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New Photo Books From Elvis Files

September 13, 2021 | Book

Despite the fact that Erik Lorentzen said that he was going to retire after his "Elvis In Person 1969" book two years ago, the Elvis Files team are back again with yet another announcement, this time five more "Photo-folio" books of 150 pages - each selling for €54 = US$64.

The Elvis Files team and KJ Consulting announce...

The TEF team goes a step further. Not one softcover book with 150 pages of excellent photos, but 5 pieces in large format ─ 25x30 cm. The standard KJ Consulting format in the quality you are used to.
Hundreds of unseen photos in superb quality in every book. Printed on high-gloss paper, as always.
Here you see an almost complete TV show or concert in pictures. Always Elvis on our minds . . . books available from the 1st week of October.

Erik Lorentzen and the TEF team present...

ELVIS; The Gospel & Bordello Sequence NBC TV Special June 28, 1968. The return of Elvis to TV in 1968 with photos that failed the sponsor's approval. Too offensive for puritan America! He helped bring the pop world from illusion to reality. He was the catalyst for making youth pop into a medium alive with sexuality and urgency.

ELVIS; Opening Night Las Vegas July 31, 1969. Many fans know this series of photos from the interweb but here you will see previously unpublished shots of Elvis on stage. He performed at the International in a 2,000-seat room and every show was a sell-out. He was a bigger smash than any other high powered Las Vegas attraction.

ELVIS; Las Vegas Season 2 at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. January 26 ─ February 23, 1970. Elvis on and off stage in super quality. "I've never seen anything like it," said Emilio, the obviously delighted maitre d' at the International and an 18-year veteran of Vegas showrooms. "The phones ring all day and people begin lining up at 10 a.m. for reservations. It was very exciting. I think anybody would be excited. And there's prestige involved, which gives you a good feeling.

ELVIS; One Night in Boston, November 10, 1971. You have never seen such high quality photos before. Elvis Presley walked on stage. A huge cheer arose from the audience. Here was the King of Rock and Roll. Embodied in this man’s life was the whole story of a musical and cultural revolution. The crowd ate this up. He actually looked like a king.

ELVIS; Anaheim Convention Center, November 30, 1976. Every picture tells a story. Elvis had lost quite a bit of weight for this tour and the photos show this. His mood was good and so were the shows. A lot of interaction with the audience beautifully captured in this book. All photographs and text accompanied by Elaine Christan

Source:Elvis Information Network
Gladyslove wrote on September 13, 2021
Retire !? He will release the On tour boks and come on let´s go this books. Alright, he brings and stands for good quality.
Stefan74 wrote on September 13, 2021
Sounds interesting but can it be that these books contain only black and white pictures?
EJF wrote on September 13, 2021
Erik Lorentzen will not get one cent from me, not after what he did with my last year's subscription for his Elvis Files Magazine, made in September of last year. I never received a single issue since then, even after trying to contact him several times since then without success. I suggest you beware before you part with your sending money to him.
Stefan74 wrote on September 13, 2021
EJF that's bad for you and I can't understand Lorentzen for this but I order the books not directly from him. I know he is getting his money anyway but I know I surely get my things. I am not so sure if I should buy all of them because I think I will get much of what I already have. Feb 70 and Nov 76 are the most interesting books for me.
Gladyslove wrote on September 14, 2021
My dealer ordered the stuff from Lorentzen ans there haven´t been a problem until today. So I will defintitly order again cause I like his books and the files magazine.