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Full Trailer

February 18, 2022 | Video

Here is the full trailer of the upcoming movie Elvis, directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.

PageBoy wrote on February 18, 2022
Biographies, such as that authored by Peter Guralnick, reveal aspects of the Elvis Presley story that are too uncomfortable for a movie or mini-series. But Elvis wasn't always angelic and, without meticulous transparency and candour, dramas about him are doomed to only represent a sanitised retelling of his life. Baz Lurhman's movie clearly has his trademark gloss and star names. But it doesn't seem more gritty or earthy than 'Elvis The Movie' (1979) or the TV series 'Elvis' (2005). This looks like a sumptuous production that Elvis's fans can immerse themselves in happily for a couple of hours and it should be welcomed for that. But, in time, I suspect it will be remembered as another romanticised version of the King's life, albeit one that has a far more lavish appearance and higher production values than previous offerings.
Milky White Way wrote on February 18, 2022
It’s difficult to tell from a 2 min trailer and I’m hoping it’s a classic. But the big question I’m left with is, does the movie have Elvis’ real vocal during the songs? IMO Austin doesn’t look enough like Elvis (except for the still above), so if it’s a fake voice it will be hard to watch. Also the clip has no movie years or Aloha concert. These are big parts of his life! Still, I’m glad a big budget movie has been made about our boy, with Tom Hanks and I’m looking forward to it.
benny scott wrote on February 18, 2022
Funny to see the child Elvis with a cardboard lightning bolt dangling around his neck. Pure fantasy or a reference to the later tcb logo ???
elvisfreak wrote on February 18, 2022
In response to some questions posed: An article that came out recently said Austin Butler sings the 50s music himself because everything was done in mono and so they could not get it from a listening perspective to match the needs to the films audio presentation. He said he had a voice coach multiple times a day for a year because he wanted the audience to not be able to tell a different between his voice and Elvis’. Everything 60s onward will be the REAL Elvis. In regards to the lightning bolt, that is something rumored he did as a boy because he loved Captain Marvel who had a lightning bolt on his chest. And yes it was one of a few inspirations for the TCB logo.
elvisfreak wrote on February 18, 2022
IMO this looks to be a fantastic film. Elvis has always so deserved a feature film about his life and I think they got the right director and having Tom Hanks will give this movie legitimate viewership value outside of Elvis fans or casual fans. I think this movie will be in the mix for 2023 Oscar’s and while it remains to be seen how Austin Butler does overall, if you notice from the trailer some of this on stage gestures and walk (look at scenes from comeback and vegas) clearly he did his homework (unlike the CBS movie in 2005).Also the line “it means everything” in response to Parker, I think he sounded pretty darn close to Elvis. I am thrilled this film is coming out, I will give it the full benefit of the doubt (unless it disappoints me). Elvis deserves this and I think they will do a great job of telling his story. Yea, they will probably tip toe around some of the heavier topics of his life but that’s what his family prefers so I cannot fault the film for that. I hope this film goes on to great success and gets a younger generation into Elvis.
benny scott wrote on February 18, 2022
Elvisfreak : thanks for the info! I also second your view on the forthcoming movie!
Gorse2 wrote on February 19, 2022
Well as a long time dyed in the wool fan I am not interested in seeing the dross about his life, but pleased this might be a vehicle to introduce him to a whole new audience, who may be intrigued enough to see for themselves and MIGHT buy a bucket load of CD’s and DVD’s or their modern equivalent. I personally watch very few films (I saw King Creole for the first time last year) and will not see this one, but stress that I am very pleased it has been done.
Ton Bruins wrote on February 21, 2022
It will be unrealistic, Too much Hollywood, to much overacting. Not my cup of tea at all. I guess I am a Elvis purist. Only the real Elvis for me. I will skip it.
TheMemphisFan wrote on March 02, 2022
Yikes!! Austin Butler looks like he's having an ugly-face seizure on the stage at the 1:36-1:37 mark in the YouTube video above. He sort of looks like the Joker in Batman... not Elvis Presley.