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Seeing Is Believing

3.8 / 5

Words & Music: Red West Glen Spreen

Every time I see the sun rise
Or a mountain that's so high
Just by seeing is believing
I don't need to question why
When I see a mighty ocean
That rushes to the shore

If I ever had cause to doubt Him
I don't doubt Him anymore
Oh seeing, seeing, seeing is believing
And I see him everywhere
In the mountains, in the valley
Yes I know my God is there
Oh, in time I look above me
See the stars that fill the sky
How could there be any question
Only God can reach that high

Recordingdate: 1971/05/19, first released on: He Touched Me (album)


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bastiaanvinke wrote on January 19, 2010
Just isn't it.
burninglove92 wrote on May 06, 2010
Great song that i love to sing along with, from the he touched me album which is my favourite gospel album. E is the man.
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 26, 2012
What a great song. Great sound, great rendition, great beat. A fine contemporary christian song from a fine Gospel album. As in the Rock, Pop or Country field, in Gospel Elvis was the King.
Deano1 wrote on January 26, 2012
This is a solid uptempo gospel track that along with "I John", "Bosom Of Abraham" and "I've Got Confidence" really energize the "He Touched Me" LP. Always wondered why "Put Your Hand In the Hand" was put on the LP "Elvis Now" and not used on this album. It would have fit right in with these tracks and was a little out of place on "Now".
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 26, 2012
A good track from the "He Touched Me" Gospel album. Upbeat and positive and will brighten a person's mood, on a cloudy day. Of note, one thing, that has always bothered me, on some of the Elvis albums in the 70s, was when the sound engineers, did the music over dubs, and such, the vocals seemed more hollow and distant. When you hear the versions Elvis recorded, before the overdubs, his voice sounds more full. Anyone else agree?
Great Dane wrote on January 26, 2012
Love it,when he sings gospel. I've just played the original vinyl on my technics sl1210, and no hollow or distant sound. 4 stars. 5 for the album.
freedom101 wrote on January 26, 2012
This song is rockin'!
Lou A wrote on January 27, 2012
Deano your right. I also thought "Miracle of the Rosary" should have been here as opposed to being on "Now". Then they could've put "I'm Leaving", and "It's Only love" on "Now" making it a stronger album.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on February 29, 2012
A good track from a less than what you would expect LP from Elvis and his love of gospel. "He Is My Everything" is just "There Goes My Everything" & the Johnny Cash song,Elvis should have left it alone.
dgirl wrote on February 29, 2012
I wish there was more gospel like this from Elvis instead of the hymns. Rolicking like old time spiritual gospel should be. Thanks Red for a great original song
Steve V wrote on February 29, 2012
Rocks as good as any 70's song he did.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 28, 2012
This is such a beautiful and fun song and it's one of eleven songs that Elvis recorded that was written by Elvis' longtime friend and bodyguard Red West.
sugartummy wrote on April 28, 2013
A contemperary gospel song. Great drive.
Gorse wrote on August 02, 2013
There were so many different facets in the Presley singing locker and this is another one being a funky rocking gospel presentation. Like the vast majority of his gospel numbers, it is absolutely top notch.
ElvisSacramento wrote on February 18, 2016
This gospel song is a true gem and Elvis' rendition of it has always been such a joy to listen to. The other ten songs that Elvis recorded that were written or co-written by his longtime friend and bodyguard Red West were "Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees", "If Every Day Was Like Christmas", "If You Talk In Your Sleep", "If You Think I Don't Need You", "It's No Fun Being Lonely", "I've Been Blue", "Mary Lou Brown", "Separate Ways", "That's Someone You Never Forget" and "You'll Be Gone".
JerryNodak wrote on September 08, 2016
It's okay. I prefer the hymns.
Cruiser621 wrote on September 08, 2016
Not a bad song at all from his 3rd gospel album. I have to laugh, "He is my Everything" as listed below is a direct copy of "There goes my Everything". Talk about plagiarism. Lot of good songs on this 1970's album.
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