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Portraits 1953 A Life In Pictures 1977

January 09, 2021 | Book

KJ Consulting announced a new book with Portraits by Erik Lorentzen en Robert van Beek. This is what the Elvis Files website says about it:

A new monster project by Erik Lorentzen. Erik squeezed every last drop out of his hard drive, consulted his online comrades and conjures up a beautiful book from his sky-high digital photo collection.

Here you will see more than 500 beautiful publicity photos spread over approximately 400 pages, taken from 1953 to 1977. The best photo material from the greatest and most famous photographers such as: Alfred Wertheimer, William Speer, Sean Shaver, Virgil Apger aso. Elvis up-close and personal.

As usual with Erik, these photos come out best when printed on high-quality glossy paper. An average book by Lorentzen weighs about 4 kilos and measures 25x30 cm. The photos are almost all printed full page, resulting in a beautiful photo book.

From the flyer up top you can see that the photos are not commonplace and that makes this book a valuable copy that you must have in your collection. NOW is the time to create space on your bookshelf for this mammoth photo book.

Only the best high-quality photos deserve a place in this book, which you can pre-order at the beforementioned site.

Source:The Elvis Files Magazine
Gladyslove wrote on January 09, 2021
A must have for my collection. Lorentzen never disapponted me.