great song - great movie - it's how I really discovered Elvis in August '62 on a wet Monday afternoon at the Granada cinema in Sutton. I agree - the song is a tad short, but it's a great EP too. I know there are many that slate Elvis' movie songs, but for me it was the only way to see him, and he was just a natural at singing these toe tapping type of songs. Between 1960 and 64, his voice was pure gold. Even some of the later songs are pretty good, but they were just out of time with the era.
WayDownUnder wrote on January 01, 2011
Great song. The movie is actually really good and the performance Elvis gave is his best. I know we all know this but it's a shame his movies went the path they took. It could have been different! but you can't change the past.
TCB1974 wrote on November 23, 2011
"He whispered a dream in our ears and somehow we all followed it" - Bruce Springsteen. Fantastic feel good song and sung brilliantly as we got used to for early 60s recordings. Four stars from me.
freedom101 wrote on November 23, 2011
I've actually looked at "Follow That Dream" as Elvis' first message song, unless you count the gospel songs.
alanfalk wrote on October 02, 2012
One of the first Elvis movies i watched back in 1985 when his 50´ birthday was celebrated and one of the reasons I became a fan. I still love this song and also the rest of the songs from the movie . 4 star song.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 02, 2012
This is such a spectacular song and is easily one of my most favorite songs that Elvis ever recorded. This song should be far better known than it is though. It's a song that deserved to be a major hit for Elvis here in the United States, but never was. RCA also should have issued it as a single here in the United States, but never did.
Gorse wrote on October 13, 2012
The lead song on a big selling EP, with a rocking beat similar in style to Long Lonely Highway, which seemed to fit his voice perfectly. Right up at the top with the best of his film output in the 60's
sugartummy wrote on March 05, 2013
A great song from a very funny movie. It is Floyd Cramer on piano.
sugartummy wrote on April 22, 2013
Elvis also did the Johnny Cash number Folsom Prison; at least half the song, so it should be in here as well.
Cruiser621 wrote on September 16, 2013
Damn good song. Should have been released as a single.
Jim Davidson wrote on October 11, 2015
It's a great song from a wonderful movie.
atomic powered poste wrote on February 25, 2018
One of his best movie songs. Catchy and charming, and elvis deliverers the song in his usual early 60's style. Great.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 13, 2018
5-stars. The entire EP could have been expanded into one side of an album if they wanted at the time. This is one soundtrack and movie which is actually worth the cost of admission. Great song and very catchy.
Lex wrote on January 21, 2021
One of the better title tracks, very uplifting.
marty wrote on January 22, 2021
It is interesting that Bruce Springsteen did this song often during his shows. His version is very different (slow) and in my view not so appealing. I think Bruce wanted to put the emphasis on the lyrics. The original by Elvis is indeed very uplifting. His early 60's soundtrack recordings still had a lot of the magic that made Elvis the greatest!
GARCIADN wrote on January 23, 2021
The very first Elvis song I ever heard; and the very first Elvis disc I bought, way back in 1962.
Milky White Way wrote on November 25, 2022
Marvellous, happy, breezy tune that gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Love the whole EP and certainly one of his best movies. 5 stars
DerekH wrote on November 25, 2022
Monster hit for Elvis in the Uk. Had it been a single it was a cert for another #1.
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