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Cattle Call

2.6 / 5

Words & Music: Tex Owens

Recordingdate: 1970/29/07, first released on: Platinum - A Life in Music (album)


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ElvisDayByDay wrote on May 05, 2008
These 25 seconds were actually listed as a "track" and released by BMG on a CD entitled "A Life In Music" ... what a life that must have been.
Tony D. wrote on May 10, 2008
It's just Elvis having a little fun during rehearsals and was never meant for release.
marty wrote on June 15, 2008
This song was a big hit for Eddy Arnold. Elvis recorded a lot of songs that were Eddy's hits (ie 'You don't know me', 'Make the world go away' etc). With this song though, Elvis is just having fun during rehearsals. It's not a recording to be taken seriously, just an indication of what happened 'behind the scenes'. The original version is really good if you like this kind of music...
My boy, my boy wrote on June 15, 2008
It shows Elvis can sing all kinds :p
FLASHBOY wrote on June 15, 2008
Here we have probably the most sincere person in the entertainment world. Not those fake smiles red carpet celebration entertainer of today.. When Presley was having fun it was for real and you could feel it. Sometimes we even hear him swear and he din't give a s... Elvis was true he was what he was and that's why i love him!
JerryNodak wrote on June 15, 2008
Yes, Elvis could sing almost anything. But "Cattle Call" as song of the day? It's nothing more than a rehearsal snippet.
Jerome wrote on June 16, 2008
wonder why he never got any requests of this particular song?..
dgirl wrote on June 18, 2009
Songs like this should not be song of the day, they are not real songs. Because ELvis is on tape for 25 seconds, it's a song? It's more like joke of the day. I can't listen to stuff like this.
Monster wrote on March 18, 2011
It might be short and just Elvis goofing around but I like it for what it is. Nice yodelling. Or rather cattle calling.
sugartummy wrote on February 27, 2013
If only Elvis fans had Elvis' humour.
ElvisSacramento wrote on September 24, 2013
This is yet another song that's on the Elvis song list that shouldn't be on it. It's only a forgettable and awful rehearsal snippet. The only version of this song that I like is Eddy Arnold's.
Gorse wrote on September 24, 2013
Agreed it should not be here, but must say I was very impressed with his yodelling prowess when I first heard it. Tried for years to do the same but never mastered it.
DerekH wrote on May 18, 2020
Eight years without a comment, I wonder why!!!
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