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You'll Never Walk Alone


You'll Never Walk Alone
2.3 / 5
Released: 2006/09/26 by BMG Special Products
CD reissueof the original seventies Camden album "You'll Never Walk Alone" on the BMG Special Products label.

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BMG Special Products reissues the old “Camden” records compilations. Is it special?


The reissues of the old Camden budget compilations are recreations of the original cover art, but updated a little too modern times and (CD) media. Like the previous two releases in this series, no liner notes what so ever.


This compilation – if we dare to call this 9 tracks a real compilation these days – contains several gospels which were hard to find or even unavailable at the time of the original release of this album in the seventies. From a fan’s point of view the only worthy goal of these Camden compilations was to keep this kind of material in circulation. The “You’ll Never Walk Alone” album compiled the religious tracks that were on the original 1957 Christmas album – like “Peace In The Valley” - which were omitted on the 1970 Camden Christmas compilation with several unreleased religious tracks like "Sing You Children" which had been featured on a deleted EP.

By itself is a nice spiritual compilation, although I must admit that I associate the title track more with soccer than religion. With the exception of “Let Us Pray” which sounds country like, the remaining songs almost all have that sacred feel and performance a gospel needs, this compilation could very well be played around the Christmas three. And that is not bad for a smart marketing stunt by The Colonel in the 1970’s selling this kind of - partly 2nd choice - material.


A nice and untouched (read the review of the “Elvis ’56 Sessions” reissue) reissue, fun to have these original releases in our collection, but the content is way too short for today’s standards. The CD was done before I finished this review.


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JimmyCool wrote on February 14, 2007
They really should have put bonus tracks... what about some alternate takes? We already have those songs... more than 1 time!
Rating: 1 / 5
Mystery Rider wrote on July 15, 2007
Good music, but not needed by any collector of Elvis material.
Rating: 1 / 5
JerryNodak wrote on July 22, 2007
Great songs. Great cover. Great album. Bonus tracks? This is was/is a budget album. I'm sure you can buy this cd for 5 bucks or less. Get a grip on reality. Sure most of us have all these songs already. I know I do, but that's not the point of this release. The point of this release is to make it available for those who want it. I see no harm in that. I had an earlier version of this album on cd. It wasn't the original cover and the sound sucked. Both of those problems have now been rectified. Glad to add this cd to my collection (again).
Rating: 5 / 5