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3.7 / 5

Words & Music: Steven Dueker Peter Lohstroh

Underneath the foliage, in its bower set
Loveliest of the flowers of spring
Blooms the violet

(Violet, violet, flower of N.Y.U.)

We will ever sing thy praise
To thee we'll ere be true
(We'll be true)

Recordingdate: 1968/10/23, first released on: Double Features (album)


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bastiaanvinke wrote on June 04, 2009
I'd guess trowaway
Deano1 wrote on May 13, 2012
Elvis sounds fine on this short snippet from "The Trouble With Girls" even though he does not start singing until after the phrase "blooms the Violet". A song that uses "Aura Lee" just as its melody just as "Love Me Tender" did.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on May 13, 2012
I love this little ditty. Shame its not a longer song.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 06, 2012
I also like this song and wish that it was a longer song
Gorse wrote on October 06, 2012
A piece of Love Me Tender, pleasant enough, but yes a throwaway.
sitdown revamped wrote on January 10, 2013
no throwwaway here. Aura le was the base. As it was in LMT. And that fitted perfectly for the western genre as the original melody dated back to 1861.
sugartummy wrote on July 15, 2013
Not as good as LMT, but a nice song nevertheless. I think Elvis starts singing from the beginning on.
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