Reggie Young

This musician contributed to the first recording of the following Elvis Presley songs:

In the Ghetto (sitar) Inherit the Wind (guitar) Inherit the Wind (sitar) It Keeps Right on A-hurtin' (guitar) It's Diff'rent Now (guitar) I've Got a Thing about You Baby (guitar) Just a Little Bit (guitar) Kentucky Rain (guitar) Long Black Limousine (guitar) Long Black Limousine (sitar) Mama Liked the Roses (guitar) Mama Liked the Roses (sitar) My Little Friend (guitar) My Little Friend (sitar) Only the Strong Survive (guitar) Poor Man's Gold (guitar) Poor Man's Gold (sitar) Power of My Love (guitar) Raised on Rock (guitar) Rubberneckin' (guitar) Rubberneckin' (sitar) Stranger in My Own Home Town (guitar) Suspicious Minds (guitar) Suspicious Minds (sitar) Take Good Care of Her (guitar)