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From Elvis In Nashville

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, November 24, 2020 | Music

Last week Sony commemorated the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ 1970 recordings in Nashville with a 4CD and a 2LP set, both entitled ‘From Elvis In Nashville’.


The design itself is the same as the last few packages. Neat, but not super. My box for instance was squashed in the mail. I understand that the costs are an important thing, especially for a bigger audience, but the cardbox is really cheap. 

The way the CDs are packed have a pro and a con. The pro is that they won’t get easily damaged, because they will not fall out of the containing sleeve. The con is that they might get damaged because it is nearly impossible to get them out without violence. There are cases that tight is good, even great, but not here.

Anyway the package is not the main thing. 


The booklet has all the info needed and gives a nice read while listening to the audio. The text is decorated with candids, live shots from That’s The Way It is and memorabilia.

Matt Ross-Span showed with last year’s 1969-Vegas box set that he knows how to make a super mix and I can start with a spoiler: he showed it again.

Most frequent visitors know I’m not a fan of remixes and overdubs, especially not when DJ’s or orchestras are involved. It is for a reason that the Our Memories of Elvis volumes were among my favourite LPs in the 1970s, just like the Rough Cut Diamond (bootleg) series in the 1980s and Event #8 is among my favourite live shows… because it is just Elvis and the band. 

Of course I had my fair share over the years with all outtakes released by FTD (or on bootleg), but finally I got a real treat on the main label. In my ears and to my taste this is maybe even the best Sony (or its predecessors) released since the (complete) master box sets in the 1990s. It is amazing how much more you hear of Elvis and the main musicians when the ‘sugar coating’, like Ernst Jorgensen calls it, is removed. 

You clearly hear how motivated Elvis was and how much fun the people in the studio experienced. The instruments jump out of your speakers, the ‘dobro songs’ sound better than ever, the harmonica stands out and the organ on e.g. The Next Step Is Love is something new to me.

Even though it might not be Elvis’ best sessions material-wise, this collection is a treat to listen to, even the weaker songs. And the fact that the repairs (Rags to Riches) were left out doesn’t spoil the fun at all. Some might be bothered by the language though, but I couldn't care less.

The LP version sounds even better, the only complaint I have there is that I would have preferred a 5 or 6 LP set with at least all masters and the best outtakes.


I am a VERY HAPPY boy! Thank you Ernst & co, especially Matt!


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TCBu wrote on November 25, 2020
I am a very happy boy too😃 One of the best releases in several years ... The sound of Elvis voice and all the instruments is crystal clear. 10/10 points
Loesje wrote on November 25, 2020
Great release.... I might become a fan ;)
Gladyslove wrote on November 30, 2020
Great stuff in one box. Is there a mistake by your article on the back cover too ? On mine it is written " Bridge over troubl ed water. "
Rob Wanders wrote on November 30, 2020
yes on the back cover of my box is the same mistake with Bridge over troubl ed water. The sound of the musicis great. Never heared it clearer!! There is actually only one song where I miss the extra instruments/vocals a bit: 'I've lost you' . it's less dramatic now, but overall a fantastic box!!!
EJF wrote on December 07, 2020
I received my copy today, December 7. But I'm not going to give any opinion on the sound quality, mastering etc. In fact I have not listened to even one note of it yet. What I am complaining and furious about is the way the discs are inserted in those awful pockets and I cannot for the life of me understand why Sony insist on using such packaging on these kind of releases, even after complains from fans and collectors, including myself, about the same problem on previous releases. It took me over 20 minutes to get out all four discs, using gloves, and being extra careful not to scratch each disc. As I did with other similar packaging I put the discs in 2 double-sided plastic pockets, which I then housed between the panels of the digipak. At least that way I can easily slip out each disc with no damage at all. Then of course there's that stupid and careless spelling of "Bridge Over Troubl ed Water." Doh!!
claunath82 wrote on December 07, 2020
I find the packaging really modern, the CDs are a bit difficult to take out but compared to the old ugly plastic cases it's much better, plus I love the photos of recording tapes, RCA studio etc ... maybe I wouldn't have put the group photo on the cover but hey it all makes sense ... the sound is superb, sometimes on some songs the backing vocals are a bit lacking but what is interesting here is to discover a more stripped-down sound (personally I would have deleted the swear words that I don't want to hear every time) ... in any case, well done and thank you to the Ernst & Co team ...
schemies wrote on December 16, 2020
Me too, I am very happy with the quality of this release! Now I would like to get just the same next year with a kind of Volume 2 with the 1971 Nashville sessions, and ESPECIALLY with the Christmas songs! I know the setup was different then, and the background vocals were live in the studio at that time, but still I think those recordings deserve the same treatment. Thank you!