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Back In Nashville

August 12, 2021 | Music

The tracklisting for the 4CD set Back in Nashville is announced. The 2LP can be pre-ordered at Amazon, but that tracklisting is not revealed yet.

Tracks CD 1: 
The Country / Folk Sides:
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Take 11 - 12) - Amazing Grace - Early Mornin' Rain - (That’s What You Get) For Lovin' Me - Help Me Make It Through The Night - Until It’s Time For You To Go - Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Unedited Version)

The Piano Recordings:
It’s Still Here - I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen - I Will Be True

The Pop Sides:
Padre - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) - My Way (Take 2 - 3 Master) - I’m Leavin’ - It’s Only Love - We Can Make The Morning - Love Me, Love The Life I Lead - Until It’s Time For You To Go (Remake)

CD 2: 
The Religious Sides:
He Touched Me - I’ve Got Confidence - Seeing Is Believing - He Is My Everything - Bosom Of Abraham - An Evening Prayer - Lead Me, Guide Me - There Is No God But God A Thing Called Love - I, John - Reach Out To Jesus - Put Your Hand In The Hand - Miracle Of The Rosary

The Christmas Sides:
O Come, All Ye Faithful - The First Noel - On A Snowy Christmas Night - Winter Wonderland - The Wonderful World Of Christmas - It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (Without You) - I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day - If I Get Home On Christmas Day - Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees - Merry Christmas Baby (Unedited) - Silver Bells - I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (Remake)

CD 3:
It’s Only Love (Take 8 & 9) - Love Me, Love The Life I Lead (Take 5 & 6) - We Can Make The Morning (Master With Backing Vocals) - I’m Leavin’ (Take 1) - Johnny B. Goode (Impromptu Performance) - Padre (Take 1 & 11) - Lady Madonna (Impromptu Performance) - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (Take 6) - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Fragment - Impromptu Performance) - I Will Be True (Take 1 - 2) - It’s Still Here (Take 1 & 3) - Help Me Make It Through The Night (Take 1 - 3) - (That’s What You Get) For Lovin’ Me (Take 1) - Until It’s Time For You To Go (Take 5) - Early Mornin’ Rain (Take 1 & 11) - I Shall Be Released (Impromptu Performance) - Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Remake) - Put Your Hand In The Hand (Rehearsal & Take 1) - Amazing Grace (Take 1 - 2)

CD 4: 
The Religious Outtakes:
Miracle Of The Rosary (Take 1) - The Lord’s Prayer (Impromptu Performance) - He Touched Me (Take 1 - 2) - I’ve Got Confidence (Take 1) - An Evening Prayer (Take 1 - 2) - Seeing Is Believing (Take 1, 2 & 4) - A Thing Called Love (Take 3) - Reach Out To Jesus (Take 1, 2 & 9) - He Is My Everything (Take 1) - There Is No God But God (Take 1 - 2) - Bosom Of Abraham (Take 2 - 3)

The Christmas Outtakes:
I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (Take 3) - It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (Without You) (Take 1 & 6) - If I Get Home On Christmas Day (Take 3) - Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees (Take 4) - Silver Bells (Take 1) - I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (Take 4) - Winter Wonderland (Take 7) - O Come, All Ye Faithful (Take 2) - I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day - remake (Take 1, 4, 5 & 10)



