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You're the Reason I'm Living

4.0 / 5

Words & Music: Bobby Darin

You're the reason I'm living
Thou you carry me through
All our life's little burdens
I'd be lost without you

You're the reason I do things
You're the things that I do
You're the reason I'm living
I'd be lost without you

A long, long time ago
When I was down
You took me in and showed me
True love still could be found

You're the reason I do things
You're the things that I do
You're the reason I'm living
I'd be lost without you
You're the reason I'm living
I'd be lost without you
You're the reason I'm living
I'd be lost without you

Recordingdate: 1975/03/22 Midnight Show, first released on: Live in Las Vegas (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of You're the Reason I'm Living:

(electric piano)


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bastiaanvinke wrote on January 26, 2010
unfortunately this is only on soundboard. This could have been great if recorded in the studio.
JLpResLey wrote on July 20, 2010
It´s an exciting and good performance by Elvis. I wish there was a studio recording of this, especially because the Today album was recorded around the same time. But it also shows the spontaneous side of Elvis, he took a song out of the blue, did a good performance and that´s it. Of course, in 1975 he still cared and experimented quite a bit with his show, remember the remarkable rendition of You´ll Never Walk Alone in the summer. This is just a pleasant performance from an amazing show.
Great Dane wrote on July 20, 2010
Yep,too bad it's only soundboard.The performance is great.
GeoElvis wrote on July 20, 2010
Great song and performance, Elvis spontaniously broke into this song and it came out Fantastic!! Can't get it out of my head! Such a damn shame this (and many others) weren't laid down in the studio. So many great performances people never get exposed too!!! Long Live The King!!!
ElvisSacramento wrote on November 06, 2012
Elvis should've recorded this song in the studio instead of only singing it live on stage once. Elvis' rendition of it was superb, but too short and it would have been much better if he recorded it in the studio for a 1970's album release. Bobby Darin has the best rendition of this song by far.
Gorse wrote on December 17, 2012
Yes another instance of what could have been and for the umpteenth time in his career, what if this had happened and if that had happened. In this instance a soundboard recording catching a rare perfromance that will always be limited as a finished article but is entertaining enough to the listener.
Pedro Nuno wrote on December 17, 2012
A fantastic live moment, from Elvis last outstanding season in Las Vegas, and one of his last outstanding season/tours until his death (better or equal than Vegas in Mach 75, for me, only Elvis Summer tours from 75 and last 5 days tour from 1976). Was a unique moment that could and should be repeated like that: in a live concert. As a studio song Presley had much better ones in the 70's. Don't think he need to record it.
john804 wrote on December 17, 2012
1 zillion stars!
sugartummy wrote on February 24, 2013
And the TCB band just plays along when elvis says:"Give me a C". He starts the song with a snippet from I'll be there, which he recorded in 1969. He tells the band when there's a break in the song. They played well together. After the song he says that they never rehearsed this song in their lives. Amazing stuff indeed.
Steve V wrote on March 15, 2022
Elvis did a nice job on another Darin song, I'll Be There in 1969. This would have been a good song to tackle in the studio. As it is, I cant listen to subpar quality one take performances on soundboards. Darin was a great singer/songwriter. Wish Elvis did this in the 1970 Nashville marathon, or maybe for the Today sessions. Would have fit right in.
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