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Sold Out Volume 7

July 03, 2021 | Video

The Pyramid import label releasd volume 7 in their Sold Out!' DVD series.

From the press release:

In recent years the Elvis collector’s scene had become a bit complacent, in part due to the number of repetitive and dull import releases. But the ‘Sold Out’ series has changed the whole game, in part because these releases finally give the fans something new.

The series also proved, for the first time, the great potential of 8mm footage. Many fans were surprised by the quality, and it is no exaggeration to say that these releases have revitalized the Elvis world, even bringing back some of the fans that had almost lost interest.

Without Pyramid, the real fans would never have seen any of this footage.

Each ‘Sold Out’ release is bound to become a true collectors’ item, and they are distributed according to the ‘It’s here – it’s now – it’s gone’ principle. All previous titles are sold out.

We are proud to announce the release of ‘Sold Out Vol. 7’, and this one is A killer! Three hours of rare Elvis 8mm footage, including backstage film from New York ’72 (!!), as well as an amazing ‘Shake A Hand’ (!!!) from three years later. And much more…. 21 different films this time!!

Since it’s now 50 years ago that Elvis recorded ‘I’m Leaving’, a song that he always referred to as “one of my favorites”, we asked songwriter MICHAEL JARRETT to write about the time he saw Elvis perform in Las Vegas. You will love Michael’s very personal and lively account of that special night.

‘Sold Out volume 7’ is packaged in a superb 3-panel DVD digipack with relevant photos and notes. Pyramid does not engage in hyperbole – we are simply too busy delivering the goods. And Volume 7 does so by the truckload.

Source:Elvis Day By Day
Gorse2 wrote on July 03, 2021
Not sure what is else is available on this release but a few favourites of mine that have come my way so far are Houston 71, Kansas 71, Uniondale /Nassau July 75, Omaha 74 , Philadelphia 74 and the close of September 74. Casually playing them every now on the computer does add a freshness and a change to the long available professional footage providing one views them for what they are, amateur shot film in varying acceptable quality that rarely has a complete performance, but often shows Elvis acting way out in his actions due I suppose to being unhindered by the the pro cameras.
Gorse2 wrote on July 03, 2021
*every now and then *
Milky White Way wrote on July 06, 2021
So I have a question, I have held off buying these DVD's mainly due to financial reasons but also for this question. Most Super 8mm clips Ive seen are of Elvis singing See See Rider and I got a woman. Of course there are some amazing Nov 70 footage and Nassau Col etc but could someone tell me if most of these DVDs are just repetitive clips of different shows but same songs or is there a wide collection of songs. Also which volume is considered the best?
Gorse2 wrote on July 06, 2021
Hi Milky White Way, I don't pretend to be an expert on these releases but my experiences have been over the years that you are correct CC Rider normally appears and then at least bits of Suspicious Minds or Polk Salad Annie as the film available to the person filming had to be rationed . The reverses of the DVD covers on ebay often show how long each film is which is a good indicator but only the well known amateur films that have done the rounds for years have anything like different songs of a reasonable length. Look around YouTube and you will there is a good variety of film available seemingly from these releases.
Milky White Way wrote on July 07, 2021
Thanks Gorse2 I have done the YouTube clips and glad to know I have seen the best stuff from the series.
Gladyslove wrote on July 11, 2021
Yes, bring it on, bring it on. Years without any new video material and now we get so much new stuff. Yes it is not professionaly filmed, sadly, but someone says it is from fans to fans. I´ve heard from nearly complete concerts and wonder when we will get these. Again, bring it on, bring it on. And to the moaners: I don´t care about your moaning it is me who likes this material.