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I'll Remember You


I'll Remember You
4.0 / 5
Released: 2008/12/08 by FTD

A CD featuring a soundboard live recording from the February 3 1973 Midnight show as recorded in Las Vegas.

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The latest “new” outing of FTD is the Vegas Midnight show of 3 February 1973. Was Elvis still at his top like less than a month earlier in Hawaii?


I’ve seen many worse covers for FTD releases, this one certainly isn’t too bad. At least the colour combination makes it readable this time. Four nice shots by Ed Bonja decorate the whole.



The show starts a bit hesitating, as if Elvis wasn’t completely present in time. Especially Steamroller Blues lacks the powerhouse ending it got a month earlier, and in many other versions, but also You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me doesn’t have the usual power. Somewhere during You Gave Me a Mountain Elvis got himself together and found the power of his voice again. Blue Suede Shoes even gives the impression Elvis was actually enjoying himself. Love Me Tender, Johnny B and Hound Dog (with bluesy start) get the usual rush treatment. What Now My Love is the highlight of the CD to me… a very convincing performance! Suspicious Minds is a showstopper as most of the times, this version has something extras since Ronnie Tutt is quite upfront in the mix. I Can’t Stop Loving You gets a powerful treatment, a bit too powerful at the end…An American Trilogy is as good as ever.
The two bonus tracks, Sweet Caroline (M.S. 2 Feb.) and the title song of the CD I’ll Remember You (D.S. 3 Feb.) are a welcome addition to this disc.
Overall the sound is good, the drums are upfront and sometimes there’s a bit overload on the mike.


The start wasn’t too strong, but all together it is a pleasant show. Incomparable to what he did a month earlier, but certainly not as bad as where I was afraid for, knowing some of the other shows of this engagement.


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Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 03, 2008
Just another bunch of the same songs sung on a different day in a space of time that has passed.
Rating: 3 / 5
burninglove92 wrote on November 04, 2008
It's Not Just another performance on a different day,, It my oppion every year was as good as each other,, Yes elvis was extremely on form in 1969 and 1970.. to me he was fantastic till 1977 well he is stil fantastic in 2008. This concert will be very interesting and pleasant to listen to. I cant wait
benny scott wrote on December 04, 2008
I'll give those 5 stars to burninglove92 ! It's great to read the heartwarming comment of a 16-years-old young man !!! Wish there were a lot more of such youngsters talking in such a respectful way about our man ! Merry X-Mas to you and your family buddy ! God Bless ! From a 52 years-older, but still alive, healthy and kicking true Elvis-fan . Always El.
Rating: 5 / 5
Sirbalkan wrote on December 07, 2008
I am 25... And I say... Elvis was nearly always on top form no matter what. Well if we divide it into periods.. Are you kidding? 1973 was one of the best... For this cd.. I haven't ordered yet but I will. Just to feel another atmosphere created by such powerful songs from such a legend...
Rating: 4 / 5
burninglove92 wrote on December 08, 2008
Thank You Benny, iam a true elvis fan !!! and why people come on this website made for elvis fans and decide too slag him off.. FTD are fantastic yes some are better than others. Elvis is my idol. i get laughed at but soooo ELVIS is the man, the music and the king
JJ.aron wrote on December 23, 2008
hello folks , i think this release is a good show. FTD did a decent job and i have enjoying listen to the cd. yes you are right the early 70's elvis is just amazing but in the later years he is still fantastic! forever elvis !!
Rating: 4 / 5
Mofoca22 wrote on December 31, 2008
i feel bummed out people. a lot of you complain about it being the same old but god i wish i had the money to be able to buy all the ftd releases. i lost track after 2003 because of financial issues and i havent ever been able to recover. once in awhile ill find it on ebay and get it cheap but its not the same as buying all this brand new and hearing elvis. sure the song lists are mostly the same after 1972 and 73 but he sings them different and its always fun. elvis said it best in elvis on tour he has to keep the people who have never seen or heard him before happy so they dicover him for the first time. and there are a lot of first timers. i find it to be a privallage to teach younger people things about elvis they never knew even older people i have taught things about him. a lot of people only know his 50's stuff but they hear me play his 70's music and they are like wow who sings that and i tell them elvis and they are like wow he has a great voice i wish i knew he sang that when i was younger. thats there reaction so come on people dont trash ftd or anyone for putting his music out we aint the only fans out there there are new fans being born everyday. long live elvis!
Rating: 3 / 5
eric c wrote on March 22, 2009
a great CD.I love FTD,especially the concert releases.This is one of the very best.He is in GREAT voice.I love mine.
Rating: 5 / 5