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Elvis In Concert - My Name Is Wayne Newton

March 17, 2021 | Video

The independent label Planitis-Entertainment announces the release of the blu-ray "Elvis In Concert 77, My name is Wayne Newton". The creators of this blu-ray have collected all the images, interviews with Vernon (in 1977), all the live songs from June 19 and 21 from Omaha, NB, and Rapid City, SD, all the intros as well as the entirety of the presentation of the group of musicians by Elvis in one show, in one unique show. A lot of remastering work from various non-copyrighted original (CBS) tapes was done frame by frame with DX Technique™ and for the first time the sound was reworked in Dolby Digital True HD. All regions, 26 live songs, play time 140 minutes.


Promotion original '77 of CBS TV Special Elvis
Fans Comments
Preparations of the concert hall
Arrival of Elvis at the airport
Elvis meets with Todd Slaugther and Ernest Rodrigues of RCA
Elvis meets with Rapid City Mayor Arthur P. LaCroix and Monique Brave, representative of the Sioux Nation

Also Sprach Zarathoustra (Live Rapid-City)
Composer: Richard Strauss - Producer: Felton Jarvis

1.See See Rider (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Producer: Felton Jarvis - Engineer: Bill Harris

2.I Got A Woman/Amen (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Producer: Felton Jarvis- Engineer: Bill Harris

3.That's All Right (Live Rapid-City)
Composer, Lyricist: Arthur Crudup
Producer: Felton Jarvis

4.Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Live Rapid-City)
Written by Roy Turk and Lou Handman
Producer: Felton Jarvis

5.Love Me (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Composed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Producer: Felton Jarvis

6.If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (Live Rapid-City)
Written by John Rostill
Producer: Felton Jarvis

7. You Gave Me A Mountain (Live Rapid-City)
Composer, Lyricist: Marty Robbins
Producer: Felton Jarvis

8. Jailhouse Rock (Live Rapid-City)
Composer, Lyricist: Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Producer: Felton Jarvis

9. Fairytale (Live Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Anita Pointer
Producer: Felton Jarvis

10. Little Sister (Live Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Doc Pomus
Producer: Felton Jarvis

11. Teddy Bear (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Written by Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe
Producer: Felton Jarvis

12. Don't Be Cruel (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Written by Otis Blackwell and Elvis Presley
Producer: Felton Jarvis

13. And I Love You So (Live Omaha)
Written by Don McLean - Composer Johnny Harris
Producer: Felton Jarvis

14. How Great Thou Art (Live Omaha)
Written by Carl Boberg
Producer: Felton Jarvis

15. O Sole Mio (Live by Sherryl Nielsen, Omaha)
Written by Giovanni Capurro - Composer:  Eduardo Di Capua
Producer: Felton Jarvis

16. It's Now Or Never (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Written by Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold
Producer: Felton Jarvis

17. Trying To Get To You (Live Rapid-City)
Written and Composer by Rose Marie McCoy et Charles Singleton
Producer: Felton Jarvis

18. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Live Rapid City)
Written by Charles E. King
Producer: Felton Jarvis

19. My Way (Live Rapid-City)
Composer, Lyricist: François Revaud, Paul Anka
Producer: Felton Jarvis

Band presentation (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)

John Wilkinson (Solo)
James Burton (Solo)
Ronnie Tutt (Solo)
Tony Brown (Solo)
Bobby Ogdin (Solo)

20. Early Morning Rain (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Gordon Lightfoot
Producer: Felton Jarvis

21. What'd I Say (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Ray Charles
Producer: Felton Jarvis

22. Johnny B. Goode (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Chuck Berry
Producer: Felton Jarvis

23. I Really Don't Want To Know (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Howard Barnes and Don Robertson
Producer: Felton Jarvis

School Days by Joe Guercio Orchestra

Presentation by Vernon Presley and Ginger Alden (Live Rapid-City)

24. Hurt (Live Rapid-City)
Composer, Lyricist: Jimmie Crane
Producer: Felton Jarvis

25. Hound Dog (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Leiber and Stoller
Producer: Felton Jarvis

26. Unchained Melody (Live Rapid-City)
Composer, Lyricist: Hy Zaret and Alex North
Producer: Felton Jarvis

27. Can't Help Falling In Love (Live Rapid-City and Omaha)
Composer, Lyricist: Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore and George Weiss
Producer: Felton Jarvis

Departure from Elvis to the airport
Thank you message from Vernon Presley

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Stefan74 wrote on March 17, 2021
I bought mine from Alex Darcy a very nice French. He sent me a german subtitle version and replaced it with the english original. He made a very good job and it's really enjoyable. What a great development when I think of the first videos I saw many years ago which were almost black and white.
Gladyslove wrote on March 17, 2021
This Blu Ray is from 2019, it looks like nobody is realy interested in this thing, it can be found advertised in other forums since months. So ...
ElvisNews wrote on April 18, 2021
Received a review copy, won't write a proper review since it turned out to be a recordable. Besides me not liking this material the colour was very hard, you can't really improve a bad source. I really gave it a try but after the 4th big 'stutter' (don't know if it's just my copy that got burned badly) I gave up, very annoying! That was only during I Got a Woman. At least I've seen and heard Todd and Ian again ;-).