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On Stage With Elvis Presley

November 12, 2020 | Book

A new book from Stuart Coupe and Stig Edgren, 'On Stage with Elvis Presley: The backstage stories of Elvis' legendary TCB Band' with James Burton, Ron Tutt, Glen D. Hardin, and Jerry Scheff.

Foreword by Jerry Schilling.

There are many stories about Elvis Presley, but these are the backstage personal stories of the four key members of Elvis' legendary TCB Band - James Burton, Ron Tutt, Glen D Hardin, and Jerry Scheff. These extraordinary musicians were hand-picked by Elvis in 1969, and toured with him until he tragically passed away in 1977. Imagine the stories about what Elvis was like when he was getting ready to go on stage! There are very few Elvis books about what life was really like on the road with The King.

Author Stuart Coupe is a well-respected Australian music journalist, author as well as being a band manager and promoter. 133 pages - Out Now on Kindle and paperback

Source:Elvis Information Network
Martin DJ wrote on November 13, 2020
What Elvis was like when he was ready to go on stage? Well, as can be seen in Elvis on Tour he arrived in a limo and didn't see the band until he went onstage.
Boxcar wrote on November 17, 2020
Exactly what I thought Martin DJ. They most often had accommodations in another hotel. And when a new band-member joined the band he received a soundboard cassett with Joe Esposito saying: That's how it should sound. I'm curious how that fills 133 pages.
Brummie wrote on November 17, 2020
I don't understand the negative reactions about this book. Don't forget the band did reherarsels and recorded together. I suggest, before judging, read the book first, or read a review about it. Jerry Scheff, had interesting stories in his book for example.
Gladyslove wrote on November 17, 2020
Brummie, it is for some standard to mourn about everything from Elvis, is it ftd or sony, doesn´t matter.
Bob Finkel wrote on November 18, 2020
Gladyslove, you hit the point.
Boxcar wrote on November 19, 2020
My comment is not negative. I'm just curious what will be in there. Why it maybe sounds negative? Well, I have masses of tour book copies from Ed Bonja. They give proof about which (mostly different from Elvis') hotel for the band was booked, when and where they met at the airport and in the auditorium. It's all in these books. All with exact time indication. But I'm still looking for even ONE entry: 4:00 pm Meeting with Elvis long before the show backstage to drink a cup of coffee and telling jokes with him. It just wasn't in Ed's tour schedule books which every Band member received. The band arrived early to support the pre-show acts and Elvis arrived later with his limousine while the band played. This is not 'negative thinking' but written proof in the tour-schedule books. Watch In Concert 77. There you can see how "Elvis get's ready to go on stage". Look closely. How many band members around? NONE ! So, at least this hype is untrue. Watch On Tour. All band members can be seen in busses and planes. But: Where is Elvis? About the rehearsals: It might be that they rehearsed together in the early 70. As is obvious. But later on band members often confirmed that in later years they were more and more incorporated with the help of soundboard cassettes (That might being the reason why some soundboards have specific instruments emphasised) with Elvis often not even showing up. I wasn't there so I have to believe what they tell about how it was. And the "Day By Day" books are not too full with "Elvis rehearsing with the band for next tour" entries. But really, I'm not negative, I'm really just curious and look forward to this book. The people around Elvis become less and less. The Band members weren't best buddies with Elvis. Even if we as fans have this impression because we always see them together on stage in the footage. But they weren't. Can somebody point me to a photo "Ronnie Tutt in Elvis' LIving Room" or "James Burton releaxing with Elvis in front of his Palm Springs home"? But they sure have some stories to tell. So let's enjoy what they might tell us.