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King Creole

4.6 / 5

Words & Music: Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller

There's a man in New Orleans
Who plays rock and roll
He's a guitar man
With a great big soul
He lays down a beat
Like a ton of coal
He goes by the name of King Creole

You know he's gone, gone, gone
Jumpin' like a catfish on a pole
You know he's gone, gone, gone
Hip shaking King Creole

When the king starts to do it
It's as good as done
He holds his guitar
like a tommy gun
He starts to growl
From way down his throat
He bends a string
And "that's all she wrote"

Well, he sings a song about a craw dad hole
He sings a song about a jelly roll
He sings a song about meat and greens
He wails some blues about New Orleans

Well, he plays something evil
Then he plays something sweet
No matter what he plays
You got to get up on your feet

When he gets the rockin' fever
baby, heaven sakes
He don't stop playin'
'Till his guitar breaks

Recordingdate: 1958/01/23, first released on: King Creole, Vol. 1 (EP)


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ElvisDayByDay wrote on April 26, 2008
As classic as the movie (well at least to many Elvis fans).
Steve V wrote on February 03, 2009
This and Jailhouse Rock are his 2 best film title songs and his 2 best movies. This could have been a hit single. With Elvis & Leiber & Stoller, you could not lose.
My boy, my boy wrote on February 13, 2009
Elvis the pelvis at his best once again...pure 50's rock'n'roll !!!...Who knows what could've happened had Elvis never gone to the army after King Creole...But I guess nothing lasts forever !
Jay wrote on February 13, 2009
This was a deserved Number 2 hit here in the UK! Shame didn't make Number 1 really, a classic!
sitdown68 wrote on February 13, 2009
years ago I owned the import LP "You Are There"...it contained a couple of non-Dixieland outtakes. There was one with a long guitar solo by Scotty Moore. It's t h e best song so far I've heard from the fifties. There is a unique drive and swing to it, an unrestiable must hear any time. It was also my first Elvis movie. And I consider it as the best ever. It was not too close the novel as it was shifted from NYC to NO but I think it would have been difficult to interprete it as written. I read the book. The original story would be worthwhile a remake directed by Barbara Streisand or Steven Spielberg due to their jewish background...
dgirl wrote on February 13, 2009
With each new release & film in the 50's Elvis just kept growing. King Creole proved this more than anything in the soundtrack recordings with its blusey/jazzy/rock tones and in his acting. How sad this didnt continue in the post Army films. One of the best film title tracks of them all.
bluesboy wrote on February 13, 2009
Another classic from the fifties. I love the way Elvis soars from the menacing, low key verse into the high register of the chorus. Still brings me goosebumps. What a unique talent this man had. Still sorry he's gone.
NONE000000 wrote on February 13, 2009
Living in New Orleans, as I do, this song has special significance to me. It's a great song. Every version has been great too--all the outtakes are fantastic. I have even heard a strange remix version on YouTube that I like. You cannot go wrong with this track (or movie)!
bajo wrote on February 13, 2009
One of those I never tire of! It's such an instant smash! There's a drive over this that makes you want more of it! I've looped one for my own pleasure! Elvis of the 50's could do no wrong it seemed!
JerryNodak wrote on February 13, 2009
I don't watch the movie that often. I don't watch ANY of the movies that often, but I love this song. It's one of my Top 5 title tracks.
derekd wrote on February 13, 2009
Great Elvis R&R recording. Released in the Uk as a single and got to #2. Shame, it should have been another #1. Good guitar in the middle, was it Elvis? Someone once told me it was.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on April 24, 2009
Classic song,excellent film,nuff said !
Steve Morse wrote on April 24, 2009
Fabulous song, fabulous soundtrack. The album tends to be forgotten about by Elvis fans but the sheer energy of the upbeat numbers, and richness of Elvis's voice on the ballads, make it one of his best. King Creole features possibly Elvis's lowest note - the F below middle C.
Pedro Nuno wrote on April 24, 2009
A Real Great Rock Song, from Elvis Best movie! Love the guitar solo, Love it!
Natha wrote on April 24, 2009
In the fifties practically every recording is outstanding. This one from an equally outstanding movie is definitely one of top favorites. Both the pure RnR by the King and the band are fabulous. A joy for the eye and ear.
Swen wrote on April 24, 2009
What did the US army do to that guy? We were always told it was the communists who brainwashed people. When you compare the performances here and in say "Easy Come....." it´s almost impossible to comprehend it´s the same man. But this is great, and the movie, too!!
