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Fools Fall in Love

3.8 / 5

Words & Music: Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller

Fools fall in love in a hurry
Fools give their hearts much too soon
Just put in two bars of stardust
Just hang out one silly moon
Oh! They've got their love torches burning
When they should be playing it cool
I used to laugh but now I'm the same
Take a look at a brand new fool

Fools fall in love just like schoolgirls
Blinded by rose colored dreams
They build their castles on wishes
With only rainbows for beams
Oh! They're making plans for the future
When they should be right back in school
I used to laugh but now I'm the same
Take a look at a brand new fool
All right!

They've got their love torches burning
When they should be playing it cool
I used to laugh but now I'm the same
Take a look at a brand new fool
Take a look at a brand new fool

Recordingdate: 1966/05/28, first released on: single (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of Fools Fall in Love:

(steel guitar)


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old shep wrote on May 12, 2008
I think the whole arrangement of this song is wrong which is a great pity as The Drifters version was excellent.Perhaps Leiber & Stoller should have produced it?
My boy, my boy wrote on January 25, 2009
I personally love that one...a breath of fresh air !...You can hear Elvis enjoying himself with something other than a mid sixties movie soundtrack !
commoneverybody wrote on January 25, 2009
One of the better late 60´s recordings. Elvis really enjoys singing this song. The outtakes are even better.
JLpResLey wrote on January 25, 2009
I´ve never liked it. It´s a song that is okay, but nothing more than that. There were other songs from this time period that I like a lot more. Like I´ll remember you and Tomorrow is a long time.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on January 25, 2009
One of the best song's he's ever recorded, love his growling on it, better than the original. Takes all types JLpResley. Sounds like it could have come from King Creole. I love the Sax on it as well
Steve Morse wrote on January 25, 2009
Unconvincing - sounds as if it was recorded in a rush, and Elvis doesn't really buy into it. The arrangement is unimaginative.
Steve V wrote on January 25, 2009
Good song, bad arrangement. Way too fast. The Drifters produced by L/S was much better. Still a breath of fresh air compared to Paradise H. Style and all the other awful soundtracks from that time.
derekd wrote on January 25, 2009
Much better than most of the soundtrack songs of 1966. However, I can't remember it as a single!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on January 25, 2009
Cannot believe what I'm reading from some of you, this is a brilliant song. It was a "b" side of "Indescribably Blue" equally good, but I preferd "Fools"
JerryNodak wrote on January 25, 2009
Not a great song by any means, but it's catchy and I've always liked it. Like the alt. on "Today, Tomorrow and Forever" box.
Ruthie wrote on January 26, 2009
Love the combination of ELvis & the sax. It really made this song. Otherwise, I never paid much attention to it. He gives it a life of its own that I happen to love.
FLASHBOY wrote on January 26, 2009
This is not a good song at all i always skip that one....but hey if some fans like it good for them!
Deano1 wrote on April 29, 2011
A little bit of a throwback to the sounds of the 50's, but not quite on par with Elvis' best rock and roll efforts. Still a decent listen and a good choice for a B-side of a single. There was no way this song was going to make much of a dent on the charts in 1967 and therefore it would not compete with its A-side.
dgirl wrote on July 18, 2012
Decent song, so-so effort. Maybe its the arrangement, maybe its Elvis. I just feel if Elvis recorded this in 1957 instead, it would have been great.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on July 18, 2012
On a home recording, Elvis sang a beautiful slow version of "Fools fall in Love". It would have been great, if he had recorded 2 studio versions of this song, one fast and one slow, as a 2 sided single and see which one charted higher.
alanfalk wrote on September 20, 2012
Like this a lot, never skib it, and it is one of my mothers favourites I´ll give 4 stars.
Gorse wrote on January 14, 2013
Not as good as Come What May from the same period but still full of rocking energy although as stated there is something just lacking in the arrangement. Still I never skip it and it complemented the brilliant 'A' ballad side Indescribably Blue.
sugartummy wrote on March 05, 2013
Great ending. Elvis speeded up The Drifters version to some effect. His singing is better; the background vocals too. The sax solo is better too. Still just slightly better then the original.
JerryNodak wrote on February 04, 2016
Not great. But it's catchy and I've always liked it. I don't "skip" it.
ElvisSacramento wrote on February 06, 2016
I've always liked this song and Elvis' rendition of it was splendid. But, I've always preferred The Drifters' rendition of it. This is one of 24 songs that Elvis recorded that was written by the iconic, brilliant and infamous songwriting duo Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
Cruiser621 wrote on November 25, 2020
Does not ring my chimes. 2-stars.
marty wrote on November 25, 2020
A pleasant song and an improvement compared to his soundtrack recordings of the time but not as good as other recordings from this session. It was the last song recorded on the last day which was a bit of a disaster with many musicians not available. You can tell as the arrangement is not great and Elvis seems uninspired. Maybe he should have re-recorded it during the "Guitar Man" sessions. This was one of the last sessions where Elvis used the "A-Team" musicians he was using since he returned from the army. They were all great musicians but by the mid 60's their sound was a bit dated and formulaic. 3 1/2 stars
DerekH wrote on October 10, 2022
This was move in the right direction, I like it. But there was still room for improvement . 4 stars
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