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Stefan74 wrote on August 12, 2021
First I hoped for a set of only pop and folk songs but the set as it is is very good I think and it shows that not everything beyond 70 was bad. They should have booked three sessions. For each project one so that his voice had time to rest a while but this han't to do with that set which I look forward to. I hope there will be a box for 72 with on tour and session material and for 73.
Gladyslove wrote on August 12, 2021
As someone told me some tracks are unreleased. And the tracks should be undubbed as we get them last year with the 1970 box set. ( Yes we got some material undubbed on import but these are fakes. ) So there is a lot to enjoy.
Deano1 wrote on August 12, 2021
I will be getting both the CD and vinyl versions. They did a great job with the 70' set so I am really looking forward to this release. I have always been a fan of the 71 material (90 percent of it). His voice wasn't as smooth as the early 60's and it wasn't as consistently strong as it was on the 69-70 recordings, but it was still impressive and many times magnificent. Least favorite masters: It's Only Love, Padre, Miracle of the Rosary and Love Me, Love the Life I Lead. Favorites: Until it's Time For You to Go, Lead Me, Guide Me, If I Get Home on Christmas Day, Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees, On a Snowy Christmas Night, I'm Leavin' Early Morning Rain and We Can Make the Morning.
wildfishie wrote on August 12, 2021
I'm really looking forward to listening to We Can Make The Morning. On the bootleg "Unedited Masters Nashville 1971" it has extra final seconds that are amazing. I hope those extra seconds are in this new release too.
Walter wrote on August 12, 2021
You can listen to I'm leavin' take 1 at Elvis' Youtube channel. As for my opinion, I'm sick and tired of repeating myself.
Milky White Way wrote on August 12, 2021
I’m guessing there are no other available outtakes of I’m Leaving or Early Morning Rain as they keep releasing the same takes. These are in my top 5 all time favourite songs. So really looking forward to these unedited. I won’t buy the set though as I have much of this set on FTDs, I will listen via Apple Music
jaques marcello wrote on August 13, 2021
Very interesting this release, especially the LP version and I'm waiting to see the relationship of the songs. The CD has very good material, but some, I believe, have been released before, including by FTD. I note that all the master material from the He Touch Me album is in the BOX/CD version.
Ton Bruins wrote on August 18, 2021
How many times should we buy the same old stuff again and again...
Steve V wrote on August 19, 2021
Was 1969 only 2 years ago? Seemed like an eternity in 1971 which produced some of his worst studio recordings. Other than the some of the gospel and Christmas songs, this is a boring lot.
PageBoy wrote on August 23, 2021
'Padre' is a gospel song given a Latin rhythm so, within the taxonomy in use here, I can understand why it's been classified as 'Pop' rather than the more obvious 'Religious'. Similarly, the Christian tune 'Amazing Grace' is given a jaunty, cheeky country feel and it's not entirely misplaced in 'Country/Folk'. However, all this is evidence of over-thinking. Buyers will correctly identify those titles as sacred songs whose lyrical content doesn't belong in the 'Pop' or 'Country/Folk' categories, particularly given the presence here of the 'Religious' classification. There is an alternative universe in which Sony/BMG proactively engage in market research with Elvis's fans and his catalogue is much the better for it.
Deano1 wrote on August 26, 2021
I was reading through some of the comments from Facebook regarding the song 'Padre'. I never considered this a religious / gospel song any more than I would consider 'Where Did They Go Lord' and 'You Gave Me a Mountain that genre. I understand the latter two mention the word "Lord" and "Padre" is sung to a priest, but the songs are not about glorifying God and/or Biblical stories like 36 of the 37 songs on his three main sacred albums ('A Thing Called Love' is also not really a gospel song). I realize the posthumous LP 'He Walks Beside Me' included 'Padre' and 'Where Did They Go Lord', but that album also included 'If I Can Dream' and 'The Impossible Dream' which are inspirational, but hardly religious / gospel tunes... 'Amazing Grace' is definitely a gospel song, but it is given a folk/country treatment by Elvis so I don't have a problem with the Sony classification. It is possible for a song to belong to two different genres such as 'Merry Christmas Baby' which could be classified as a Christmas song and as a blues song. Regardless I don't think something such as the classification of a song should be a reason for name-calling. I also don't understand the desire to have these sets in jewel cases (to each his/her own)...The notion that Elvis recorded 'How Great Thou Art' at the Aloha shows is absurd. There is a horribly edited video of Elvis supposedly singing it at the Aloha show on YouTube, but it only takes a second to see that someone took footage from the show and played the 1974 Memphis version over the video. Someone did the same thing with 'Way Down' using tour footage from June of 77 to try and prove Elvis sang that song live, which of course, he did not.
theoldscudder wrote on December 10, 2021
Prediction...This dog will not sell. The flow is terrible. Many of the songs are mediocre. This release will only be bought by the diehards who’s numbers are decreasing every year. This isn’t another From Elvis In Nashville which was by far the superior release. Even that stellar release did not do big business. It’s doomed to sink faster than the Titanic.