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The Fool

4.4 / 5

Words & Music: Naomi Ford

Gather round me buddy, raise your glasses high
And drink to a fool, a crazy fool
Who told his baby goodbye
Too late he found he loved her so much he wants to die

So drink to a fool, a crazy fool
Who told his baby goodbye
He needs her, he needs her so
He wonders why he let her go

She's found, she's found, she's found
A new love buddy, he's a lucky guy
So drink to a fool, a crazy fool
Who told his baby goodbye

Recordingdate: 1970/06/04, first released on: Elvis Country (album)


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old shep wrote on April 19, 2008
An old country song which Elvis must of heard a long time before he recorded it.A good version.
derekd wrote on February 16, 2009
A great song, right up Elvis's street. Took a while to grow on me, looking back I wonder if it could have been a hit as a single. mmmmmmmmmmm
Jim Hoff wrote on October 13, 2009
3 rough chords from the guts of rock'n roll/blues. James Burton on the loose, and Presley in the mood. Doesn't get any better in my book :-)
JLpResLey wrote on October 13, 2009
Great song, one of my highlights from Elvis Country. It would have been amazing to hear this live. Imagine if Elvis had sung the song during the TTWII concerts
Steve V wrote on October 13, 2009
Great song. Sanford Clark's 50's hit gets a better revival here. This song and Its Your Baby You Rock It could have been hit singles. Much better than the ones chosen for release.
dgirl wrote on October 13, 2009
My favorite song from Elvis Country. Oh how I wished this would have been a single in 1971 instead of Rags To Riches/Where Did They Go Lord which had no radio appeal for top 40 at all. Why RCA, why?
derekd wrote on October 13, 2009
Just have to write another opinion on this wonderful recording,,, my all time fav by Elvis. Seems we all agree that it really was that good. If any song deserves to be released as a single and NOT remixed, this is the one i'd choose. I could go on & on about how good the track really is, get out your Cd and play it, that's what i'm going to do.
potluck62 wrote on October 14, 2009
My uncle was a barber and whenever he would cut my hair when I was little I always had him play the Elvis Country 8-track.This song and muddy water was my two favorite tracks from this album.The Fool would have definitely been great single.
Gorse wrote on October 02, 2012
Who was the misguided genius that decided this should not be a single. A real funky low down song delivered in impeccable style by Elvis that finishes always too soon for me. One of the top ten songs that he recorded between 1969-1977,
sugartummy wrote on May 18, 2013
He did a home-recording of this in Germany in 1959, so he already knew it more than 10 years before recording it. I wonder how it would have sounded in 1960 with Hank Garland on guitar.
DerekH wrote on August 13, 2014
As good today as the day it was recorded. Why oh why wasn't it released as a single. One of the best ever Elvis recordings 5 star all day long.
Deano1 wrote on August 13, 2014
A solid LP track on a great LP. There is no doubt that "It's Your Baby, You Rock It" would have been a great choice for a single to support the LP, but I can not agree "The Fool" would have been. I am honestly surprised at the high amount of praise for this one. This was always one of my three or four least favorite songs on the "Elvis Country" LP.
ElvisSacramento wrote on August 14, 2014
This is such a terrific, fun and catchy song and RCA made such a poor decision by not issuing Elvis' 1970 studio version of it as a single. This song was definitely hit material and it should have been a hit for Elvis. It's unfortunate that RCA prevented this song from having any chance at being a hit for Elvis. It's a masterpiece of a song and recording. I rate this song five stars.
DerekH wrote on December 24, 2014
Great Christmas choice, my fav recording bar none. This is one recording I never tire of. ***** star No need to go on & on about it, just give it a spin!
bajo wrote on December 24, 2014
Another of those great tracks on the Elvis Country album. I think It's Your Baby c/w The Fool would have been an unusual single choice among all those ballad singles. And I think for the better. There's not one song on Elvis Country that I don't like.
JerryNodak wrote on April 23, 2020
Not my fave, but a good song. It's a great drinkin' song. Fine LP. Song and LP both 4 stars.
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