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Lonesome Cowboy

3.5 / 5

Words & Music: Sid Tepper Roy C. Bennett

I am just a lonesome cowboy
And I’m travelling all alone
I ain't even got a nickel
To call my baby on the phone

Just beyond the mountain lies a city
And I hear it calling me
Saddle up and ride you lonesome cowboy
Here is where you'll find your destiny
In my dreams the lights shine bright and pretty
Near to me and yet so far
Will I always be a lonesome cowboy
Am I only reaching for a star

Ride. Ride, ride, ride along cowboy
Sing, sing, sing, sing a song cowboy

Will I ever leave this lonesome valley
Really see the lights that shine
Gotta find what lies beyond the mountain
Gotta rope and tie that dream of mine

I am just a lonesome cowboy
And I’m travelling all alone
If you don't call me baby
Then I’m never coming home

Recordingdate: 1957/01, first released on: Loving You (album)


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Mystery Rider wrote on September 28, 2009
This song originally ahd the working title of The Texas Whistler.
dgirl wrote on May 11, 2010
This is not one of the gems from the 50's, but even this is more exciting than most of his boring 70's country covers.
sugartummy wrote on April 01, 2013
The only bad song from the fifties. But I consider it one off the worst songs Elvis ever recorded.
Gorse wrote on July 03, 2013
Obviously far from being the star of the Loving You album, but I do enjoy hearing it outside of those confines as it does not sit comfortably with the the other rock/pop orientated tracks. IMO better than I Believe , First in Line, and a few other tracks in the 50's so not the worst from that era and worth 3 stars.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 21, 2015
I believe at one time this song was to have been the title movie song as to the actual film which became "Loving You", recorded in 1957. It's a song that lingers in my mind, but it really doesn't fit and to be honest is rather depressing compared to the rest of the soundtrack.
Jim Davidson wrote on October 22, 2015
I first saw Loving You in prime time on NBC about a year after Elvis died. The book, Elvis: An Illustrated Biography, described Loving You as "He would never be this wild again on film". The songs in the movie grabbed me. The "Lonesome Cowboy" scene captured the emotion of Deke Rivers/Jimmy Tomkins inner turmoil. Still for some reason, the soundtrack did not translate well to vinyl.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 22, 2015
I've always really liked this 1957 country and western movie song and Elvis' rendition of it was fabulous. I'm a fan of all of the songs from the movie "Loving You". I'm also a fan of the movie "Loving You".
JerryNodak wrote on October 06, 2018
I didn't care for this song way back in the day and still don't. Come to think of it, I didn't care for the "Loving You" LP either and still don't.
Steve V wrote on October 06, 2018
Probably the first piece of movie rot. Not surprising considering the authors who wne ton to write tons of it. But the movie still had Mean Woman Blues, Party, Got a Lot of Livin To Do, and beautiful title song. Teddy Bear and Hot Dog I could take or leave. As for the LP, it was way below the first 2 in quality, but I Need You So is a standout closing track.
atomic powered poste wrote on October 06, 2018
Loving You is probably the worst of the regular elvis lps from the 50's. It's not a bad lp, still very enjoyable, but with some fillers and some uninspired performances (blueberry hill) and not up to pair with elvis second lp or king creole. But it is an lp with a few true highlights (mean woman blues) and some decent tunes. This anachronistic and melodramatic movie bs is, well - not exactly unlistenable, but definitely not one of the highlights here. 2 stars for the song, 3 for the lp.
Miknik7077 wrote on January 22, 2021
I really like this song from the soundtrack. Kind of haunting and raw. Different than any song on the album.
The Hawk wrote on April 15, 2022
My goodness, I'm shocked at the low rating for "Lonesome Cowboy" here, since I consider it to be the best song from Loving You. Undoubtedly my favorite of all the Sid Tepper/Roy Bennett tunes that Elvis recorded, as he moves into Sons of the Pioneers territory with such a 3-minute loping dramatic (and hauntingly gorgeous) Western ballad. To each their own, I guess.
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