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Words & Music: Sid Tepper Roy C. Bennett

Relax, kick your shoes off baby
Relax, here we are alone
Relax, if the phone rings, let it
Just forget it, we're not at home

Cut loose, let your hair down honey
Unwind, turn the lights down low
Relax, let's uncork the stopper
Come to papa, come on let's go

Defrost, your charms
There's only the two of us here
Come in my arms
And make yourself comfortable dear

Relax, let's get cozy baby
Come on, let your concrete crack
Cut loose, when the knock's invited
Don't you fight it, come on relax

Defrost, your charms
There's only the two of us here
Come in my arms
And make yourself comfortable dear

Relax, let's get cozy baby
Come on, let your concrete crack
Cut loose, life is worth the livin'
When you're givin', come on relax

Relax.....mmmmm....let loose...mmmm...defrost....mmmmm...

Recordingdate: 1962/08/30, first released on: It Happened at the World's Fair (album)


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Steve V wrote on May 22, 2009
I kinda like this, dont know why but I do. I didnt like most of the soundtrack LP except for the single, but I kinda like this. I guess it was different and the lyrics & guitar riffs were sort of cool.
NONE000000 wrote on August 26, 2009
Sure, it is a bit of a re-write of "Fever", but I think this is a very cool song and even prefer it to "Fever". Elvis is doing a great job with the seductive nature of the vocal. It was a bad movie and not a great soundtrack--but this song, to me, is pretty great!
derekd wrote on September 24, 2009
the only recording on the Lp that was good enough to be a single.
Deano1 wrote on February 21, 2010
A slow seductive song with a "Fever-esque" feel to it recorded for Elvis 12th movie, "It Happened At The World's Fair". The song was used very effectively as he seduces the lovely Yvonne Craig and on record it is pleasant. This was anything but a bad movie and even most critics today say it is one of Elvis' better movies. This ranks in my top 5 of Elvis' movies.
dgirl wrote on January 30, 2012
Probably the best song on the LP , a poor soundtrack lasting about 25 minutes. Now, it felt like ELvis was taking us for granted knowing we would buy & see anything with his name on it. The movie? Better than Harum Scarum is about the best I can say. At least it was shot on location. Hollywood Elvis had taken over. Slick & souless.
freedom101 wrote on January 30, 2012
Should've been a hit.
Gorse wrote on December 28, 2012
Very much in the Fever mould, it was indeed one of the best recordngs on the album. Not sure whether it would have been a hit single or not, but deserves to be better known.
sugartummy wrote on April 27, 2013
The guitar don't sound like Moore, so it's either Billy Strange or Tiny Timbrell. It's jazzy. The bass is played by Ray Siegel. Drums by either Fontana or Frank Carlson. The piano is played by Dudley Brooks. Don't know who does the fingersnipping on this great track, but it all works.
ElvisSacramento wrote on November 30, 2013
This is such a good, fun, catchy, underrated and unique song and it should've been a hit for sure, but it sadly wasn't. It's from my 2nd most favorite Elvis movie "It Happened At The World's Fair". I enjoy the vast majority of the songs from that soundtrack.
Jim Davidson wrote on March 05, 2016
It Happened at The World's Fair was a fun movie. The music fit the movie perfectly. The first time I went to Seattle, the first thing that I wanted to see was the Space Needle because of the Elvis connection.
DerekH wrote on March 05, 2016
Early 1963 & Elvis had been releasing a string of Uk #1's. Return to Sender, She's not You, Good luck Charm, all upbeat recordings. I do believe the time was perfect for a nice slow ballet and Relax could have been the single to continue the string of #1's. If only.
TheMemphisFan wrote on March 05, 2016
A weak attempt by the writers to come up with a Fever-type song.
Cruiser621 wrote on March 05, 2016
I don't, for the life of me, understand why I liked this soundtrack. Way too short as far as albums go and the actual sound was rather flat as recorded, but other than "Cotton Candy Land" and "How Would You Like To Be" (which were definitely movie filler), I didn't think it was all that bad an album, although a soundtrack.
Rob Wanders wrote on September 04, 2017
Great song, in a jazzy style like Fever.
JerryNodak wrote on June 30, 2019
Back in the day I really enjoyed the "World's Fair" movie and it's soundtrack. Still do. "Relax" is a fave song, 4 stars.
Miknik7077 wrote on August 11, 2020
Smooth sexy song that I think worked better in the movie than on the soundtrack. Decent enough.
The Hawk wrote on May 19, 2022
2nd to "Remind Me" as the best song from It Happened at the World's Fair. Five stars.
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