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Blue Hawaii


Blue Hawaii
4.2 / 5
Released: 2009/02/15 by FTD

2CD version in FTD's  "Classic Albums Series ":
1) 7” format cover (like a single or EP)
2) Original back and front cover
3) 3 panel Gatefold sleeve
4) 8 page booklet with photos and memorabilia
5) Original album with original album EQ


ElvisNews review

FTD just released a 2CD version of Blue Hawaii, the beginning of the end according to a lot of fans.


To be honest I am among those fans, and it never appealed to me to see an artist I admire so much dressed up like a German tourist with a toy guitar. I know, I know, it is not a guitar and it is for a movie, but still…

So it’s not surprising that the booklet, although as complete as possible with the usual information and memorabilia isn’t my kind of thing. I did like the pictures of the recording session, especially the one where he is laughing like a farmer with tooth ache, as we say in Holland, I imagine him thinking “Do I really have to record this stuff?”.


Blue Hawaii must be the album I played the least. I really never understood why the thing was so popular in the early 60s. To me it is the most boring stuff Elvis ever recorded, even the popular Can’t Help Falling In Love is, although beautifully sung, not more than a boring lullaby to me. The same goes for the title track, and the even more Hawaiian coloured songs really makes me shiver, and not because I like it!

If I really try to be positive about this album I can come up with 2 songs I really like: Rock-a-hula Baby and No More. The first is a nice piece of action, not his strongest, but more than bearable and the second has a nice south European flavour. Steppin’ Out Of Line and Beach Boy Blues, well okay, Slicin’ Sand too, are acceptable, but the remaining stuff is a no no in my book.

Still I tried to listen to the complete thing, but I found myself skipping through it quite soon. A hell of a job on Disc 1, much easier on Disc 2, especially since I gave up after the takes of No More.

I know some people will say – once again – that this is not a real review, but it perfectly describes my opinion on this album and isn’t that what a review is all about? At this very moment I invite them to write a review by their own, and ElvisNews will publish it…. at least one of them.


To me it is another cabinet filler which will never find its way to my player again. I'll bet others will think different... and it'll end up pretty high on the FTD Top 40.


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Cruiser621 wrote on April 21, 2009
I agree whole heartedly with this review. It is cabinet filler. When you already have the expanded version of Blue Hawaii and the Close Up Boxed Set released in 2003, why bother. Save your money on this one.
Rating: 3 / 5
Jay wrote on September 02, 2010
Great soundtrack. Great sound Quality, much better the 1997 release. Great outakes. Get it!
Rating: 5 / 5
TCB1974 wrote on February 11, 2011
A nice FTD release of one of his better and certainly legendary soundtrack album. The album stayed for an amazing 20 weeks on the top of the charts, beyond doubt driven by Can't help falling in love but also the Hawaiian wedding song is a true gem.
Rating: 4 / 5