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The Elvis Movie

November 25, 2019 | Video

Starring Kurt Russel with the soundtrack of Elvis Presley! It's the same story but the performances have made an incredible upgrade!  STAR keeps surprising fans worldwide, this time they have chosen something "risky" but they deliver once more! They have replaced Ronnie MdDowell's soundtrack with the only soundtrack that should have been there in the first place ELVIS' s

Lots more music is included and the whole film has a more modern touch then before and can now compete with blockbusters like  "Walk the Line" and "Great Balls of Fire". Rare live versions and outtakes were handpicked to find the best matching songs for the scenes. 

Kurt Russels "playbacking" looks much more natural and real then before, and how cool it is to hear the actual radio broadcast (Dewey Philips) from the time when "That's All Right" was first played on the air, or to hear  "The Blackwood Brothers" at the funeral of Elvis his mother Gladys

For a short preview be sure to check out this link:

Here is the amazing soundtrack:

Mystery Train
Good Rockin' Tonight
Old Shep
My Happiness
That's All Right
Blue Moon of Kentucky 
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Long Tall Sally
Heartbreak Hotel
Poor Boy
Rip It Up
Anyway You Want Me
Silent Night
I Got Stung
Peace in the Valley
Rock Of Ages
Tutti Frutti
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
How Great Thou Art
A Fool Such As I
Pledging My Love
Bosom of Abraham
Until It's Time for You to Go
Suspicious Minds
Separate Ways
Blue Suede Shoes
The Wonder of You
An American Trilogy
Such A Night

