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August 03, 2022 | Music

Amazon listed (and removed) a 6-CD / 1 Blu-ray 'Elvis On Tour' set. The set from Legacy Recordings has a price-tag 0f U$109 and November 11, 2022 as the release-date. 


'Elvis On Tour' is a 6 CD + 1 Blu-ray box set comprised of the audio from four of the shows (and two rehearsal)s that were part of Elvis’ 1972 North American tour. 

Originally recorded for the Elvis On Tour concert film that was released later that year, the set features a total of 145 tracks, including 91 tracks that have been previously unreleased, as well as the award-winning concert film on Blu-ray.

bennie wrote on August 03, 2022
I hope they surprice me with the sound quality on the cd's because there are many great bootlegs. For the blue ray i hope the watch the beatles latest get back dvd. That's how it should be done.....
Walter wrote on August 03, 2022
bennie, I recall the 68 comeback 50th anniversary box set, the Blu-ray was in 2.0 stereo! The 3 DVD set sounded actually better then the Blu-ray, go figure!
PageBoy wrote on August 04, 2022
Here we go again. The San Antonio, Texas, concert from 18/04/72 was released as the fourth disc of the 'Close Up' boxed-set in 2003 and a big helping of the rehearsals is already in the public domain courtesy of the FTD label – there’s a bit of a clue in the title of one of their CD’s: ‘Elvis On Tour – The Rehearsals’. The visuals are crying out for a radical rethink and refurbishment, yet I can promise you that the Blu-ray disc will be identical to the existing one. We’ll have to see what transpires of course. But, on past form, BMG will again make it necessary for those fans keen to own unreleased material to shell out again for product they’ve already bought. Elvis Presley was, with his agreement, put on a brutal, cynical business footing in 1955 and it’s never changed in all these years.
Walter wrote on August 04, 2022
PageBoy, I totally agree with you! Well put!
PageBoy wrote on August 04, 2022
Thanks for your response, Walter.
jaques marcello wrote on August 04, 2022
I hope that the release of ON TOUR has the same treatment and quality as the TWII box, bringing new material. I believe there is a lot of material from the ON TOUR to be released
Walter wrote on August 04, 2022
Unfortunately EOT will not get the same treatment as the new Beatles Blu-ray: Get back. The Beatles new release is all and only about the group no one else. With Elvis releases we always have to have some kind of background and irrelevant information to make us think of some kind of ''new material''. All you have to do is compare Elvis: The Searcher DVD where the first episode has almost no footage of Elvis, but how it all began for some other artists in the South. The Blu-ray included in this EOT box set should be identical to the one already released a couple of years back.
Arnorecords wrote on August 05, 2022
More than anything else, I am curious to see if the Hampton Roads concert will be complete. The bootleg versions jump from See See Rider to Until It's Time For You To Go, bypassing I Got a Woman/Amen, You Gave Me A Mountain, and Never Been To Spain. There are also drop outs from Greensboro and Richmond. Hopefully, we will get the full multi-track concert recordings.
schemies wrote on August 06, 2022
From the San Antonio concert we know that RCA made multi track recordings, and my hope would be that we will get all 4 concerts complete and with a mix similar to the Prince from another Planet release. That would be the optimum.
PageBoy wrote on August 06, 2022
I see the proposed cost of this 6-CD + 1-BR disc boxed-set is $109 [£90.29]. Two of the discs are rehearsal material that cost peanuts to tape and the best of those recordings have already been released on the FTD label; the San Antonio gig has also been released before; likewise, the 'Elvis On Tour' BR disc has been available since 2010 and can be bought from a popular online retailer for £14.09 today. (Incidentally, the producers cut a corner with that BR, replacing an audio recording of Elvis singing 'Johnny B. Goode' rather than pay royalties to the song's copyright holders). The target market of serious Presley fans will, almost without exception, already have that BR and the San Antonio concert and even they may not cry at night if they don't own the rehearsals. Consequently, the price point suggested is simply outrageous - 3 concerts fans may want bundled with one they'll have already, informal practice material and a flawed, horribly dated film they'll also already own on BR. I'm frustrated with BMG because talented creative imaginations and modern technology could be combined to reformulate and upgrade the movie into a far, far better one than the historical version that shows Elvis steeped in self-parody as a defence mechanism to the chaos, sycophancy and surreality in which he is immersed.
Way Down Under wrote on August 06, 2022
Sorry PageBoy, but this isn't the first Elvis project that carry such problems with it, and EOT is certainly not the worse case scenario either as far as deluxe sets containing previously released material on them goes. GO back to TTWII and Live 1969 Legacy sets. I ended up just downloading what I didn't have from the former, then I decided to bite the bullet and double up what I already had from the '69 material because it was a better economical move. But you had to virtually be a tax accountant to work that out! So PageBoy what's your alternative to what's been offered with EOT? Only include purely new material for the set and expect those who don't have EOT material from earlier releases to run around chasing up old Sony/FTD projects more than 15 years old and most probably will be all deleted by now. Sorry once again, but this upcoming configuration makes more economic sense to me. The improved sound should make the doubling up more worthwhile anyway.
PageBoy wrote on August 06, 2022
