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Elvis By The Presleys


Elvis By The Presleys
Released: 2005/05/03 by BMG
Soundtrack album for the "Elvis By The Presley's" television special, book and DVD with a bonus CD featuring rare recordings.


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pasa-ryu wrote on May 30, 2005
ecellant double cd and excellant sound!-a pity about the so-called unreleased tracks,many been released on various soundboards or on f.t.d. cd's over the years(too much monkey business was released on the 2004 ftd cd called "so high"..why then claim it was unreleased?),ok,the two home demo songs included on disc two are actualy 'unreleased' unless you got the soundboard cd "elvis ata home" 1974,with linda thomson..recorded at her private home in '74..which i've owned for some years now..including a lot more than whats included on this cd..never the less,for te average cd buying public its good to own and listen to something not officially released before...maybe oneday graceland will release the entire home demo on another cd album??..god knows its in the vaults.
Rating: 5 / 5
JimmyCool wrote on February 19, 2007
1 Star for the simple reason that the 2nd CD runs for a few minutes... and it still costs the same as a double CD!
Rating: 1 / 5