old shep wrote on April 24, 2009
The song reached the number 2 spot in the UK and the film was an even bigger success, great stuff.
Steve V wrote on February 09, 2010
Probably the best movie title song along with Jailhouse Rock. Leiber/Stoller was great, Elvis was great and no one could have touched the magic they created in the studio. Pure perfection.
Deano1 wrote on February 09, 2010
The outstanding title tune from Elvis 4th movie. Lieber and Stoller with another brilliant song, the Jordaniares complimenting Elvis perfectly and Elvis delivering this high octane piece of rock and roll in his uniquely brilliant style. Put that all together and you have a 5 star track in every way. Not chosen as a single release in the U.S. (the equally great "Hard Headed Woman" was the single from the movie; "Trouble" would have been a good choice too.), it still was voted as American Bandstands' song of the year for 1958.
shoesuedeblues wrote on February 09, 2010
Songwriters didn't come any better than Leiber & Stoller so it's no wonder that Elvis was anxious to record their songs for release while in the military. This didn't happen unfortunately but we still have a treasure trove of gems such as King Creole to remember what a superb partnership these three were.
dgirl wrote on February 09, 2010
Unbeatable. This type of recording r(as did the whole LP) eally showed Elvis' growth from 1956 over the next 2 yrs. WHat happened in the 60's?
1 BILLION SOLD wrote on July 07, 2010
Why on earth didn't RCA release this fantastic song from this fantastic movie as a single? What could they POSSIBLY have been thinking...or not thinking??!!! Can u imagine Jailhouse Rock not being on a single? C'MON RCA, this great rocker w that new orleans jazz twist AND the title song...Would've easily been another #1 and sold 2-3 million, and thats being conservative!!
GeoElvis wrote on July 07, 2010
Excellent song from a great movie, Elvis' acting in this movie was just as good as James Dean if not better and the song is Fantastic! As is the whole soundtrack. Great stuff from the Greatest Entertainer in the world! TCB...
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on December 27, 2010
They don't get much better than this,a classic.10 stars
SatninTCB5 wrote on December 27, 2010
Fantastic song from an incredible soundtrack and an excellent movie{his best}. These are my absolute favorates. Elvis reigned supreme during this period at his very best and was on top of the world. Then Uncle Sam had to take him from us.... damn them all to heck!!
SatninTCB5 wrote on December 27, 2010
This song is so great that it even makes a good remix. Am i the only one who thinks they kicked ass with the remix version on the "Viva Elvis" album? I's so modern but retains it'original intent as well_ i think it' awesome... "He's gone gone gone he's hip-shaking King Creooooole"!
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 27, 2012
This is such a tremendous, catchy, fun, electrifying and unique Elvis song and it's the title song of Elvis' very best movie. This song should've been a major hit for Elvis here in the United States, but it wasn't.
Gorse wrote on November 27, 2012
A fantastic song, that headed up a big EP seller and reached number 2 in the UK singles charts, and sung in a menacing fashion as were many of the album tracks, I also thoroughly enjoy the other 2 major versions takes 3 and 18.
sugartummy wrote on March 30, 2013
Never liked this song much, but now I've heard outtakes that are better than the original. I love the lyrics, love Elvis singing, but the song just doesn't flow. A very peculiar guitar solo by Scotty (one of many). King Creole is my favourite Elvis movie, but I 'd never go so far as to compare him with Jimmy Dean. What Elvis is in singing, Dean is in acting.
Natha wrote on December 01, 2013
One of those hot RnR classics of which Elvis had so many in those years. Though we are supposed to comment on the songs and not on other isues, it may suffice to say that listening to this song will give you the exact feeling you will have watching the equally named movie. This brings back so many memories of my early RnR years that it is sheer fun and thrilling to listen to this whenever it comes around on my playlist.
shawnrw wrote on January 04, 2014
I have never been quite as fond of this as some. To me there is some real awkward phrasing and some silly lyrics, but I'd still have to give it 4 stars for it's energy and just how Elvis attacks it. Actually a hit single in the UK, as usual RCA missed the boat again in Elvis's home country. Don't get me wrong a wonderful recording, but many seem to like it more.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 04, 2017
At the time back in 1958 when I bought the 45 Extended Play Record, I was greatly surprised by this song. Very, very different recording for the times and Elvis. Good recording.
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