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3.5 / 5

Words & Music: Sid Tepper Roy C. Bennett

Mexico, Mexico
They've got muchas, mucha-chas, amigos
...Latin features,never saw such adorable creatures
...Love to dig, ooh...the nights here

We live it up and love it up amigo
Life begins when you're in Mexico

You never order, water
When you order south of the border
...In to kiss a lovely senorita
Ooh.. the samba, la bamba
...I'll go where you go
Life begins when you're in Mexico

Mexico, Mexico
They've got muchas mucha-chas, amigos
...never saw such adorable creatures

We'll live it up and love it up amigo
Life begins...when you're in...Mexico...

Recordingdate: 1963/01/22, first released on: Fun in Acapulco (album)


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Steve V wrote on April 06, 2009
Not bad for a movie song. Its a stupid scene in the movie with that annoying kid singing, but the outtake on FTD's Out In Hollywood is very good. Thats what FTD used to be all about.
Deano1 wrote on March 12, 2010
What does one say about this one from the movie "Fun In Acapulco" It isn't bad and the scene in the movie is cute with Elvis singing it with Larry Domasion while riding a bike through the streets of Acapulco. On record, it sounds like it should still be a duet as Elvis will sing a line and then there will be nothing but music. Somehow Elvis makes it interesting and entertaining. 2 1/2 stars.
Marty_TCE wrote on August 08, 2011
A fun song which is delivered very well - quite catchy too.
TCB1974 wrote on August 08, 2011
Always loved the soundtrack of Fun in Acapulco and the movie too. This song was actually a hit in the Netherlands at the time (peaking at #28) and is quite entertaining although it has some musical parts that sounds like this should be a duet indeed. Three stars from me.
wooden heart wrote on August 08, 2011
there are two versions of this lovely tepper & bennett song: one to be sung as a duett, the other - i prefer - sung by our man alone, to be heard as takes 6 and 7 on the ftd fun in a. 4 stars!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 10, 2012
This is a fun pleasant song, from the movie "Fun in Acapulco". I always liked it. The soundtrack album version does seem a bit off, without the second vocal. (In the movie, its a duet)
Biffx wrote on July 30, 2012
A pleasent and easy Song to Listen to. Not played in years until FTD renewed my interest with its excellent classic album soundtrack.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 26, 2012
I like this song and my favorite version of it is when Elvis sings it with that kid during the movie "Fun In Acapulco". It's far superior than the "Fun In Acapulco" album version.
Gorse wrote on January 10, 2013
From one of my favourite film tracks, this is a song that always give me the impression of a pony and trap trotting along. Real nice breezy tune that made an impact in parts of Europe where it was issued as a single
sugartummy wrote on April 12, 2013
Don't know why I like this and even sing it out loud while working sometimes, but I do. I read it was a hit in Holland, so know I understand why I heard this song on Dutch radio last year. I was really pleasantly surprised then.
Cruiser621 wrote on December 06, 2017
Throw-away song, period. I thought the same as to this tune, like another singing voice was missing aka a longer than normal spacing after Elvis sings.
Gorse wrote on November 06, 2020
I have just put together a hotchpotch of what I call second tier film tracks, and Mexico take 7 is there as opposed to the master track which as pointed out has unnatural gaps with music where there should be singing. The outtake is much more flowing and enjoyable.
JerryNodak wrote on November 06, 2020
Catchy song from one of my favorite soundtracks. I love to sing along. 3 stars.
bajo wrote on November 06, 2020
I have always liked this song. But, lately I've been switching to take 6. On there he sings the lyrics that the boy on the bike sings in the movie. I have a soft spot for this movie. And I have always liked the soundtrack album too. One of the better ones imo.
marty wrote on November 06, 2020
I like the song and the soundtrack. It would make more sense to have this or "Marguerita" as the B-side of "Bossa Nova Baby". "Mexico" became a hit in various countries where it was released as a single, including Greece. 3 1/2 stars
Deano1 wrote on November 06, 2020
This song, the album and film have really grown on me over the years and I would rate the soundtrack LP as one of his top 5 soundtracks. Chart information for the song "Mexico" is as follows: #23 in Germany, #7 in Ireland, #9 in Norway and #7 in Belgium. The song "Fun In Acapulco hit #28 in Australia. Of course "Bossa Nova Baby" was a worldwide hit charting in 15 countries, the top 20 in 14 countries, the top 10 in 9 countries and #1 in Belgium (#2 in Norway).
Miknik7077 wrote on December 15, 2020
Average movie tune that plays better in the film than on record. Catchy tune nonetheless.
Milky White Way wrote on May 27, 2022
Like many posts are saying, the FTD release gave me renewed interest in this catchy tune and I much prefer Elvis singing the full lyrics. The gaps are annoying me now. A good tune with lots of energy. One of my favourite from the soundtrack. Thanks FTD
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