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Give Me the Right

4.3 / 5

Words & Music: Fred Wise Norman Blagman

Give me the right
To hold you tonight
The tears that I’ve cried over you
Give me the right

You can't say no
When I need you so
I want you back in my arms
Give me the right

If you looked deep in your heart
Like I looked into mine
You'll find that nothing has changed
Our love was there all the time

Why make me plead
For something you need
I want to bring back the thrill
Give me the right
Give me the right

Recordingdate: 1961/03/12, first released on: Something for Everybody (album)


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Lex wrote on January 09, 2009
Great bluesy song from the early 60s. A waste he spoilt his talent more on the movie songs those days.
My boy, my boy wrote on January 20, 2009
Really nice song that nobody knows unfortunately, except the fans. Great background vocals with Elvis in voice !...Good sax too !
JLpResLey wrote on January 20, 2009
Wonderful recording from a terrific but also underrated album. Should be more known, but don´t forget that it´s from the same time as Little sister, Surrender, His Latest flame and other big hits.
Rob Wanders wrote on January 20, 2009
nioce bluesy song. Should be known more.
old shep wrote on January 20, 2009
I thought that the Something for Everybody album was disappointing when I first bought it in 1961. Having listened to it recently I still find that there are some really mediocre songs on it and this is one of them. I 'm not a particular fan of the sax that became a bench mark for many of his recordings around this period, I would have prefered some really bluesy guitar riffs.
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 20, 2009
Like this track and this "Elvis pre-soundtrack Sound"! He was a great blues singer!
dgirl wrote on January 20, 2009
Good song from a good album. Not quite as good as Elvis Is Back but better than Pot Luck and the mostly crappy soundtracks that followed. Shame we didnt have another studio LP until 1969 because of Colonel Hollywood.
Steve V wrote on January 20, 2009
Nice bluesy song from an album I liked the day I bought it in 1961 and still like today. As the 60's progressed Elvis didn't and I liked each album less & less.
OtisBlue22 wrote on January 20, 2009
Reminds me of 'Don't Leave Me Now', except bluesier. Loving the sax. I still can't believe it, but I just went to Studio B in Nashville where he recorded this piece, his June '58 sessions, Elvis Is Back, Something for Everybody, Pot Luck, How Great Thou Art, Elvis Country etc. It was amazing. So much history in that one room.
JimmyCool wrote on January 21, 2009
I like this song, it has a great openning, but soon before the middle it becomes pretty standard. It lacks of something, I don't know what.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on May 22, 2009
Great blusey song with Boots Randolph at the Sax, I wish he did more of this type of song, it really suited him. Joe Cocker once said that Elvis was the best blues singer in the world at the time, you only have to listen to "Mess o'The Blues" to know that he was rght ! 10 stars for each song !
Deano1 wrote on March 20, 2010
An outstanding, overlooked gem from the fine LP "Something For Everybody". This one was the 2nd song on side A and it is somewhat misplaced on the "ballad" side of the album. Bluesy, fun and one of the many standouts on the LP. 4 1/2 stars
sugartummy wrote on March 07, 2013
Joe Cocker said Elvis was the best white blues singer. No question about that. Not his best blues, but very enjoyable.
Gorse wrote on April 04, 2013
Yes a great opening that became kind of ordinary and worth 3 stars. Now when I listen to outtake 2 with much more of Millie Kirkham and her magnificent soaring voice then we are talking 4 stars. This should have been the released master and would have been one of the highlights of the album.
shawnrw wrote on September 20, 2014
Great slow moving blues song. Elvis gives it a sly, slinky performance that melts all over the listener.
ElvisSacramento wrote on August 26, 2015
This is such a terrific and underrated bluesy song and Elvis' rendition of it was sensational. Elvis was such a spectacular blues singer just like he was such a brilliant singer of many other genres of music too. All twelve of the songs from the "Something for Everybody" album are magnificent.
Jim Davidson wrote on October 09, 2015
According to the Legacy box set, it was recorded between "Gently" and "I Feel So Bad". I will have to listen disc #6 again to compare the instrumentation across the three songs. 1960s LP titles like "Something for Everyone" and "Elvis for Everybody" buried some great music like "Give Me the Right. In one sense, the movie soundtracks protected Elvis from direct competition with The Beatles. The 68 Comeback might not have not happened without the movie soundtracks.
bajo wrote on October 09, 2015
I've always loved those early 60's studio recordings as they appeared on Elvis is Back, Something For Everybody, Pot Luck, Elvis' Golden Records Vol 3, Elvis For Everyone and Elvis' Gold Records Vol 4. Add His Hand In Mine and we're done, studio wise. This song is a standout favorite on the Something For Everybody album. I never really liked the idea of "the ballad side" and "the rhythm side". When you play those albums with the bonus songs added in later years, they give a much more listenable blend to them. Especially Something For Everybody. I agree with the quote: "Elvis was the greatest white blues singer in the world...."
Cruiser621 wrote on May 08, 2017
Good blues tune from the album "Something for Everybody" on the so-called ballad side of this album. I could never figure that one out though. Good song.
atomic powered poste wrote on August 03, 2018
Bluesy, sexy, charming. Not a masterpiece, but definitely a great listen. From one of elvis most underrated lps. 4 stars.
JerryNodak wrote on April 14, 2019
Not outstanding, but I like it. Fine LP. Although, I prefer "Pot Luck." I never liked the Ballad Side, Rhythm Side thing. RCA wanted Elvis to cut an album of new studio material in '65 in celebration of his 10 yrs with RCA. But according to what I've read through the years, he wasn't all that interested. Hence, we got "Elvis For Everyone." I really enjoy the FTD release of said LP.
Gorse wrote on April 15, 2019
As stated I still much prefer outtake 2 with more Millie Kirkham as I find this song, although sung to perfection, lacking that 'something'. The ballad/rhythm side also did not really work for me despite there being some magnificent tracks and would have worked better being mixed like the superb Pot Luck.
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