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Beach Boy Blues

3.7 / 5

Words & Music: Sid Tepper Roy C. Bennett

I'm a poor Hawaiian beach boy
A long way from the beach
'Cause someone shoved his face against my hand
Now I'm a kissing cousin to a ripe pineapple
I'm in the can

I was minding my own business
But drinking daddy's juice
I swear I'll never touch that stuff again
Just like a pig before he gave his all that aluhau
I'm in the pen

Got those beach boy blues
Don't the time go slow
Lonely beach boy blues
Only 30 day's and 90 years to go

I want a taste of honey
From my wahini's lips
I want to be her ever loving man
But I'm a kissing cousin to a ripe pineapple
I'm in the can

But I'm a kissing cousin to a ripe pineapple
I'm in the can

Recordingdate: 1961/03/23, first released on: Blue Hawaii (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of Beach Boy Blues:

(steel guitar)


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MJB63 wrote on April 08, 2009
Not too bad of a song...this is what the Beach Boys would have sounded like if they had some blues in them.
JLpResLey wrote on August 14, 2009
Never really liked the movie. This song is quite good though.
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 14, 2010
Always liked the film, the song fits the plot well.
Deano1 wrote on March 18, 2010
One of three attempts at a song with humerous lyrics for the movie "Blue Hawaii". "Almost Always True" works, "Ito Eats" does not. This one isn't too bad and Elvis gives it a little attitude. I will give it 2 1/2 stars as it works better in the movie than it does on the record, but it is still a decent listen.
Marty_TCE wrote on July 21, 2011
Love the guitar on this song and also the line 'Now I'm a kissing cousin to a ripe pineapple'!!!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on July 21, 2011
Good film.and this is my favourite song from it. 10 stars.
Andy_2 wrote on July 21, 2011
terrible song from a rubbish film. This is where the rot set in.
wooden heart wrote on July 21, 2011
brilliant, easy song by tepper/bennett. makes me smile every time (that´s a gas, el)
Johnny2523 wrote on July 21, 2011
This was a good film and i like the song to even thou it got the lyrics ''Now I'm a kissing cousin to a ripe pineapple I'm in the can'' The song was performed well by elvis and i like the bluesy theme to this. I give this a 4 out of 5 star's it's catchy its fun and the movie is to!
TCB1974 wrote on July 21, 2011
Elvis voice is just brilliant on the Blue Hawaii album. The movie must have been exotic at the time when people were not traveling the world. This is a catchy song that is delivered well though not brilliant like Cant help falling in love from the same movie. Three stars from me.
Steve V wrote on July 21, 2011
I liked this way more as a kid. Now? I kind of cringe at it as I do most movie songs. Its the Hollywood version of Elvis to me. Strictly for people who didnt care what Elvis sang.
Tony C wrote on July 26, 2011
I love this song, it has a great bluesy feel and Elvis' phrasing is superb.
dgirl wrote on July 26, 2011
Good vocal, but with lines like Im a kissin cousin to a ripe pineapple, it cannot be taken seriously as any kind of blues/rock song. Typical fare from Tepper/Bennett, the Lennon/McCartney of schlock.
MickeyN wrote on July 26, 2011
Cleverly amusing lyrics, bluesy tune, as always brilliantly sung. This kind of song shows Elvis' versatility - he sang even bad songs well and this is not a bad song.
NONE000000 wrote on September 06, 2012
Pleasant, very inauthentic, "blues" song. The difference between tracks like this and almost everything Elvis did before the army is startling. I can't lie and say I do not enjoy this dumb song---because I do. But it feels corporate, packaged, sanitized, and like an imitation of a "real" song. And that's kinda what happened in the movie years after the army---lots of songs that were more like imitations of real songs and Elvis doing his best to still be Elvis, under all the schlock. We know now, he was there all along, waiting for 1968.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 26, 2012
I've always really liked the lyrics of this song and everything else about it. I've never skipped this song while listening to the "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack album.
sugartummy wrote on February 25, 2013
I can hear BB King do this. Maybe a fake blues by Tepper/Bennett, but then hound dog was fake too by two white jewish boys.
Gorse wrote on August 08, 2013
Not one of my favourites from the film soundtrack due to some of the lyrics, but he sings it well enough and although not authentic does achieve a flavour of the blues. Elvis seems a lot more at home with this song than Hard Luck from Frankie and Johnny a few years later.
NONE000000 wrote on September 07, 2013
Here is what i REALLY hate about this song: The line "I was minding my own business, just drinking daddy's juice". This renders the whole song meaningless out of the context of the movie. If you play this for anyone, they will ask what on Earth does this line mean. It only makes sense in the movie because his father owns all the pineapple fields and juice, etc. It is totally situational because of this line. Without that knowledge, the line sounds weird, creepy and oddly homosexual. (The line in the 1950's song "Paralyzed" --"I'm gay every morning and at night I'm still the same" sounds less gay than this weird creepy line. BTW, there is nothing wrong with being gay or even songs about being gay, but this line ruins this song for me because it is meaningless without the stupid movie plot. And I hated Blue Hawaii the movie.)
sugartummy wrote on December 21, 2013
I always thought that "drinking daddy's juice" meant, that Elvis was drinking hard liquor. Then the next line "I swear I'll never touch that stuff again" makes sense.
Cruiser621 wrote on February 26, 2019
2-stars. I'm kissing cousin to a ripe pineapple? I'm in the can? Indeed. Part of the whopping 14 tracks on one album "Blue Hawaii" back in 1961. 14-tracks of mediocre crap and some real classics. Let the soundtrack garbage begin in earnest.
FM wrote on December 21, 2019
Great Song 4 stars
DerekH wrote on May 21, 2020
Good recording for the Blue Hawaii album. Elvis second attempt at a musical film, and a really good one. The sales of the album and the overall success of the film proved this. However, the film output should have stop there.
bajo wrote on June 21, 2020
I simply like it, bluesy as it is, and Elvis in great voice! I liked it so much I looped it for a 2:51 playing time way back! It's always on my random From Elvis In Hollywood playlist!
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