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Elvis Lovin' - Millennium Masters


Elvis Lovin' - Millennium Masters
Released: 2000 by BMG


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Greg Nolan wrote on November 15, 2005
Hurt mainly by the lame title and especially the ghastly over-weight/ puffy shot of a mid-60's Elvis. Probably one of his least flattering cover shots- thankfully not well-distributed. Pleasant mix of tunes but totally duplicative.
Rating: 5 / 5
Paul Reno wrote on June 05, 2007
The guy looks pretty good to me. Maybe you need to adjust your monitor settings. Puffy? Wish I looked as ghastly over-weight as he does! Are you really a fan? Good cover shot from the 60's. It's aimed at the General Public - not the fans and the content reflects that. If they are digitally transferred from the master tapes, then they are worth buying.
Rating: 3 / 5