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From Elvis In Memphis


From Elvis In Memphis
Released: 2013/04/09 by FTD

Special 2 CD edition

ElvisNews review

FTD released what is considered one of Elvis’ best albums in their classic album series: From Elvis In Memphis.


The design is top notch, like usual with the classic albums series. All necessary information completed with photos, original covers and other memorabilia.


Any form of these recordings, being it the original album, the Suspicious Minds set, the legacy release of a couple of years ago or American Crown Jewels (or other bootlegs) has been in my walk-man, disc-man, MP3-player or phone for the last decades more or less continuously. FEIM is one of the few albums without songs I really dislike. The only one that doesn’t belong to my favourites, It Keeps Right on A-Hurtin’, is still more than bearable.

First of all, the sound quality of the release is very good, but no (significant) improvement compared to earlier outings. The setup is done before: the original album, first takes on the first disc and outtakes and undubbed masters on the second. The bootleg before mentioned shows that not all outtakes are present, a missed chance!

The “new” outtakes show no spectacular difference to earlier released outtakes or the masters. As known before, In the Ghetto and Power of My Love have the most difference between (some) outtakes and the masters.


Whatever they do with this material, it stays among Elvis’ best. Also this release proofs that, a very enjoyable 2CD set that didn’t leave my player for a while now and will be transferred to my phone soon to replace The Memphis Sessions.


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GNstud wrote on March 16, 2013
Await song tracklist of outtakes !!! When does Jorgensen communicate that info to us. Besides, some clubs already mentionned we would get a version of I'm movin' on with steel guitar...B U T we already have had that on earlier FTD outtakes, don't we !?!? So, what's new. Another rip-off action/release from FTD....to make us buy again, and again the same material that we already bought before... Can' t say anything else but that their marketing strategy is one that promotes to rip off elvis fans, over & over gain, I'm afraid. And EPE's CEO Soden doesn't intervene. He should demand that Sony puts in charge a real experienced, older but knowledgeable (elvis materials) manager in NY NY !!!!!!Not a hillbilly.
Rating: 5 / 5