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From Elvis In Memphis - 40th Anniversary Edition


From Elvis In Memphis - 40th Anniversary Edition
4.0 / 5
Released: 2009/07/24 by Sony Legacy

After returning from service in the US Army, Elvis Presley spent the next several years focusing on his acting career, yielding hit films and blockbuster soundtracks. It was, however almost a decade away from the stage and recording proper studio albums. In January 1969, seeking to gain back some artistic control, Elvis produced some of his most significant work ever during a two week long series of recording sessions at American Studios in Memphis. These were the first recording sessions after his triumphant comback TV special ELVIS that aired in December of 1968 and the first recording sessions in Memphis since he left Sun Records for RCA in 1955. A total of 32 masters were cut, the first release was the LP From Elvis In Memphis featuring the hit single 'In The Ghetto', followed by three hit single releases; 'Suspicious Minds', 'Don't Cry Daddy', and 'Kentucky Rain'. A second album was released as one half of the double album From Memphis To Vegas-From Vegas To Memphis, which features the utterly brilliant Percy Mayfield blues 'Stranger In My Own Home Town' and 4 additional tracks were later released on different LPs. In a career that was full of triumphs, Elvis' recordings at American Studios stand as one of the absolute highlights.

This is the Legacy Edition of one of Elvis' most significant albums, the critically acclaimed June 1969 release, From Elvis In Memphis. This brand new 2-CD set contains all tracks from the sessions recorded at American Studios in Mem

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For the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ legendary recordings at the American Sound Studios in Memphis Sony re-re-released From Elvis In Memphis once again. Is it worth to buy yet another version of this great album?



Finally Sony (including its predecessors) released a very worthy package. For the first time (okay, excluded the box sets) we really get a dedicated release.

The package carries the original front of the album (excluding the logos and the strange gray bar on the picture) and on the back you’ll find the picture of the single cover of Suspicious Minds, next to some commercial text for the sessions and the track listing. Upon opening the package you’ll find the album cover of Back in Memphis and a famous shot of the NBC special, with sweat on his face, looking like a teardrop. Behind the CDs (which are printed like the original RCA label) you’ll find the single covers of In the Ghetto and Suspicious Minds.

The booklet carries the original album art (front and back) of From Elvis In Memphis. Inside great liner notes by Robert Gordon and Tara MacAdams (The Spirit of Home) are decorated with candids, memorabilia and some pictures of the August press conference and the shows in Vegas.

The track information is quite extensive, even including recording dates.


I guess we all know the songs by heart, so there is no need to discuss them. The 1990’s re-release of the album is on my MP3 player for years, but for comparison I tossed that one into my CD-player again too. I didn’t notice a huge improvement, also not compared to Suspicious Minds collection that was released 10 years ago.

I must admit that I like the compilation the way it is done, but I really don’t understand why the mono masters of the singles are included, especially since they sound very poor on my MP3 player (on 256 kbps).


There is no real need to buy this compilation again, but it is for sure a collection that I’d recommend to anyone, since it belongs to Elvis’ best material.


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Jay wrote on June 25, 2009
Is this going to be released in the UK???
Rating: 3 / 5
pasa-ryu wrote on July 02, 2009
my only gripe concerning this 2 cd release is the fact that we already have it on cd(with 7 'bonus songs')and we already have the 2 cd set "Suspicious minds"~THE 1969 MEMPHIS ANTHOLOGY.(released in 1998 by RCA/BMG.).so why are we expected to pay another hefty price tag for the 'same old' songs we already own?-if RCA decided to be a bit more generous and include 'session outtakes',then maybe we as Elvis fans would get a little more excited and decide to pay another £20 or so for a double cd set!!;apart from this 'negative' aspect,it does seem a very good set to purchase?(especially fans of the legendary 1969 sessions)-i will no doubt be ordring my copy when it's released,even though i already got all the songs twice over in my vast cd collection.,afet all,it is a classic elvis album' and one critics praised in its release in 1969.(i will have to wait and see if it sounds better than the cd e got already??)
Rating: 4 / 5
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 01, 2009
I bought this.. The "Back in Memphis" songs (on CD 2) never sounded better. My complaint, the "singles" are represented in mono mixes !! Who wants mono mixes in 2009 ? Again RCA makes a mistake on a good attempt.
Rating: 3 / 5
woody1 wrote on August 08, 2009
Bought my copy today from HMV £9.99 great sound, great music, great packaging, hey I've got all the tracks already but what the heck this is a truely fantastic release. Credit where it's due well done BMG for this one, (and a half page advert in the record collector) lets hope this is a taste of things to come. PS So very glad to see "our site" is still here, it's true you don't know what you've got till its nearly gone!
Rating: 5 / 5
Sandman wrote on February 01, 2010
A country soul masterpiece and a testament to his greatness. Probably the greatest white soul record ever made.
Rating: 5 / 5