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In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions)

4.5 / 5

Words & Music: Ailecne Hanks

In my father's house are many mansions
If it were not true he would have told me so
He has gone away to live in that bright city
He's preparing me a mansion there I know

Jesus died upon the cross to bear my sorrow
Freely died that souls like you might have new life
But I know that soon there'll come a bright tomorrow
When the world will all be free from sin and strife

(Do not shun the saviors love, from up in glory)
(Or you won't be there to sing the gospel story)
In my father's house are many mansions
If you're true then to this land you'll surely go

Recordingdate: 1960/10/30, first released on: His Hand in Mine (album)


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sugartummy wrote on March 25, 2013
Five stars just for Elvis singing " Jesus died upon the cross" to "from sin and strife". Beautiful.
Gorse wrote on July 11, 2013
Yet another gospel song from these sessions that is tender, soulful and thought provoking. The offerings from these sessions are so well sung that they continually make an impact on the inner me.
DerekH wrote on May 04, 2014
Wonderful, great recording, great album, 5 Star.
ElvisSacramento wrote on May 04, 2014
This is such an excellent gospel song and Elvis' rendition of it is a masterpiece. I've never skipped it. Five stars from me.
Deano1 wrote on May 04, 2014
Sincere rendition of an old standard. While not my favorite track on the LP, it is still top-notch. 4 1/2 stars for the song, 5 stars for the LP.
Cruiser621 wrote on November 14, 2016
Definitely 5 Stars. The entire "His Hand in Mine" album is an all-time favorite of mine; it was also a complete surprise in 1960 when I received it as a Christmas present from my parents. I had no idea this album was released.I love every song on this album.
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