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Tomorrow Never Comes

4.3 / 5

Words & Music: Ernest Tubb Johnny Bond

Oh you tell me that you love me
Yes you tell me that you care
That tomorrow we'll be married, oh
But tomorrow's never there

Oh tomorrow never, never comes
Oh tomorrow never comes
Now you tell me that you love me, oh
But tomorrow never comes

Many weeks now have I waited
Oh many long nights have I cried
But just to see that happy morning, happy morning
When I have you right by my side

But tomorrow will never come, oh no, no
Tomorrow never gonna come
Now you tell me that you love me
But tomorrow never, never comes

So tomorrow I’ll be leaving
Yes tomorrow I’ll be gone
But tomorrow you'll be weeping, oh
But tomorrow will never, never come

Well tomorrow will never, never come
Oh no, tomorrow ain't never gonna come
Yeah, yeah, you tell me, you tell me
That you love me, but tomorrow never comes

Recordingdate: 1970/06/07, first released on: Elvis Country (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of Tomorrow Never Comes:



(french horn)

*Orchestra, overdubs


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burninglove92 wrote on December 10, 2008
Absoulutely underestimated song, It Stunning, Elvis Just proves that he just owns that crown. this song is just a fantastic arrangment and Elvis' powerhouse vocals just raw the song. One of my fav songs.. Elvis Rocks TCB
ta2k wrote on March 04, 2009
I REALLY wish songs like this were known to the man in the street above commonly known songs like Wooden Heart. This is a building buster of a song. It is quite simply the King being the King. Brilliant isn't a strong enough word. TCB
miked wrote on March 04, 2009
Brilliant song and a pity that this and lots of other "less well known songs" werent more "well known". A lot of the public quite rightly love the well publised and could be argued shoved down the throat great songs but they havent really heard these somewhat hidden gems...brilliant, the King at his best, power vocal.
old shep wrote on March 04, 2009
I never did like the Elvis Country album all that much apart from a couple of tracks. Mainly because of Elvis' toe curling over the top versions of country standards such as Make the World Go Away and this old Ernest Tubb song.
Pedro Nuno wrote on March 04, 2009
It's a wonderful song, from one of the Best Albums of The King. Its production in a "crescendo", remembers some Roy Orbison tunes like Running Scared.
Rob Wanders wrote on March 04, 2009
great song.
Natha wrote on March 04, 2009
Fantastic song. Just listen to his voice. Here is the fully developed voice of the King presented to us. It was brought to us through the Elvis Country album. Quite a new approach of pressing an album back then, whether you like it or not. This is one of those high lights. Love to listen to it, especially in the car where one enjoys while driving.
NONE000000 wrote on March 04, 2009
Elvis was great at these type of songs--the ones that build and build until he explodes at the end--like What Now My Love. His voice was so powerful and this is a great song to show off that power!
derekd wrote on March 04, 2009
Great album, good song, maybe not the best from it, that was 'The Fool'. Always enjoy playing 'Elvis Country'
JerryNodak wrote on March 04, 2009
Great song. Great album. My fave song on the album. Song and album 5 stars.
dgirl wrote on May 06, 2011
Yes great song, great album. I love the whole album, but it needed all the production. Have you ever heard the stripped down version? Elvis voice cracks in several places as it does on other songs. His smooth early 60's upper register was gone in his 30's replaced by a powerful baritone. For a young man, such an amazing voice change. Thats why I like the early Elvis much better. I though his voice was much more versatile. Imagine what he could have done with this song in 1960-62!
Monster wrote on May 06, 2011
Love it. I'm a sucker for the big dramatic finishes.
Great Dane wrote on May 06, 2011
Great song and album. And his voice in the seventies was better than begin 60's like it or not.
tornado wrote on May 06, 2011
I was blown away when I heard that song in the 70's, Still am today. One of my 70's favorite.
Steve V wrote on May 06, 2011
Good song & performance. There are 70's fans and there are early Elvis fans. Nothing was greater than Elvis' voice in 1960-1. He was like another singer by the time he recorded this in 1970 and while I like it very much he could have had an Orbison type hit if he got hold of this in 60 or 61.
Deano1 wrote on May 07, 2011
Talk about taking a song and making it your own. Elvis takes an old Ernest Tubb tune and turns it into an absolute masterpiece. The power in his voice is unmatched as is the emotion. Heavily produced? maybe. Hiding cracks in his voice? possibly. The one thing Elvis knew better than anyone was any number of trained singers can hit notes and sing a sound alike performance of a song. But, it takes an expert song stylist to wring every bit of emotion out of a song and make it your own. This one is right there with "Long Black Limousine", "Just Pretend", "How The Web Was Woven" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and shows Elvis at his very best.
Gorse wrote on November 16, 2012
This is what I call a magnificent opus which builds and builds and explodes at the end As stated in the same vein as What Now My Love and equally as exciting and effective using the full power of his vocal abilities.
sugartummy wrote on May 22, 2013
A very nice country song turned into a great song. Ernest Tubb's version sounds like Elvis could've done it in 1955.
trudygillenwater wrote on March 31, 2015
Elvis takes a Ernest Tubb country song and turns it into a real masterpiece! Elvis once again at the top of his vocal prowess. No cracks whatsoever.
ElvisSacramento wrote on April 01, 2015
This song is a definitely true masterpiece and the best rendition of it is definitely Elvis' rendition. Elvis' recording of it should surely be much better known than it actually is. Elvis used the full power of his vocal abilities for this gem. I've never skipped it. 5 Stars.
ntass1 wrote on September 14, 2017
ELVIS seventies period is my favorite.Good song & performance.never skipped
Milky White Way wrote on July 07, 2021
Elvis loved to do these big numbers but it’s a shame this song never made the live set list. Maybe he thought it was a risk vocally. I was blown away when I first heard it. Stunning and a 5 star breeze
Steve V wrote on June 24, 2022
I liked it more back in the day. Elvis's vocal isnt all that great when you hear the stripped down Nashville box version. His voice even cracks at the end. Thankfully Felton did a good job on this one because he was not the same singer already by 1970. The ending is better suited for Roy Orbison or Tom Jones.
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