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A Hundred Years from Now

3.7 / 5

Words & Music: Lester Flatt Earl Scruggs

Well a hundred years from now I won't be crying
A hundred years from now I won't be blue
My heart will have to forget that we ever met
But I won't care a hundred years from now

I'll never forget sweetheart the night you told me
That you could Live without my love somehow
That's all in the past I knew it wouldn't last
But I won't care a hundred years from now

Recordingdate: 1970/06/04, first released on: Walk a Mile in My Shoes (album)


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Jerome wrote on June 16, 2008
don't think this one did ever get close to a Grammy..
NONE000000 wrote on February 18, 2009
I actually kinda love this! It's just unrehearsed and unplanned, but clearly a lot of fun. Like "Got My Mojo Workin'" or "Don't Think Twice", I find some of these moments to be more enjoyable (sometimes) than take 30 of a polished, finished product. Just Elvis having fun with a song he close to spontaneously sing off the cuff.
Natha wrote on February 18, 2009
Just a joyous moment in the life of the King. Taped for the fun of it, we are lucky to be able to witness this. There was no purpose to it but have fun. So should we while listening to it. Nice as an in-between song.
old shep wrote on February 18, 2009
Not one for me I bet Earl and Lester are spinning in their graves
Steve V wrote on February 18, 2009
I always enjoy hearing this. Its fun and in the same gendre as Little Cabin Home On The Hill.
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 14, 2010
Harmless version of a blue grass number by the one time kings of that sort of thing.
Deano1 wrote on February 10, 2013
Always reminded me of "Little Cabin" as well...To critique this one is just plain silly. Fun and enjoyable for what it is.
Gorse wrote on February 10, 2013
a really enjoyable musical romp that leaves you feeling good.
ElvisSacramento wrote on February 12, 2013
I've always really enjoyed hearing Elvis' rendition of this song. This long lost Elvis recording was such a great find and it's always so much fun to listen to.
sugartummy wrote on February 22, 2013
A great bluegrass song, more traditional then his take on Blue moon of Kentucky. It's understandable why RCA didn't put out this song, because it resembles A little cabin on the hill a bit too much.
bajo wrote on March 01, 2017
Elvis at his best, when fooling around in spontaneously sing outs like this. I like this one where it runs into Little Cabin On The Hill. I think this would have been nice on the Elvis Country album too, back then.
atomic powered poste wrote on August 26, 2018
Its an acceptable jam, but it is obvious why this wasn't released during elvis lifetime. 2 stars.
JerryNodak wrote on June 11, 2020
It's a jam. Nothing more or less. Elvis enjoying making music. 3 stars.
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