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3.4 / 5

Words & Music: Pepe Guisar

Guadalajara, Guadalajara...
Guadalajara, Guadalajara

Tienes el alma de provinciana
Hueles a limpio a rosa temprana

Ave de jara fresca del rio
Son mil palomos to case rio
Guadalajara, Guadalajara
Sabes a pura tierra mojada

(Ay!! ja ja, ay, ja ja,aj! ja, ja..Ay!! ja ja)

Aj!!! colomitos lejanos....aj!!!..ojitos de agua hermanos

Ay colomitos inolvidables, inolvidables como las tardes
En que la lluvia, des de la loma, ir nos hacia, hasta Zapopam

AY!! misermano..Ay-ja-ja...Mexicano...

Ay colomitos inolvidables, inolvidables como las tardes
En que la lluvia, des de la loma, ir nos hacia, hasta Zapopam

Guadalajara, Guadalajara...Guadalajara..Guadalajara


Recordingdate: 1963/01/23, first released on: Fun in Acapulco (album)


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Steve V wrote on July 26, 2009
Is good for the movie but nothing else. Wasn't this on the Burning Love Camden LP? Imagine how startled teens were that bought that album when they heard this garbage. What a missed opportunity.
Deano1 wrote on March 12, 2010
Elvis sings the entire song in Spanish and does himself proud on this tune from the movie and soundtrack "Fun In Acapulco". This song is far from garbage, but it should not have been on the 1972 "Burning Love" LP. That was a mistake.
Elvis Rimes wrote on March 16, 2010
I regularly skipped this track on the LP as a kid, however, with age I did eventually warm to this track - well delivered and completely in Spanish too! Great track but RCA...what were you thinking? The Camden albums always seemed to be full of very random tracks!!!
dgirl wrote on March 16, 2010
In the scope of the film, this was not a grabage song, after all it was a film about Mexico. But 9 years later on an album headed by one of 1972's biggest rock and roll hits, yeah I can see a teenager after playing this saying what is this garbage? Totally out of place and out of date. In fact this was probably the Colonel's and RCA's biggest blunder of Elvis' career. This Camden was a disgrace.
old shep wrote on March 16, 2010
I can see the logic of it being released on RCA's Camden label as it was featured in a movie as the title of the album suggests. I was a bit confused as to why Burning Love and it's flip side were included though. Logically to get sales on the back of a hit single I assume. The song itself isn't too bad albeit dated by it's second release.
shoesuedeblues wrote on March 16, 2010
I bought the Burning Love and Hits From the Movies album when released. The track listing contained this number which I thought was odd at the time and still do. The song is not even very memorable ( which applies to most of the other movie songs too on the album) Surely there must have been some sort of incentive for this to be included, publishing rights in the Colonel's favour perhaps?
japio wrote on March 16, 2010
í like the fun in acapulco album.It's brings a few happy tunes. Not all are good.But still listenable This song is very good.Sing the lyrics very well. This song is not a classic.But is that nessicarrily to make all the songs classic.So sit back in your backyardwith a cool glass of beer.Enjoy the song and sing along with this great song.It's make you happy and you will not complain anymore
derekd wrote on March 16, 2010
Albums and songs like this would have been okay if released just once a year, it wasn't what you could call pop music. Elvis should have been going into the studios to record one really good album, plus a couple of singles each year. This would have balanced out giving us Elvis on the big screen for some entertainment and hopefully strong pop songs to hit the charts.
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on October 12, 2011
I think this may have been a song about Guadalajara, but as I don't speak or understand Spanish it is lost on me. This song should not have been included in the album for the English speaking market and replaced with an alternative for the English speaking countries. If they have a rationale for releasing this track, doesn't the same rationale not apply to the movie, i.e. why didn't Elvis speak all his lines in Spanish? Song's are meant to convey a message, but if you don't know what is being said it kinda defeats the objective. Therefore... rubbish song, for most.
TCB1974 wrote on October 12, 2011
When I visited Guadalajara, this song was actually sung in the streets during a festival. The Fun in Acapulco movie and soundtrack are an example how this should be done, amongst the best in Elvis his catalogue. As Ernst describes in his book A life in music: '... the recordings are a triumph of sound and atmosphere. Elvis was motivated. He sang brilliantly, with wholehearted enjoyment. And even though some of the songs merely served the plot, for once there was also some outstanding material'. I would give the soundtrack four stars and this particular song three stars. Especially the ending of the song is impressive. Agree it was a bad mistake to include this song in an album with Burning Love, as it is only done justice in the right context.
Great Dane wrote on October 12, 2011
I like this soundtrack, it makes you wanna play on a warm summerday. And of course this fits well on the album, should be strange if a song is not your language you can't listen to it. 3 1/2 stars
freedom101 wrote on October 12, 2011
ELVIS is "The King" of everything. Love it!
sugartummy wrote on March 07, 2013
Never liked the song. Still don't. Too much a ja ja I guess.
Gorse wrote on June 28, 2013
I am an early convert to this soundtrack album and am totally taken by the latino influences. I really rate this track both in the film and on record. Fully committed and brilliantly sung with a magnificent finish, I award this 4 stars.
shawnrw wrote on May 05, 2015
I have always been torn on these kind of songs from Elvis. On one hand Elvis gives it his all, this traditional song obviously fits the flavor of the film and again Elvis shows his ability to master yet another musical sub- category. On the other hand, this is Elvis and one generally expects edgier stuff, this is more like Bing Crosby filler.. Don't get me wrong, I love Bing Crosby, but Elvis was another kind of cat, but at this point in his career Elvis was more Crosby like than, Presley like. Anyway, well done, pleasant and modestly enjoyable but that's about it.
ElvisSacramento wrote on May 06, 2015
I've always admired this Spanish song immensely and Elvis' rendition of it was unique and marvelous. I've always really enjoyed hearing Elvis sing in foreign languages. I love the movie "Fun in Acapulco" and I love its soundtrack too. Also, I'm so very glad that the first ever James Bond girl Ursula Andress was Elvis' leading lady in "Fun in Acapulco".
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 16, 2015
I've listened to this recording by Elvis many times over the years, but since I don't speak Spanish I really can't judge how well (or poorly) he sings the lyrics.
JerryNodak wrote on October 26, 2018
Song made for a rousing finale to Fun In Acapulco. I love the FIA soundtrack. Still play it often. Never skip this song. Even though I don't understand a word of Spanish. Great vocal from Elvis. I do agree that including this song on the Burning Love Camden CD was a strange choice. I still play those Camdens every so often.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 27, 2018
Average song within the context of the soundtrack "Fun In Acapulco" but a total unequivocal disaster when placed on the Camden LP with "Burning Love", his first grand hit in ages. Such a shame; such a sham by RCA and the greedy Colonel Parker.
atomic powered poste wrote on October 27, 2018
Elvis sings wonderful, the musicians know what to do, the sound is decent,, but this, like the whole soundtrack apart from bossa nova baby, is simply not my cup of tea. For me this soundtrack (and a lot of others) sounds so mediocre, boring, unemotional. ... that's not what music should be about, that's not what elvis music should be about. It's nothing i would say is horrible, but it's so forgettable and unnecessary. With all the great and engaged music out there, why on earth should one listen to this? 2 stars.
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