That's right, it certainly isn't the first or worst example of Elvis product being rehashed and/or bundled - the 'Legendary Performer' series set that ball rolling and the practice was given a whole new dimension with the 1980 silver boxed-set. My solution for EOT is a 4-CD boxed-set of the concerts separate from a revised edition of the movie along the lines of the modernised TWWIl. But the conception isn't the only problem; the price point is a contrivance. The BR all the fans already own doesn't need to be bundled with this enterprise nor does the informal material need to be included. The BR costs £15 on its own so the 6 CD's work out at (£90 - £15 = £75 ÷ 6 =) c. £12 each including two rehearsal discs. This is profiteering - £35-£40 feels about right for a box of uneven 1972 material including the BR. [The rehearsal material is firmly in listen-once territory and could rightly be made available to completists as a bargain supermarket checkout impulse buy].
Gladyslove wrote on August 06, 2022
Let´s go away from the I got the docu and some other stuff. This box set is for the public first and second to the collector. Surely I got the docu and the concerts, also the rehearsal stuff. But Ernst & co don´t look at that we bought this material as import. If this has been the case we wouldn´t get alot of the material on ftd. Again: this is for the public in the first way but also to get the collector with new hopefully unreleased stuff.
PageBoy wrote on August 06, 2022
GladysLove - thank you for responding - did you mean to say that this boxed-set is for the public rather than the collector? Is the public going to spend $109/£90 on a 7-disc compilation of Elvis Presley on the road and in rehearsal in 1972? The enterprise sounds very specific for hatdcore completists IMHO...
Gladyslove wrote on August 06, 2022
It will be released on sony not on ftd afaik. So it will be available to the public, all over the world, but we, the collector, are going to buy it. The price for 90 to 100 Euro is okay for me if it is like in the same format as the ttwii set we did get a few years ago. I knew a guy who bought the ttwii set and isn´t even a fan. He was interested, heard a few songs and bought it. Also the 68 dvd set, he bought it, cause he wants it and liked what he saw.
PageBoy wrote on August 06, 2022
GL - thanks for responding again
Walter wrote on August 06, 2022
I think it's time for Ernst & company to retire. These people do not seem to be aware of YouTube or chat forums. They should look what's being done for artists from the same era for example: Hendrix, Zeppelin, the Stones, Springsteen and most recently the Beatles. BTW, most of the rehearsals of EOT are available online, just like the cbs special of In Concert...
Gladyslove wrote on August 06, 2022
It doesn´t matter, the material from Hendrix & co is also available on youtube and if you want to find it you will find it. The buisness they made the last years is bad, very bad, there is no official material in the shops, like the Beatles, you can get all there albums plus releases after they split every time, but Elvis ? No way, you only get greatest hits after greatest hits cds, I haven´t seen original albums for a long time in several shops here. A few years ago they release cds with two original albums in one set. That was a good start but it didn´t last. They can´t be found in the shops anymore, okay, I saw the Memphis cd two years ago in a shop. They have to re organize the Elvis catalogue. And the cbs special ? No way that they will release it, says Lisa & co. To be honest: it is better to leave it in the vaults. I got it and the 2 concerts on blu ray, yes it is an import release but it is part of my collection, sadly as it is and always will be. Poor Elvis, what has happened ?
Walter wrote on August 06, 2022
This is the reason why there has to be a major shuffle in personnel. Until then you can look forward to another Greatest Hits compilation.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 08, 2022
~ The main attraction to this new "Elvis On Tour" box set is all about the SOUND QUALITY on the 6 CDs. Let's all just hope that it doesn't disappoint.
Brummie wrote on August 08, 2022
I think a lot of fans are just spoiled and too negative. Compared to other artists, we get a lot of releases. From Sony as FTD. The Boxsets Back in Nashville, and from Elvis in Nashville are GREAT releases. In the past, we also have had excellent releases like LIVE 1969 and the Madison Square garden boxset. Elvis at Stax Boxset and Comeback boxxset were great releases too. And what about Collectors gold in the 90's, Elvis Close up? A life in Music/ Today Tomorrow & Forever? The gras is always greener on other side. But some people just forget, after such al long time after Elvis passing, how much stuff is still be released, TODAY! I look forward to the On Tour BOXSET. Hope we will get sublime Audio quality. The Bluray, probably won't include new material. I suppose. It is a mainstream release. Not ONLY for elvis fans. Is everything perfect on SONY/FTD releases? No it ain't always. But I know the label tries their best to serve the fans an general public.
Walter wrote on August 08, 2022
Brummie, you have the answer in your own comment. All the box sets you mentioned are now considered compilations. The tracks found in those box sets were later released in various shapes and forms either by Sony or FTD.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 08, 2022
Brummie, everything you wrote is spot-on correct! Thank you for being positive, reasonable, and sensible.
JerryNodak wrote on August 14, 2022
This set should come in two versions. Economy and Deluxe. Economy would include discs 1-4. Omitting discs 5, 6 as well as the Blu Ray disc. Deluxe of course, would include everything. Given that choice I would buy the economy package. However, it's an all or nothing choice, so I'll take a pass.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 15, 2022
~ The size of this box set will be 8" x 8" just like the "Prince From Another Planet" set. The lowest price that I've seen so far for this new Elvis On Tour set is $73.35 at importcds .com
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 16, 2022
The SONY officials have now confirmed that the release date will be December 2.
Walter wrote on August 16, 2022
The digital release will be on November 11th
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 27, 2022
Amazon UK has just put back release date to Jan 20th...
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 04, 2022
Amazon U.S. is still showing December 2, 2022 as the release date. Importcds .com is still showing the release date as 12/2/2022
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 10, 2022
Amazon .com and importcds .com are now showing January 20, 2023 as the release date.