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Young and Beautiful

4.3 / 5

Words & Music: Aaron Schroeder Abner Silver

You're so young and beautiful and I love you so
Your lips so red, your eyes that shine
Shame the stars that glow
So fill these lonely arms of mine
And kiss me tenderly
Then you'll be forever young
And beautiful to me

You're so young and beautiful, you're everything I love
Your angel smile, your gentle touch
Are all I'm dreaming of
Oh take this heart I offer you
And never set me free
Then you'll be forever young
And beautiful to me

Recordingdate: 1957/04/30, first released on: Jailhouse Rock (EP)


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dgirl wrote on April 27, 2009
One of the 50's gems. A simple ballad that Elvis turns into something special and a fitting ending to the great Jailhouse Rock film. Was there a dry eye in the house?
MJB63 wrote on April 28, 2009
My favorite Elvis ballad of the 50's.It should be right up there with "Love Me" and "Don't".
derekd wrote on December 03, 2009
great great recording, i even prefer this to love me tender. if only the later film songs had been half as good as this. real feeling put into it.
Pedro Nuno wrote on December 03, 2009
Just beautiful.
JerryNodak wrote on December 03, 2009
Boring song from a boring movie.
My boy, my boy wrote on December 03, 2009
Elvis's way of singing this more than ordinary ballad makes it worth listening. The ending "to-oo me-ee-ee" is a good example of what I mean here !
commoneverybody wrote on December 03, 2009
boring movie?????? Are you sure about this??
Deano1 wrote on December 03, 2009
A beautiful ballad delivered in style by Elvis for his 3rd movie "Jailhouse Rock". At this point in his career he was not the smooth balladeer he would become after the Army, but the emotion he brought to songs like this one is unmatched. Not quite a 5 star song, but a great finale to an outstanding movie.
Natha wrote on July 13, 2011
As a young singer Elvis was already highly gifted with a beautiful voice for balads. As he matured his voice also ripened sometime beyond belief! The way the song was used in the (fantastic) movie offered him a chance to show his unique ability to present a song with the correct sentiment. Like DLMN from the same movie we hear a 'flat' song turned into a heartfelt song with the fabulous Elvis touch so to speak.
TCB1974 wrote on July 13, 2011
What a beautiful and sincere delivery on this ballad! My favourit ballad from the 50s together with the also great Anyplace is paradise. Elvís' very best ballads would follow in the early 60s. Four stars from me.
FLASHBOY wrote on July 13, 2011
Beautiful the way Elvis sing that song is simply beautiful.
bajo wrote on July 13, 2011
This is one of the best ballads from the 50's.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on July 13, 2011
A nice ballad, but far from Elvis best ballads in the 50s. The song may be a bit boring, as stated earlier, but the movie its featured in, is far from boring !
Andy_2 wrote on July 13, 2011
simply great to hear the purity of his voice. To call this boring as well as the film beggars belief...........
Great Dane wrote on July 13, 2011
"A Date with Elvis" was one of my first album and i like the whole album a lot including this one. But his best ballads came from the seventies. 4 stars.
Steve V wrote on July 13, 2011
The Elvis ballads of the 50's were unique. They were plain & simple but had a back beat, I refer to them as rockaballads. No one else came close. Elvis' best ballad voice however was the early 60's By the mid-60's he was crooning more than soul singing and you can keep the most of the overblown over produced operatic 70's ballads. Give me this any day. A beautiful song from JR, one of the most iconic movies of all time.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 28, 2012
This is such a beautiful ballad and it's easily one of the very best ballads that's ever been written. It should've been a smash hit for Elvis, but it wasn't. It's one of seventeen songs that Elvis recorded that was written by Aaron Schroeder.
Gorse wrote on December 07, 2012
A wonderful heartfelt ballad using that unique pre-army appealing soulful voice. From a technically standpoint the voice had a bit to be desired, the same way I consider Paul McCartney's vocal on Yesterday, but somehow it works for both of them, and we end up with true masterpieces.
Marty_TCE wrote on December 27, 2012
Elvis in tender mood. Beautiful.
Rob Wanders wrote on December 27, 2012
one of Elvis' most beautiful ballads from the 50's. perfectly sung!
jb4elvis wrote on December 27, 2012
This is a great song from a great movie. Jailhouse Rock is THE definitvie rock 'n' roll movie, IMHO. Elvis at his very best. This song is a nice tender moment which plays well off of the rock material.
kink56 wrote on December 27, 2012
Love it! The whole Jailhouse Rock soundtrack is great.
FM wrote on December 27, 2012
one of the greatest ballads sung by the greatest singer of all time
sugartummy wrote on July 07, 2013
This is my favourite song from "Jailhouse rock", a very strong soundtrack.
ElvisSacramento wrote on February 17, 2016
This movie ballad is a true gem and Elvis' renditions of it were all fabulous. The other sixteen songs that Elvis recorded that were co-written by Aaron Schroeder were "A Big Hunk O' Love", "Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)", "Apron Strings", "Dixieland Rock", "Don't Leave Me Now", "First In Line", "Good Luck Charm", "Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do", "I Got Stung", "I Was The One", "In Your Arms", "It's Now Or Never", "Santa, Bring My Baby Back (To Me)", "Shoppin' Around", "Stuck On You" and "Young Dreams".
Cruiser621 wrote on May 16, 2017
Great ballad from a great movie "Jailhouse Rock". I love all versions of this song.
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