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Scratch My Back

2.7 / 5

Words & Music: Bill Giant Bernie Baum Florence Kaye

One good turn deserves another
Be my love, I'll be your lover
It's all part of nature's laws
If you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch yours.

If you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch your back
Like two peas in a pack, let's get rid of our itch together, Hmm

Joy they say is in the giving
Come on give, make life worth living
Your welfare is my concern
Do a favour for me, I'll do one in return

If you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch your back
Like two peas in a pack, let's get rid of our itch together, Hmm

Scratch me now a little lower
What a feeling do it slower
That's it, Hmm you're getting hot
Well I gotta admit, you just hit the spot

If you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch your back
Like two peas in a pack, let's get rid of our itch together, Hmm

If you'll scratch my back then I'll scratch your back

Recordingdate: 1965/07/26, first released on: Paradise, Hawaiian Style (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of Scratch My Back:

(steel guitar)


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dgirl wrote on June 01, 2009
Very average movie song from a poor soundtrack LP. Poor movie as well.
JLpResLey wrote on September 09, 2009
Bad movie, bad soundtrack. The only thing I´ve got to say about this song is that there were worse songs in this soundtrack. But that does not make it good.
JimmyCool wrote on September 09, 2009
I know it's not a great song... and obviously not a classic, but I like the rhythm, it's so different from anything Elvis did. The bad part of he song is where The Jordanaires(?) appear with their Doo-Woops and stuff...
bajo wrote on September 09, 2009
Many moons ago I actually had a heart for this soundtrack! It's rare on my playlist these days. I had a go at it when the FTD arrived and it was fun. There are two, maybe three songs that may still get a spin: This Is My Heaven, Sand Castles and maybe Drums Of The Island.
Marty_TCE wrote on September 09, 2009
Unfortunately this is just mediocre soundtrack fodder. Just as well Elvis was singing otherwise it would have been very poor...
NONE000000 wrote on September 09, 2009
I usually tend to gush about almost all of the "Songs of the Day", but I don't like this one at all. Part of it is that Elvis really didn't look very good in this movie, plus the movie itself is one of my absolute LEAST favorites. In fact, now that I think of it, Paradise Hawaiian Style might be my least favorite of all the soundtracks--though it is not totally without redeeming qualities (Sand Castles, for one). But this song, to me, really is just bad. Better than Datin' and Queenie Waheni, but still bad.
Steve V wrote on September 09, 2009
Elvis does not sound into this at all and it shows. Bad performance, song, & movie. It even sounded dated when it came out. This banal song from the same team that wrote Power Of My Love a few years later. Wow!
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 12, 2010
A tubby Elvis performing sub standard songs which he obviously loathed, me too.
JerryNodak wrote on January 12, 2010
On a cold winter night (and there have been a few lately) I don't mind PHS as a breezy, eye filling travelogue. Plenty of pretty, scenic vistas. As for the soundtrack it's my least fave from the '60s movies. But I admit 'Scratch My Back" is a guilty pleasure for me. Awful, but catchy.
old shep wrote on January 12, 2010
A modest film and budget with much to be modest about, There are one or two good songs on the soundtrack but I don't rate this number at all.
Deano1 wrote on January 12, 2010
There are a few times in Elvis' recording career that he sounded bored. There might be a song or two at a recording session where he breezed through it ("Fools Rush In", "Find Out What's Happening", etc) or a soundtrack LP that Elvis tried to put something into it, but was unable to pull out all the stops, because the material was very limited ("Kissin' Cousins" and parts of "Girl Happy"). BUT! Never does Elvis sound as disinterested in singing as he does on the "Harum Scarum" and "Paradise, Hawaiian, Style" soundtracks. On this PHS track Elvis is given a decent (for a movie track) song and for one of the few times under achieves with it. He does the same thing with "House Of Sand" and the title track where he comes across half asleep. Elvis did silly songs in "Blue Hawaii", "Girls! Girls! Girls!, "IHATWF" "Fun In Acapulco" and most of the later ones, but his vocals still made most of them enjoyable. With this movie soundtrack there is not a lot of joy to be found. I am giving it two stars because the Jordinaires do make it bearable and the lyrics are better than most of the other songs on this LP, but I wish this soundtrack and "Harum Scarum" had never been made.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 26, 2012
This is one of the Elvis songs that I can't stand. Amazingly, there are a few songs on the "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" soundtrack album that are worse than this one.
Gorse wrote on January 02, 2013
Just listening to it as I write, as I forgot what it completely sounded like as having not heard it for ages. He doesn't sound bored, and it is different from most of his output with a catchy snappy rhythm. That all said it is far from being a classic but it is definitely not in the real lower reaches of his recordings.
cookingfat wrote on April 12, 2013
From time to time,I go on a trip with my oldest son.After playing all our favourite Elvis songs in the car, we dig deep into the bottom of the barrel and play the worst ones. It helps to break the journey and raise a few smiles.This one belongs at the bottom of the barrel.
Pedro Nuno wrote on April 12, 2013
Poor sound, poor vocals, poor song, poor movie... But what can I say? I have to admit that I like it! Probably because the obvious part "...That's it, Hmm you're getting hot, Well I gotta admit, you just hit the spot". How strange is Elvis music in its effects and affections!
john804 wrote on April 12, 2013
I give this one a zillion stars.
LonElvis wrote on April 12, 2013
I always liked this song, both on record and in the film as a duet. It's very unique (with a good rhythm) and makes for a very flirty and seductive interplay between Elvis and Marianne Hill on film. I give it 4 stars.
sugartummy wrote on April 28, 2013
Don't like The Mello Men on this one with their Doowops. Don't mind the song though.
cookingfat wrote on May 23, 2013
Yeah recorded 1965, take a look at the songs in the charts at this time then go listen to this.
Gorse wrote on May 23, 2013
This is pure film fodder and loses its way somewhat outside the confines of the film parameters. Not the worst song he ever sung but in the bottom 10% of his output.- 2 1/2 stars
dgirl wrote on May 23, 2013
The summer of 65 had some of the best songs in pop music history. Did Elvis know what was happening on the charts when he recorded this piece of garbage?
alanfalk wrote on May 23, 2013
Kind of a weird song, that I think deserves the 2.5 stars is has right now, I would rate Sand Castles and This Is My Heaven 4 stars each though, so even when times were not the best music vice Elvis made music that many fans enjoy today. And who cares about what happened on the charts at that time, Elvis made so much great music that didn't chart very high either because it wasn't released as a single or because it wasn't hip, but today we can enjoy it anyway, the two songs I mentioned above is a good example and so is You Will never Walk Alone and Am Trilogy.
kink56 wrote on May 23, 2013
There are 5 songs I like from PHS and this is one.
theoldscudder wrote on May 23, 2013
An amazing piece of writing. Should have been nominated by the Academy & walked away with the Oscar. The line, like two peas in a pack, bettered any of The Beatles or Dyan lyrics.
Great Dane wrote on May 23, 2013
Ok, this song is not that good, but even in 1965 he had a US top 3 and a UK #1 hit.
yankee1104 wrote on May 23, 2013
A real sexy song. The girl who sings it in the movie cant sing it at all but the record performance is a cool little song.
shawnrw wrote on January 07, 2014
I find this song annoying and just poor all the way around. I think "Paradise Hawaiian Style" was his worst film and soundtrack.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 04, 2016
I actually have the FTD "Paradise Hawaiian Style" soundtrack and it's nothing to rave about. More garbage in a long line of horrible movie soundtrack albums.
Miknik7077 wrote on July 17, 2020
Fun sexy little song. The movie version I'm not crazy about since the girl who sings can't.
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