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Gorse wrote on November 26, 2019
Before the 'Star Assassins' arrive to comment, I like what I see here a lot and will buy it from my contact. Whatever you say about Star, they are true fans, not making a fortune out of this which obviously takes hours to do, as I well know with my efforts. Over to you guys for the other side of the opinion.
atomic powered poste wrote on November 27, 2019
It must be hard to be a elvis bootlegger these days. Absolutely nothing left to release. This is the result. What a desperate try. Crap.
Gorse wrote on November 27, 2019
You never disappoint me 'atomic powered poste'. You always seem so angry and aggressive with a point to prove .How about phrasing it thus 'I respect Star for what they are trying to do and the work involved but this sort of Elvis output has no interest and never will for me as it has no soul and is too manufactured.' (or whatever reason)
atomic powered poste wrote on November 27, 2019
Im neither angry nor have i something to prove. Why on earth is it a problem for you that i don't like every cheap try to make some money with other people's work? Beside that: even if i would see some real effort here (and i don't see much) this is totally unnecessary, cheasy release. Even FTD has nothing worth to release anymore, the bootlegers are obviously even more desperate. This here is only for "i buy nothing but Elvis releases and i never gonna stop buying" fans. The way the bootlegers try to make money gets more absurd with every year, it's almost like a satire - how far can we get? It's crap and i call it crap.
Gorse wrote on November 27, 2019
There you go again, in attack mode QUOTE ' why on earth is it a problem for you that i don't like every cheap try to make some money with other people's work? Beside that: even if i would see some real effort here (and i don't see much)' UNQUOTE I honestly respect your right and others not to want this or any Star production (as stated in my comment,) but the inference I buy everything on offer is far far from the facts. One of the things about Star releases is the realisation that much of their source material is not known to me. (They must buy everything out there) Additionally have you ever tried to ACCURATELY sync just one vocal performance to an alternative song performance (perhaps with different / extra words) as in my experience you can spend ages constantly playing about with groups of frames adjusting speeds, and at times you have to be super inventive just to complete it.
JerryNodak wrote on November 27, 2019
I have no interest in this whatsoever.
Gorse wrote on November 28, 2019
Gorse wrote on November 28, 2019
So I understand from your comment JerryNodak that you are still undecided:-)
Milky White Way wrote on November 28, 2019
I won’t be buying this but Gorse has an excellent point. The effort made to sync the original Elvis recording to lip sync to an actor lip syncing to someone else’s version...wow! Credit to them and I hope their project pays off for them.
benny scott wrote on November 28, 2019
I wish I had a contact where I can order this DVD. Star did a fantastic job. The lip sync is mindblowing and it's Elvis' original voice, so : hats off to Star ! I have the Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly movie-DVDs. There is no comparison possible. Atomic powered poste's remark that: "even if i would see some real effort here (and i don't see much) this is (a) totally unnecessary, cheasy release" " is one of the most ridiculous statements I ever read. " No real effort" ??? This must have been a labour of love and this has nothing to do with making a quick buck. Now, I'm getting used to the man's negative attitude so I couldn't care less. I always read Gorse's postings with pleasure, they are always full of common sence, and even if i do not know him personally (which I regret) I have a lot of respect for his personality. This comes from an ( almost very) old since 1956 Elvis fan.
atomic powered poste wrote on November 28, 2019
I have never tried to sync music and pictures that didn't belong together. Why should i? It's a stupid idea. And even in the trailer you can see that it didn't work out in every moment. And I'm sure they have used the best parts for the trailer. But hey, I'm not gonna argue with you anymore. I can imagine your next comment already. APP must be frustrated, sad, bored or whatever. Yes, that's obviously the only way to explain that I'm slightly amused by the desperate trys of the bootlegers to keep they're businesses going without having anything to release. And btw:even if they worked hard on this (and i really doubt about it) i don't care. The whole thing is a joke.
Gladyslove wrote on November 28, 2019
So this is a masterpiece or magic cause they used Elvis singing voice !? What a frog !!!
Gorse wrote on November 28, 2019
APP the reason I started to appreciate and sync music to videos was in 2003 due to so much silent amateur Elvis film existing in poor to - passable conditions. I pieced the best bits available from various films e.g. Polk Salad Annie, laid a PSA track over them, and they came to life. They look second class now, got me barred from EBay but only after I had sold 220 of them. For those interested a good example of Star's work on YouTube is Viva Elvis - Bossa Nova Baby (RiddmsectionI loader) I think it is so innovative, shows they put a lot of effort into it, and perhaps even you APP would give it 5/10. :-) Thanks for your kind words Benny and I have given a thumbs up to your 'Three Steps To Heaven'.
benny scott wrote on November 28, 2019
Thank you Gorse ! Gladyslove : nobody is saying it's a "masterpiece" or "magic". Have you seen it yet ? I haven't, and as long as I haven't seen it i'm not going to call it "crap", because, after all,it could be very well an enjoyable, unpretentious movie, one never knows. So if you haven't seen it yet you'd better shut up before bashing and condemning in advance. I noticed in several of your previous postings you take the word "crap" very easely in the mouth. Nah....you have the right to have your opinion, just a statement from me.
benny scott wrote on November 28, 2019
Gladyslove : "crap" or "frog" : roughly the same meaning. Agreed ?
Gladyslove wrote on November 28, 2019
The movie isn´t getting any better caus you can hear now the real Elvis singing. So I can call it a crap. And: what a frog. If you like it that´s okay for me. I don´t. And don´t use bad language when you talking to me ! Is it normal to you to use bad language when you are not the same opinion than the other ? So calm down and straighten up, son, as Elvis would say. Nau.
benny scott wrote on November 28, 2019
Gladyslove : Bad language ??? Are you serious ??? Do you know what real bad language is ? You must be a touchy person..(Re)read the last sentence of my previous posting. As far as I'm concerned : at my age I have too much life experience to waste my time on individuals of your kind. Wishing you all the best during your (hopefully long) life. Over & out ! Won't even react anymore to whatever you write. Always El.
Gladyslove wrote on November 28, 2019
For me it´s bad language to say to someone " shut up. " Okay, no just the " f " word but it is here in my home country. So stop whinning and let us talk about what we like or not About our man Elvis. Hm ???
Gladyslove wrote on November 28, 2019
I mean " whining. " Sorry, for the mistake but it is not my mother language.
Jeoliverm wrote on November 29, 2019
I didn't like the movie, I found it boring and disliked the over-acting of Kurt Rulle, so I don't care for this doubtly improvement. Sure it takes a lot of work to try to sync the images with the voice and music, but is it worth the effort? The bootleggers will keep on doing whatever they do while there could be any buyer
Jeoliverm wrote on November 29, 2019
Er... I meant Russel, not Rulle
Gorse wrote on November 29, 2019
Then there was a calm after the storm and perhaps time for 'Here Comes Santa Claus' to lighten up the mood.:-)
joemin wrote on November 29, 2019
Like Jeoliverm I didn't like the original. I thought at the time Russell was mocking Elvis, but I now realise it ws just really bad acting. A proper Elvis movie should use Elvis sound track and a lot of Elvis footage for any concert pieces and clips from some of his movies and home video, keeping imitation to an absolute minimum.
Pedro Nuno wrote on December 02, 2019
I have to say this: I just love all Star Releases. And Never spend a cent with it. But anyway i would not mind to do so, if needed. They must be (since i do not know them at all) true Elvis fans, not loking for extra cash. What they have done, and still do, is for me just FANTASTIC. Thank so much Star.